Startups, did Web Summit mess up?

Dr. Kevin Cunningham, who teaches statistics at the Dublin Institute of Technology, helped lead a huge survey effort at Web Summit 2016. Dr. Cunningham has run surveys and polling around the world. Dr. Cunningham worked alongside Dr. Aaron Meagher, formerly of Berlin Technical University, who works full time for Web Summit and managed all on-site surveying and post-event analysis. Dr. Meagher explains the findings with regards to startups.


Startups – A big change?

Dr. Kevin Cunningham, who teaches statistics at the Dublin Institute of Technology, led a huge survey effort at Web Summit 2016 along with Dr. Aaron Meagher, formerly of Berlin Technical University. Based on those results we’ve decided to make a radical change for 2017.


How we select our startups

In 2016, our startups team communicated with 86,428 startups. 3,055 joined us at our events.
Our experienced team collectively spend 27,360 hours each year choosing the very best entrepreneurs to join us at our events, and we’re delighted that when people choose to join us, they often come back.


A little of what we got right at Web Summit

Here in our HQ, we don’t tend to focus on what’s good about Web Summit. Since starting up as a little event in Dublin six years ago, attended by just 400 Irish people, we’ve grown to a 50,000+ conference that welcomed people from 166 countries to Lisbon, Portugal this November.
Along the way we’ve made mistakes – they’re what drives us, more so than the positive things some pretty influential people have said about our events over the years.


Why aren’t the world’s governments ready for the impact of AI on jobs?

Governments are failing to prepare for the impact of artificial intelligence, which is set to destroy millions of jobs, according to a poll of the world’s top technology investors.
A survey of investors at Venture, the premier VC event that took place during Web Summit in Lisbon, found that 53 percent agreed that it was “inevitable that artificial intelligence will destroy millions of jobs”.


Announcing our PITCH 2016 Winners: Kubo Robot

We’ve just crowned Kubo Robot our PITCH 2016 Winners! Kubo is an educational coding robot for kids, teaching them to code through play. The Danish startup pitched in front of a panel of leading investors and battled it out with 200 other startups for the top prize – €100,000 in VC funding from Portugal Ventures.


Announcing our 10 Canary winners

Back in October, we teamed up with Canary to give Web Summit attendees the chance to win the slickest IoT security camera on the market. To win, all you had to do was tweet or snap us a picture of you starting your journey to Web Summit. Simple.


The most in-demand Web Summit startups by industry vol. three: SaaS

Web Summit investors have been asking to meet with attending startups. We’ve already looked at the 50 Web Summit startups with the most investor requests. We’ve also looked at the most popular industry, fintech, with 14 startups making our top 50. AI is just behind with 12.


The most in-demand Web Summit startups by industry vol. two: AI

We like to think that Web Summit brings together the people leading the companies of tomorrow. Our startup exhibition floor will, for three days, be home to some of the world’s most promising startups. In the lead up to the event, Web Summit investors have been asking to meet them.


50,000+ from 166 countries are on their way to Web Summit

Web Summit 2016, the first in our new Lisbon home, will welcome over 50,000 attendees through the doors of the MEO Arena. 53,056 to be exact. Our attendees will be coming from 166 countries, and just about everywhere from Aruba to Zambia will be represented. Let’s take a look at where Web Summit attendees will ....


Discover Top Tech Talent with Indeed at Web Summit

Indeed, the world’s largest job site recently announced it has launched
Indeed Prime, an online career platform that provides employers with top talent based on coding skills, education and work experience. The product is specifically designed to address the growing need for technical talent in a variety of industries.


Meet the six finalists of Cisco’s Innovation Grand Challenge

Back in May, Cisco asked innovators, entrepreneurs, developers and researchers to submit disruptive ideas that transform industries and governments, and change the world for their Innovation Grand Challenge.
Now they have named the six finalists. These six startups are set to pitch live in Lisbon on November 9, Web Summit Day Two.


The top 50 startups investors want to see at Web Summit

Today we’re releasing the 50 startups investors are most requesting meetings with. Over the the last 11 months, more than $1 billion has been invested in startups that exhibited at Web Summit events in 2015, so it’s fascinating to see the startups our more than 1,300 investors are most excited about meeting at Web Summit 2016.


How many words are in the perfect chat message?

This year Web Summit attendees will send more than 1 million messages to each other. We’ve looked at our data on how people use our app to figure out the best ways for you to contact the people you need to meet using our app.


Test Drive the BMW i3 at Web Summit

AutoTech is one of the most talked about conferences taking place within Web Summit this year. The past few years have seen huge developments in the driving world and leading experts from all over the world will be coming together in Lisbon to discuss the future of the motor industry.


A week of Web Summit Events

There are many meetups, parties and events happening during the week of Web Summit. The Lisbon community (and those beyond) have been busy organising. Remember that you may need to register or book your place for some of these events. See a list of just some of the events below.


Carousels and Speed Dating – Meet EDP at Web Summit

EDP will invite Alphas to visit their exhibit stand and film a short pitch. The winners will gain access to EDP’s Investors Lounge for one on one sessions with EDP’s innovation team as well as executives from relevant EDP business units. This is a unique opportunity that goes hand-in-hand with the company’s open innovation philosophy.


Snatch a Golden Ticket at Web Summit

Snatch is the next generation mobile gaming experience that uses the latest augmented reality (AR) and geo-location technologies to bridge the world of gaming with the real world, creating a virtual treasure hunt with guaranteed real prizes from some of the coolest UK brands.


Web Summit Community Meetups

We’ve handpicked over 30 incredible hosts to organise community meet ups on each night of Web Summit. Wherever your interests lie, you can be sure to find a community to connect with. Our hosts range from data scientists to VPs of marketing, and they’ll be bringing together attendees interested in social enterprise, SaaS, the food industry and many more.


How to register at Web Summit

Web Summit is only two months away and we’re all very excited for what will be three days of legendary networking in Lisbon. Here’s all the info you need to register when you land in the city.


Meet the ESB Spark of Genius 2016 finalists

Congratulations to OpenBack, Parkpnp and Wia – the three finalists for our ESB Spark of Genius competition. These startups will attend Web Summit in Lisbon and compete in the final competition, where only one will be crowned the ultimate ESB Spark of Genius winner for 2016.


Over $1 billion raised by Web Summit 2015 startups

We like to think that Web Summit is a meeting place for the people leading the companies of both today and tomorrow. It’s why among the 50,000+ people joining us in Lisbon this November, you’ll find C-level executives of some of the world’s most influential brands like Facebook, GE, Amazon and Coca-Cola alongside the CEOs and founders of the world’s most exciting startups.


Meet the 200 companies selected for the Web Summit PITCH Shortlist

PITCH is the startup competition at Web Summit that brings together the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live on-stage battle. After a week of deliberating over 1,000 applications, our judges have now chosen the shortlist of companies for PITCH at Web Summit 2016.


Meet 565 Venture Funds Attending Web Summit

Here you’ll find a list of 565 venture funds that you might not have realised were attending Web Summit, as most we are announcing today. We’ve now passed 1,000 attending investors, ranging from the world’s leading early stage funds like Y Combinator and 500 Startups to the world’s leading late stage funds like TPG and Silver Lake.


Meet five CTOs coming to Web Summit

The countdown to Web Summit is well and truly on. In less than two short weeks, 50,000 tech founders, CEOs, politicians, investors, startups and much more are hitting Lisbon for what’s sure to be an incredible week. Among this group are CTOs from some of the world’s most influential companies. Let’s meet them. Mike Schroepfer ....


50 LPs at Web Summit and counting

Alan Feld, founder of Vintage Investment Partners, and Edwin Poston, co-founder of TrueBridge Capital Partners, are just some of the LPs that will now be joining us at Web Summit, along with some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, family offices and more. They’re attending to meet our more than 1,000 venture ....

careers blog

We’re hiring in Portugal

We’re hiring for our new office. We’re about to open our first office in Portugal. We’re hiring for roles in engineering, design, project management, sales and event management. You’ll find more on our job’s board.

careers blog

Join the Web Summit Team

Six years ago, 400 attendees showed up for the first Web Summit. Our attendees say incredible things, but we’re only getting started. We’ve grown to a team of over 150 people at our HQ in Dublin, and we’re expecting 50,000 people to join us at Web Summit 2016. Our greatest achievements are still to come so we’re searching for incredible folk to join us.


Maths and Conferences, Lanyards and Legibility

A short conversation with a wonderful British physicist on a boat in Hong Kong prompted this post. It outlines the mathematical foundations of Web Summit, as well as our broader methodology for optimising human gatherings explained in part through lanyard design and graph theory.


Getting to and from Web Summit: Need to know transport information

At the beginning of November, Web Summit is coming to Lisbon, and we’re bringing along thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, media and startups with us. If you’ve never been to Portugal’s capital, don’t fret: here’s all you need to know to get around. From the airport to Downtown Lisbon By Metro The Metro are now selling ....

announcing blog

Announcing our first 200 exhibitors

Today we wanted to announce our first 200 partners and exhibitors below.
Web Summit is no longer just a platform for the world’s leading technology companies, it’s become Europe’s largest marketplace for companies of all sizes, and today’s announcement reflects that.


The world is changing, and so too must Web Summit

In six short years, Web Summit has grown from a tiny and local 400-person gathering to the “most important event in technology”, “Davos for geeks”, “Glastonbury for geeks” and all those other nice things the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Guardian have noted.


This just in: News from Silent Circle, Attendify and more

Some amazing startups and investors shared some great news with us this past week, and now we’re sharing it with you. Congratulations first to some of our startup alumni – it’s been a huge week: Congrats to Silent Circle on their $50 million in fresh funding. The team have been to four of our conferences, ....


Meet our Ambassadors

In the past six years, we’ve met a lot of incredible people. We’ve introduced co-founders, helped startups to meet investors and prompted new partnerships at events that happen just once a year. This year, we want to make some of those introductions a little earlier, so we’ve teamed up with our fantastic Web Summit Ambassadors ....

ambassador ws2015_img_4445_22116787864_o

How to plan your community event

Our Web Summit Ambassadors are organising events in cities around the world over the next few weeks. Below are the key steps for Ambassadors to host a smooth and effective meetup. If you are not an Ambassador but would like to attend an event in your city, check the bottom of the page for a ....


It’s the best. We must do better.

It’s great to hear nice things about the events we put on. Here in our Dublin HQ we tend to not focus on the positives of our conferences. We don’t think that mindset is conducive to improving the experiences we bring to those who attend our events.
After an event, one of the first things we’ll do is ask our attendees what they liked, what they didn’t like and how our events could be better.


“What the f*ck is the point of LinkedIn?”: A day in the life of Cohort Founder Eamon Leonard

Logging into LinkedIn is like walking into a crowded room and having 100 or so ‘professionals’, the majority of whom you don’t need to know, hand you their card and then walk away. That’s according to Eamon Leonard, a patriarch-of-sorts to the continuously emerging Irish tech community, and now founder of a professional networking startup that does away with the noise of its more established counterpart.


“Nobody really walks on water, even when you’re feeling great” – A day in the life of Linda Boff, the CMO of GE

GE CMO Linda Boff’s day starts early. It’s 5.20am on a Monday morning and she’s already awake, and ready to tackle the day head on. She’s always been an early riser. “I’m a total morning person. To me it’s one of the best times of the day to gather your thoughts – sort of think through what you want to accomplish throughout the day.”


Is Lisbon Europe’s coolest city right now?

Join us at tech’s most influential event. Sign up for two half-price Web Summit tickets. – We’ve fallen in love with our new home. We can’t wait to hit Lisbon this November 7-10 for Web Summit and introduce our network of world-leading founders, CEOs and exciting startups to an incredible city. We’re not the only ....


Lisbon tech is a “seed-stage investment”: 20/20 with Caixa Capital’s Stephan Morais

The people of Portuguese capital Lisbon, haven’t had it easy. The global financial crisis that began at the tail end of the last decade and continued into the early years of the current one hit Portugal harder than most. Have they recovered? In this instalment we talk to Caixa Capital’s Executive Board Member Stephan Morais about how tech in our home, Lisbon, will grow.


The second dawn of literacy: Stephen Wolfram on leaving academia to pursue the crazy and the impossible

Stephen Wolfram’s life has been spent on the border of what’s considered possible.
That can mean either trying to convince people that the ideas he has can actually be executed, or looking on amused as areas in which he worked 20 years previous suddenly enter the public consciousness.
It’s how he likes it.
We sat down to chat with Stephen about his crazy and seemingly impossible pursuits.


“It by far exceeded our expectations”: uKonect’s guide to Web Summit 2015

The most important gathering of startups on the planet happens in Lisbon next November. Register for two half-price tickets. – Jordan Mathias is a Founding Partner at professional networking site uKonect. In this guest post he talks us through his team’s experience at Web Summit 2015.  The three of us landed in Dublin on the ....


“The whole system seems broken”: David Cameron’s former chief strategist fights the power with tech

As the man who in 2010 helped orchestrate the return to power of the British Conservative Party, Oxford-educated Steve Hilton was the ultimate insider. He’s the former director of strategy for David Cameron and is credited with rebranding the British Prime Minister as a progressive everyman. He’s godfather to Cameron’s son Ivan.
Now from his new home in Silicon Valley he rails against the political system of which he once sat at the top table.


Toronto: The startup city guide

One of Toronto’s favourite sons reckons “it’s hot up in the Six”, the city’s nickname being a reference to the 6s in its two area codes, 416 and 647. Drake isn’t shy about telling the world about what’s going on in Toronto. Its startup founders aren’t as confident though.


Tel Aviv: The startup city guide

You know the way every waiter in LA has a screenplay or showreel? They all have startups in Tel Aviv. At approximately one startup per 1,000 inhabitants, Tel Aviv is the most startup-dense city in Europe. You’re never far away from an entrepreneur.


“There was no way in hell… ”: Kabbage’s Kathryn Petralia’s tech turning point

In another life Kathryn Petralia would be an English professor. But today she’s a techie. The COO and co-founder of Kabbage, to be exact. They’re the alternative lending platform with a rumoured valuation of $1 billion and a recent funding round of $135 million.
We caught up with Kathryn to discuss her tech turning point that led her to Kabbage, and away from academia.


Lisbon: The Startup City Guide

Lisbon has seen many redirections in its history. It’s latest voyage sees the city repositioning itself as a flagship in the global startup ecosystem. We sought help from Lisbon’s new generation of navigators – Beta-i CEO Pedro Rocha Vieira, Portugal Ventures’ Marco Fernandes and Aptoide’s Paulo Trezentos to bring you this guide on the city’s startup scene.


The death of sharing: 20/20 with Wickr’s Nico Sell

Whether anyone cares about what you share is debatable. Perhaps worse, it’s going out of fashion. That’s according to Nico Sell, the evangelist for keeping yourself to yourself online and co-founder of secure messaging service Wickr.


I wish I could have saved him: Mikko Hyppönen’s mistakes

Mikko Hyppönen carries his failures with him. Having worked in computer security for a quarter of a century, he says he’s racked up a long list of mistakes. And not the good kind of mistakes either.
“Many have been mistakes where there’s been no lessons learned, or ones I haven’t been able to recover from,” he says. In particular the 13-year-old he couldn’t save from a life of hacker crime.


“Good idea kids, but…” – the moment that changed everything for Lisa Falzone

When Lisa Falzone stepped into a meeting with her first client, she knew her company Revel Systems had a bright future as an ordering app. Except it didn’t. That one meeting would change the course of Revel Systems entirely.

How did Revel Systems begin life as an ordering app and end up as a point of sale system? We caught up with Lisa Falzone, co-founder and CEO of Revel Systems, to discuss its pivot into a new product.


Copenhagen: The startup city guide

Despite being branded ‘The Coolest Kid on the Nordic Block’, Copenhagen has often remained a bit of a mystery to those outside Scandinavia. Inside the city lives a startup movement which over the past ten years has gathered significant pace, and has begun to force the rest of the world to take notice.


New Orleans: The Startup City Guide

We all have an idea of what New Orleans is like. A party city, home to some of the most famous get-togethers in the world. How do you get a little deeper? Ask the insiders.


Get back to basics – 20/20 with Andy McLoughlin

Four years’ time. What’s the world going to look like in 2020? We’re asking people in our network just that, for our new interview series 20/20.
This instalment features SoftTech VC’s Andy McLoughlin talk the future of mobile, SaaS, and early-stage startup investment.


Berlin: The Startup City Guide

It’s an exciting time to be in Berlin as a startup. As a startup capital, it’s an underdog with bite. We enlisted the help of BlueYard’s Ciarán O’Leary, startup consultant Nicole Simon, ElektroCouture’s Lisa Lang and JOIN Capital’s Chris Murphy. With their help, I’ve created this guide to the city’s startup scene.


Startup Hacks with Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley

Dennis Crowley founded Foursquare seven years ago. Today, he’s one of the most well known, iconic startup founders in New York. Just last month, Dennis announced that he is handing off his role as CEO, and taking on a new role as executive chairman. As Dennis steps away from the day to day running of the company he co-founded, he shares his advice to other startup founders.


“It should be shocking” – 20/20 with The Onion’s CEO

Four years’ time. What’s the world going to look like in 2020? We’re asking people in our network just that, for our new interview series 20/20.
In this instalment, we talk to Onion CEO Mike McAvoy about native advertising, the future of satire and why he’s not a fan of cable news.


Instagram secrets from founder Mike Krieger

Here’s a sneak preview of our new video library where you will be able to watch the most compelling talks spanning all things tech.

Relive Web Summit – “the biggest conference in the startup space”, TechCrunch – with this video collection.


Meet Giuseppe. We’re hiring over 100 more in 2016.

A big welcome to Giuseppe Vitulano, a former sales leader for Google in EMEA, who has joined Web Summit to lead our growing sales teams across the world. In 2015, 73 new folks joined Web Summit in Dublin, many of whom relocated into Ireland from all over the world. 2015 was also the first year ....


India: What we didn’t tell you

As you may have heard, we’re taking Web Summit to India. We’re incredibly excited that SURGE will be the biggest startup conference in India. It will host the most global group of speakers at a tech startup conference there ever. India is, in the words of The Next Web, most certainly “the fastest growing tech eco-system in ....


Our engineering team are pushing boundaries in Lisbon: Come meet us

I’m Ryan Hopkins, a Growth Associate here at Web Summit. I’m one of the 25-strong Web Summit team that’s travelled to Lisbon for a week-long hackathon and to meet the local tech community…

We arrived in Lisbon last weekend. Excitement was the overwhelming emotion coming over, not only to get out of the weather that is currently turning Ireland into one giant puddle, but also to finally see the city that will host Web Summit 2016.


Not waiting on the world to change: Social good at Web Summit

Amanda Connon-­Unda manages marketing at, a leading JavaScript and Lean UX firm dedicated to helping startups and enterprises move to the modern web. Rangle’s front­end teams use AngularJS, React, Ionic, React Native and a continuous delivery process to get clients to the right market with the right software at the right time. On Twitter, follow the company at @rangleio and Amanda at @samplingculture. In this guest post, she tell us about the social good initiatives she came across at Web Summit…


Startup Stories: “Where else could this have happened?”

Here at Web Summit HQ we’ve been reaching out to startups who attended this year’s event.
We’ve already heard from Revolut, CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies and Tinitell.
Now let’s hear what three more startups have to say…


Startup Stories: Here’s how three startups got on at Web Summit

Today, we thought we’d look back to the beginning of November when startups from around the world came along to Web Summit.
Some showcased new products, others mingled with the media, but all of them showed us three days of non-stop hustle.
We touched base with three of the startups to hear their thoughts on the Web Summit experience as a startup.


Five highlights from Web Summit workshops

Web Summit workshops gave a chance for our attendees to learn from industry leaders in interactive, intimate settings.

They give our attendees direct access to the world’s leading brands across a range of industries.

Take a look at who got involved…


A sneak peek beyond the stage at Web Summit 2015

Can’t wait for Web Summit 2016? Sign up for a 2 for 1 code. – From the Machine Stage to the Society Stage, Web Summit was a hive of activity. But what about the behind the scenes? We thought we’d give you a sneak peek into what was happening beyond the stage. Drones, robots and… Sheep? ....


CEOs, a unicorn and more: Meet 6 Web Summit mentors

This year at Web Summit, 220 mentors met with 650 startups for our Mentor Hours scheme.
Mentor Hours are 15-minute pre-arranged meetings between ALPHA Startups and some of our high-level Attendees.
It’s a chance for Web Summit startups to get advice on running a successful business from the guys who have done it all before.
For an idea of who our startups got to chat to, here are five our attendees who took part in Mentor Hours this year.


Tweeting and hustling: the volunteer experience and a thank you

Can’t wait for Web Summit 2016? Sign up for a 2 for 1 code. – Here at Web Summit HQ, we’re reflecting on what was an incredible Web Summit last week. Thousands of techies, not to mention 21 colourful sheep, had an amazing and unforgettable Web Summit experience. Web Summit was a whirlwind that wouldn’t have ....


2,160 meetings with 180 investors: It’s Web Summit Office Hours

Last week at Web Summit, at any given time there were up to 30 startup and investor meetings taking place.

That was thanks to Office Hours – a series of pre-scheduled meetings between Web Summit startups and attending investors.

This was our largest Office Hours yet: 180 investors from over 100 leading funds combining for 2,160 meetings.


Big data’s 4 big Vs: It’s our Data Summit highlights

On November 3, Web Summit Day Three, Code Summit opened. If you wanted to know why we’re experiencing a data skills shortage, why secret to retaining users on your app or just needed to remember to breathe, this was the place for you.


Discovery isn’t just for nerds: 7 Music Summit highlights

Help us write our next chapter. Register for two half-price Web Summit 2016 tickets. – On Thursday, November 5 we brought you Music Summit. Whether you wanted to hear from the people behind acts like Nick Cave and Robbie Williams or find out just how Spotify know what songs to send you each week, we ....


Web Summit careers: Recent graduate? Join our Associate Programme

We’re growing and we’re looking for people to help us. If you’ve just graduated and would like to experience life at
Maybe you’re a little sure about what you want your career to look like. That’s okay. As a Web Summit Associate you’ll have a chance to work with several different teams within our business and see where you thrive.
If you’re an analytical and entrepreneurial graduates who lives for a challenge, works well in a fast-paced environment and wants to have fun, we want to hear from you.


New Orleans jazz, Ireland’s most famous nightclub and ‘carnage’: It’s the craic of Night Summit

You’d be hard pushed to find a Web Summit attendee who went back to their hotel after a day on the RDS floor. How could they miss Night Summit?
From Uber securing their first major investment on one of our pub crawls to the founders of meeting in a Dublin pub, a lot goes on at our Night Summit events.
Hopefully you’re all half-well rested at this stage – sure why not relive the craic and divilment of Night Summit 2015.


The Co-Founder of Instagram and four other Startup University highlights

Join us in Lisbon for the start of our next chapter. Register for 2-for-1 tickets. – With so many eager and enthusiastic startups pitching at Web Summit, we made sure that our Startup University was chock-a-block with inspiring talks from exciting speakers. From the Instagram Co-Founder to one of Microsoft’s big players, here are the highlights ....


A world famous author and five other Society Summit highlights

Can’t wait for Web Summit 2016? Sign up for a 2 for 1 code. – Audiences at Society Summit were left inspired by the speakers who took to the stage. From the man behind the Da Vinci Code to the cyber psychologist that inspired CSI:Cyber, Society Summit was full of exciting speakers. Let’s remind ourselves of ....


Ten Marketing Summit highlights

Can’t wait for Web Summit 2016? Sign up for a 2 for 1 code. – The Marketing Stage was alive with big names in the industry. We had an NFL legend chatting about online celebrity and a tech expert preparing us for when mobile takes over the world. Let’s have a look at the highlights… Sound ....


Looking Back: Seven Content Summit highlights

Can’t wait for Web Summit 2016? Sign up for a 2 for 1 code. – Content Summit was two non-stop days of insightful presentations and firesides. It went so quickly that we barely had a moment to consider it all. Now, a week on from when it all kicked off, we thought we’d take a chance to look back ....


Seven tweets that sum up Surf Summit

What a weekend in Sligo! Surf Summit came to the #adventurecapital, and we couldn’t have been more impressed. Over the three days we saw a bit of everything: from hurdling sheep to professional surfers, from hiking to biking, from pub crawls to amazing food and from campfires to standup paddle boarding. I could go on ....


Announcing the winners of a Mando Footloose bike

Back in October, we teamed up with Mando Footloose to give you guys the chance to win one of the slickest electric bikes going.
We had to choose just one winner to take the prize of a €2,700 Mando electric bike. Let’s take you out of your suspense…


How to redeem your 2 for 1 ticket on February 4

Web Summit 2 for 1 tickets are on sale tomorrow – February 4. Get your code here. — 2 for 1 tickets for Web Summit go on sale tomorrow. Here’s everything you need to know to get you prepared for the sale. 2 for 1 tickets for Web Summit go on sale tomorrow, Thursday at ....


Angels’ Choice Award: Thursday’s picks

2,141 startups will exhibit at Web Summit over three days. These 2,141 startups come from all over the world and span 17 verticals and multiple industry areas. Over 1,000 investors have also arrived in Dublin, looking for their next great investments across the multitude of industries, sectors, stages and geographies. Web Summit hosts a number of ....


Introducing 2015’s best startups: It’s our PITCH Powered by Audi winners

The networking continues at Night Summit. Let our app help you. – We think we’ve found 2015’s best startup. From 200 startups in the group stages, to 40 in the semi-finals, to six in the grand final, we’ve finally named the two winners of PITCH Powered by Audi. After a three-minute pitch followed by a ....


The Web Summit figures you probably haven’t heard yet

Who should you connect with tonight? Ask our app. – 42,000 people from 134 countries came to Dublin this week for Web Summit. There were 199,054 tweets about Web Summit over the 3 days and 4 nights. #WebSummit, #audiPITCH and #Dublin were the top trends. Spoke yesterday at the ‘Music for the masses’ panel. @WebSummitHQ. ....


Hyperloop Technologies announce $26 million in funding

Next stop: the future. Shervin Pishevar of Sherpa Capital and Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop just took Web Summit Centre Stage to announce the closing of a $26 million convertible note financing as part of their aggregate $80 million Series B funding.


Announcing the Spark of Genius winner: Bizimply

Check the schedule to see what’s coming up at Web Summit. – ESB’s Spark of Genius is the search for Ireland’s best startup, and today that best startup was discovered. Congratulations to Bizimply on winning Spark of Genius. Bizimply specialise in software that makes scheduling and attendance easy. The fuss of paper scheduling is forgotten with their product. I caught up with Bizimply’s ....


‘Don’t jump to conclusions’: Mikko Hyppönen on the Ashley Madison hack on Web Summit Centre Stage

Make the connections you need to make. Let our app help. – Mikko Hypponen knows online security. He’s been named as one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers and he spoke to the Web Summit Centre Stage audience this morning: “I’ve spent almost the last 25 years hunting online criminals,” he told us. Mikko’s talk touched ....


Jefferson Hack on style, social and the fashion/tech collaboration he’d most like to see

Check out the full talks schedule – Our first ever Fashion Summit was packed out from the get go this morning. The unmissable Jefferson Hack kicked off proceedings with a casual Q&A on who and what is influencing the fashion industry. Jefferson Hack discussing style #fashionsummit #websummit — Marina Hogan (@IsMiseMarina) November 5, 2015 Style over fashion ....


Angels’ Choice Award: Wednesday’s picks

This year, we’ve introduced the Angels’ Choice Award.
Every day at Web Summit a panel of investors are exploring the venue meeting with exhibiting startups at their booths. These investors then score each early stage startup on a number of different categories, looking to discover companies they think to have exceptional potential for 2016.


‘The coolest man in Britain’ and 4 things not to miss Thursday morning

I’m sure you’ve all recovered from your Night Summit jaunts around Dame Court and Dame Lane. You’re going to need to be in top shape for our final day of talks.

Meet the coolest man in Britain (possibly), the woman trying to get us use more than a quarter of the apps on our phones and man trying to brand music…


Make your way to the Night Summit closing party

You weren’t thinking of sleeping, were you? The Thursday night closing party is an absolute not miss. It’s all kicking off in Opium on Wexford Street. Be sure to get there early – doors open at 8pm.


Founder of Pixar & the NASDAQ closing bell at Web Summit Careers Night

Web Summit are hiring – check out our careers page  – “Stand up.” “If you know exactly what your career will look like in 10 years, then please sit down.” About 3% of the audience sat down. Web Summit’s Careers Night drew thousands of students from a wide range of areas. Three young entrepreneurs were ....

2015 WebSummit Day 2 - Marketing Stage

Marketing FOMO and other Wednesday highlights

Check out our schedule to see what’s coming up next at Web Summit – With Day Two all wrapped up, we thought we’d take a look at the most memorable talks of the day. From #FOMO to #DemDebates, this has been what’s happening: Dave Jakubowski The Head of Adtech at Facebook, Dave took to the ....


Were you spotted today? It’s the 5 best dressed people on the Web Summit floor

The tech community wouldn’t exactly be known as the most fashionable bunch. Is the hoodies, startup t-shirts and scruffy beard stereotype unfair, though?
I half thought it might be so I took a wee break from blogging to find the five best dressed people on the conference floor.
I didn’t even have to look for long, in fairness…


Tinder Tips from Sean Rad, Tinder’s CEO

Check the schedule to see what’s coming up at Web Summit. – Sean Rad, the man who introduced swiping to the dating vocabulary, took to the stage to discuss Tinder. Tinder is on a quest to remove the barriers to meeting the one. To optimise the dating experience, you’ve got to look at the data, and that’s ....


Who’s made the PITCH final? Here are the six startups competing on Web Summit Centre Stage

We’re nearly there. We’ll be naming who we think our 2015’s best startups tomorrow.
PITCH powered by Audi, our startup pitching competition started with 200 startups. This afternoon, we named the 40 semi-finalists.
The semi-finals now complete, we’ve whittled it down to six startups – three ALPHA; three BETA – who will tomorrow compete in the grand final on Web Summit Centre Stage.


Is this man David Cameron on Twitter?

What talks do you need to hit tomorrow? Let us tell you. – Sorry to disappoint. He’s not. The question had to be asked, though. David Tomchak is Head of Digital at 10 Downing Street – the residence of English Prime Minister David Cameron. He joined the FT‘s European Technology Correspondent Murad Ahmed on Web Summit Content Stage for ....


‘We make enough money touring. We should be happy that people support us’: Steve Angello on Web Summit Centre Stage

Make connections worth making using our Web Summit app. – “It’s been such an amazing trip for me,” said Steve Angello on Web Summit Centre Stage, reflecting on his career to date. Perhaps best-known as a member of Swedish House Mafia, Steve is also the founder of record label Size Records. He joined a discussion on how streaming ....


Meet the Food Summit vendors

Food Summit is back with a host of Irish artisan vendors offering the best cuisine Ireland has to offer. Here, we meet four vendors that are at Food Summit this year.

3 November 2015; Michael Kada on the Pitching Stage during Day 1 of the 2015 Web Summit in the RDS, Dublin, Ireland. Picture credit: Paul Mohan / SPORTSFILE / Web Summit

And then there were 40: Announcing our PITCH semi-finalists

We’re looking for 2015’s best startups and we’re getting closer to finding them. With the PITCH group stages completed, 200 startups have been cut to 40 and we’re headed for the semi-final stage this afternoon.
Of these 20 ALPHA and 20 BETA startups, six will progress to tomorrow’s final on Centre Stage.


Angels’ Choice Award: Tuesday’s Picks

Make sure you make the talks you need to make. Check out our app. – 2,141 startups will exhibit at Web Summit over three days. These 2,141 startups come from all over the world and span 17 verticals and multiple industry areas. Over 1,000 investors have also arrived in Dublin, looking for their next great investments ....


Sex, drugs and the ultimate selfie: 5 things not to miss Wednesday morning

Stewart Butterfield, Chris Froome, Edwin van der Sar and much more. Day one of Web Summit got off to a flying start.

We’re picking up where we left this Wednesday morning. Here are a few of the talks and people you’ll not want to miss: sex, drugs, the ultimate selfie, a former NFL star and whether you should trust your gut or data.
We’re picking up where we left this Wednesday morning. Here are a few of the talks and people you’ll not want to miss: sex, drugs, the ultimate selfie, a former NFL star and whether you should trust your gut or data.


A shebeen and Stewart Butterfield socks: 5 things you may have missed today

Make sure you make the most of your Web Summit. Use our app. – With that many talks, startups and everything else in between, the odd Web Summit happening may just slip by you. I’ve got you covered, though. Here are five off-the-beaten-track bits of craic that you might’ve missed today: A sock tribute to ....

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‘My rivals could smell blood; they knew I was tired’: Chris Froome opens up about his second Tour win

Keep up with our unmissable apps. Use our app. – This summer Chris won his second Tour de France in two years when he finished the Tour one minute and 12 seconds ahead of second-placed Nairo Quintana. The 30-year-old Team Sky cyclist joined CNBC Anchor Karen Tso on Web Summit Centre Stage and began by telling her he’s not in the best ....


Adblock vs PageFair: Is the Digital Economy Doomed?

Adblock crusaders Eyeo went head-to-head with PageFair on the Marketing Stage today. The panel included Adblock’s CEO Tim Schumacher and PageFair’s CEO Sean Blanchfield. This made for a fairly heated discussion.


The smallest biggest gatherings on earth

What makes a great conference experience? Some might say the speakers, some might say the venue, some might say the scale (whether it be intimate or blockbuster).

5 November 2014; Anne-Marie Tomchak, Presenter and Producer, BBC, discusses When War Goes Viral: BBC Trending on how Social Media is Changing Conflict on the centre stage during Day 2 of the 2014 Web Summit in the RDS, Dublin, Ireland. Picture credit: Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE / Web Summit

Commitment to Change

As part of an initiative we’re running to even the gender ratio at our events, we’re giving ten thousand complimentary tickets to our events to women in the tech industry across the world – we hope that it will, in some small way, contribute to solving the problem.


Night Summit – What’s going down Tuesday night?

You weren’t think of sleeping, were you? Tonight we’re introducing you to a new zone of Dublin city centre. Harcourt Street. Copper Face Jacks is Ireland’s most famous nightclub. Tonight we’re taking it over.


The email killer and 4 things not to miss Tuesday morning

It’s all kicking off across our 21 standalone summits. With so many incredible talks to hear, people to see and startups to meet, we’d hate for you to miss out on something you shouldn’t.
We’ve got your back.
Check out our guide to Tuesday morning – the CEO of one of this year’s most talked-about companies, a former Premier League star and a woman known as the Supernova…


Web Summit Opening Party – Start as you mean to go on

Plan your Web Summit experience. Check out the schedule of talks. – You weren’t think of sleeping, were you? The talks might not be starting until Tuesday, but in reality Web Summit kicks off tomorrow night with the Opening Party. Fade Street at 8pm is the place to be. Get there early. We can’t put ....


Take it from the guys who have done it all before: Web Summit tips for startups

Make sure you make the connections you need to make. Download our app. – Next week. We’re practically there. To help you make the most of your Web Summit experience, I thought I’d ask some returning startups what you need to know. Read how the guys at re:3D, Orderella and LaunchLeap – guys who have done it ....


Calling all natural leaders: Join the Web Summit MBA Programme

If you’re due to graduate in 2016 with an MBA qualification and have between two and five years of commercial experience locally or internationally, we want to hear from you.

If you’re a natural leader, who loves challenges and change and strives in a collaborative environment, we want to hear from you.

If drive and motivation is second nature to you, we especially want to hear from you.

We want to nurture the next generation of graduates into our next generation of leaders and we’re recruiting for our MBA Programme.

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How to nail your pitch: Advice for our Web Summit PITCH contestants

Start networking before you land in Dublin. Download our app. – We’re looking for 2015’s best startups. We think they’re taking part in our PITCH competition. Two will be named winners next week. It’s a chance for startups to pitch in front of our network of leading investors, major media and world-class speakers. Nailing the ....


The unmissables: Meet the Supernova and two national treasures

Make sure you don’t miss the unmissable. Download our Web Summit app. – Have you got your plan for all the Web Summit talks you’re going to hit? There are that many A-listers speaking next week we can hardly keep up ourselves. Luckily we have an attendee app that will help you figure out where ....


Data scientist or engineer? Join the Web Summit Technology Programme

Data scientist or engineer? Help optimise a real-life network. – We’re welcoming 30,000 people to Web Summit 2015. Back in 2011, 400 people attended. We put our growth down to data science. We like to hire physicists with PhDs in areas like complex systems and network analysis. They can then apply their knowledge and understanding ....


Meet the new Web Summit app

In a week’s time, 30,000 attendees will descend upon Dublin. Each one of these attendees will be connecting with each other on the Web Summit app. The app is now live.


Register for Web Summit in Dublin Airport right after you land

To register for Web Summit you must download the Web Summit app – If you’re a general attendee, joining ALPHA, BETA or START with your startup or an investor you can register right after landing in Dublin Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2. All you need is the app. It’s less than a week until Web ....

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Building a VR Experience from the sound up

This year’s Web Summit attendees will get to experience a fully immersive virtual reality graphic novel with Oscar and Golden Globe nominees thanks to the guys at Audible.


What we love and what needs to change: The future of Ireland

Sign up for a free ticket to hear the future of Ireland at Web Summit. – On the day before Web Summit, Monday, November 2, we’ll be asking what is the future of Ireland. Starting at 7pm in the RDS, we’re welcoming an eclectic mix of commentators, journalists, academics and more to Web Summit Centre ....


5 Minutes with… CNN’s Andrew Morse

Don’t waste a moment at Web Summit. Use the Schedule feature on our app. – Andrew Morse, EVP of Editorial for CNN US and GM of CNN Digital Worldwide, has been more than a little busy of late. Between launching a new video network and overseeing CNN’s Democratic Debate in VR, it’s a wonder I got ....


From the makers of Toy Story: Ed Catmull to speak at Careers Night

Student or recent grad? Get a dose of  inspiration at Careers Night. – Ed Catmull, the founder and president of Pixar, will be giving a talk at Careers Night. Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski, Nemo… None of these iconic characters would exist without Pixar. And Pixar wouldn’t exist without its three founding fathers: Steve Jobs, Alvy ....


5 Minutes With… Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard

Plan your Web Summit experience. Download the app to see the schedule. – Aaron Skonnard is the CEO and co-founder of Pluralsight, an online library of courses for developers. With 600 expert authors and thousands of courses, it has become a port of call for ambitious techies looking to upskill. I sat down with Aaron for a ....


Your Chance to Ring the NASDAQ Closing Bell at Careers Night

Be inspired at Careers Night at Web Summit. – Mark Zuckerberg rang the NASDAQ bell in 2011 as Facebook went public. At Careers Night, Wednesday, November 4, we’ll be inviting 100 students to the stage to ring the iconic bell. These 100 students are the most promising future entrepreneurs, set to achieve great things in decades ....


T-2 Weeks: Exhibiting 101

Make connections that could change your life. Download the Web Summit app. – Like all startup events, Web Summit is what you make of it. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few exhibiting tips to make your Web Summit experience the best possible… Pitch Deck To make an impact, you’ll want to ....


Feeling Peckish? Announcing Food Summit

Web Summit tickets are almost sold out. Grab one while you can. – Food Summit in partnership with Good Food Ireland is returning to Web Summit for the third year running. Here, foodies and techies will unite: there’ll be 47 Irish artisan food producers and other quality vendors, including well-known chefs keeping the Web Summit ....


Ending queuing in pubs: 5 minutes with Orderella’s Dennis Collet

Stop queuing for drinks on nights out. Download Orderella. – Orderella are on mission to end queueing in bars. They’ve built an app that allows you to order and pay for your drink on your phone – think of it like an Uber for booze. Irish people will be particularly happy to hear about their ....


How to hack Web Summit: 15 tips from one of our success stories

ALPHA for 2015 is now closed. You can still attend as an attendee or sign up to exhibit at ALPHA 2016. – Mailjet are firing since they exhibited at Web Summit last year. They provide an all-in-one email marketing solution and are now sending over one billion emails a month for partners like Galeries Lafayette, Tag Heur and MIT. Since joining START, they’ve raised ....


They’re killing passwords: 13 Swedish startups coming to Web Summit

ALPHA for 2015 is now closed. You can still attend as an attendee or sign up to exhibit at ALPHA 2016. – We’ve hooked up with Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy in Ireland to bring some of the most promising Swedish startups to Web Summit. Business Sweden is a semi-state body that helps Swedish companies reach their full international ....


Get me barrelled: Our Surf Summit schedule

Keep your Web Summit experience going with Surf Summit. Join us in County Sligo. – Right after Web Summit finishes up we’re switching coasts and heading to Strandhill in County Sligo for Surf Summit. World-class surfers like Garrett McNamara, Easkey Britton and Pauline Ado are joining tech founders and CEOs for a weekend’s surf, adventure sports and ....


Web Summit Schedule – Away from the Stage

We’re delighted to have just released our Web Summit talk schedule. That’s not all you can expect from the world’s most important gathering of startups, though.
Take a look at what to expect away from the Web Summit stages…


Marchons, marchons: 18 French startups coming to Web Summit

We’re partnering with Business France to bring the best of French startups to Web Summit. Business France is a 1,500-strong national body supporting the internationalisation of the French economy.

They’ve helped us connect with some of the most exciting startups in France and they’re now joining our ALPHA and BETA programmes next month.


Wait, There’s More: 50 More Investors Coming to Web Summit

Attend Web Summit as an investor. Attend Web Summit as a general attendee. – John O’Farrell – General Partner – Andreessen Horowitz As a general partner at the firm said to be disrupting Silicon Valley, he’s led investments in Facebook, Twitter and Groupon. In the past 15 years, Dublin-born John has been involved in three ....


A bright future for conferences in Ireland

Today we’re releasing correspondence between Web Summit and the Irish Government regarding the 2016 Web Summit, which you can access here. All of this correspondence is due to be released under Freedom of Information in the next week or so. In releasing this information openly, we want to be transparent about the reasons for moving ....


Pocket Therapists & AR for the Blind: Introducing HealthTech Summit

Attendee tickets still available – grab one while you can. – HealthTech Summit. What’s on the agenda? Wearables, nanotechnology and the future of hospitals as we know them, with speakers from the likes of IBM Watson, Counsyl and MyFitnessPal. Let’s take a look… Speakers Lisa Maki – Co-founder and CEO – PokitDok When studying karate, Lisa found out ....

T-3 Weeks: Startup Event Guide

Experience the legendary Web Summit pub crawls. With Web Summit only three weeks away, we’ve thought we’d give startups the low-down on what to expect. This event guide does exactly that, so read on… PITCH Presented by Audi Two hundred of the most impressive and promising startups have been chosen from over 1,300 applications. The startups will ....


Announcing another surf legend for Surf Summit: Meet Pauline Ado

Finish off Web Summit on a high with Surf Summit. – Surf Summit is only 23 days away and it’s gearing up to be a great weekend. We’ve already announced that the woman who set up Iran’s first surf school will be there, as will the man who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest ....


Below the equator: 14 South American startups coming to Web Summit

ALPHA for 2015 is now closed. You can still attend as an attendee or sign up to exhibit at ALPHA 2016. – We’ve already looked at the Brazilian startups coming to Web Summit – let’s see who else is on their way from South America. These guys are coming from Chile, Peru, Colombia and across the continent. Meet the ....


The MailChimp of Magazines and 50 Other Software Startups Joining ALPHA

ALPHA for 2015 is now closed. You can still attend as an attendee or sign up to exhibit at ALPHA 2016. – Only the most innovative and disruptive startups joined our ALPHA programme this year, like these 50+ software startups exhibiting at Web Summit 2015. There’s a wide range of software startups coming to Web Summit. ....


Investor Startup Meetings – Introducing Office Hours

Come to Web Summit as an investor. Get the most out of your Web Summit experience: join our legendary pub crawls. – There will be up to 30 investor and startup meetings running at any one moment at Web Summit this year. It’s all part of Office Hours, the prescheduled meetings that facilitate interaction between investors and startups, ....


The future of interaction: 50 social startups coming to Web Summit

Join the world’s most exciting startups at Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – We’ve got Instagram Co-founder Mike Krieger and Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer coming to Web Summit. We’ve also got a host of exciting early-stage social startups on their way. Take a look at 50 social startups set to join our ALPHA programme: Cahoots Happen Jumparound ....

5 minutes with… Robbie Williams’s co-manager Tim Clark

The biggest names in your industry. Join us at Web Summit. – Tim Clark knew Robbie Williams was going to be a star before most. He and David Enthoven signed Robbie to their ie:music management company back in 1996 and have managed him since. Tim is coming to Web Summit… Ie:music also manage Passenger, and as former managing director of Island ....

Investing for Dummies and 16 Other FinTech Startups Joining ALPHA

Introduce your startup to the Web Summit community. Apply to ALPHA. – It’s an exciting time to be in fintech. 25% of all fintech investment since 2010 have been made in H1 of 2015. That’s a massive $12.7 billion. Hoping to get a slice of the pie are these 17 fintech startups. They’ve all joining our ALPHA programme. ....


Get a job with a selfie: 36 HR & recruitment startups coming to Web Summit

Join us at the world’s most important gathering of startups. Apply to ALPHA. – How will you hire your next employee? How will you find your next job? These guys want to help you. Meet the guys who want to change job applications into a 60-second video selfie, the people behind a virtual workplace with ....


A virtual future: 22 gaming & VR startups coming to Web Summit

Introduce your startup to the Web Summit community. Apply to ALPHA. – How long before you can score a goal at Old Trafford while sitting on your couch or take a round-the-world trip from your kitchen? Find out Web Summit. The futures of virtual reality and gaming will be on show in our ALPHA programme. ....

That’s entertainment: 18 entertainment startups coming to Web Summit

Exhibit at the world’s most important gathering of startups. Apply to ALPHA. – From film to theatre to live music and everything in between, tech is changing entertainment. We’ve got some of the world’s slickest entertainment startups coming to Web Summit to join our ALPHA programme. Meet the world’s first pocket-sized book club, the people trying ....

The Lego of the Future and 20 Other Education Startups Joining ALPHA

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – Edtech is booming. A huge $2.51 billion was invested into edtech companies in the first half of 2015. The long list of education startups coming to Web Summit is testament to the thriving industry. From the Lego of the future to an educational social network for startups, ....


5 reasons to visit Sligo for Surf Summit

 Surf Summit tickets are on sale now – Surf Summit. An intimate gathering of people who love tech and the outdoors. It’s all kicking off November 6 right after Web Summit. Here are 5 of our favourite reasons to head to Sligo on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. 1. Irish Pubs You’ll be exploring Sligo town ....

5 Minutes with… Rodial’s Maria Hatzistefanis

Web Summit is fast approaching. Get your ticket soon.   – Maria Hatzistefanis is the face of the cult skincare brand, Rodial. Since its inception in 1999 it’s become a staple beauty brand for women around the world. Maria herself has a gathered a large Instagram and YouTube following and is well versed in social media strategy. We caught ....

5 Minutes With… Thiel Fellow William LeGate

This week I caught up with teenage entrepreneur and Thiel Fellow, William LeGate. This guy founded an iOS app startup when he was thirteen after teaching himself Objective C from online Stanford courses. Now, 1 in 16 US teenagers use his apps.


5 minutes with… Xplor CEO Mark Woodland

Mark Woodland is CEO of Xplor, an Australian software startup that launched in 2012. Xplor helps teachers and childcare providers stay connected with parents throughout the day.
Mark is bringing Xplor to Web Summit, so I asked him about the Australian startup scene, his favourite whisky and Xplor…

Speech, shipping and subscriptions: 18 software startups joining START

The most important gathering of startups on the planet. Bring yours. – Our START programme showcases the world’s highest-potential startups. These are the guys we think can emulate the success of previous START participants like Nest and Storyful. Let’s take a look at 18 software START startups on their way to Dublin: Codacy That’s Codacy ....


Midnight Snacks and 20 Other eCommerce Startups Coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – An online bakery marketplace, a social beauty platform and an app for ordering midnight snacks are just some of the innovative eCommerce startups coming to Web Summit. Let’s welcome a few of these eCommerce startups, all of which are exhibiting at Web Summit as part of the ....


Michael Dell is Coming to Web Summit

Join the biggest names in your industry at Web Summit. Get your ticket. – Michael Dell is notably quoted as saying that “technology is about enabling human potential,” and his vision of how technology should be designed, manufactured and sold forever changed the IT industry. In November, he comes to Web Summit to discuss the ....

The Secret to Happiness and 14 Other Big Data Startups Coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – Big data is big business. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2019 all large organisations will purchase data from external sources. Plus, business leaders have confidence in big data, with 89% believing it will revolutionise business operations in the same way the internet did. We’ve got a ....

5 minutes with… Adyen CEO Pieter van der Does

Join the biggest names in your industry. Get your Web Summit ticket. – Adyen is the only unicorn in the Netherlands. They’re an online payments company who handle money for Facebook, Netflix and Spotify. They expect to process $45 billion this year.  They’re now valued at $2.3 billion following investment from Iconiq Capital, a secretive fund ....


Drones, big data and music: 14 Belgian startups coming to Web Summit

Join us at the most important gathering of startups on the planet. Apply to ALPHA. – We like Belgian startups. We’ve already taken a look at 23 Belgian startups on their way to Web Summit and we’re partnering with Belgian non-profit They’re an integral part of the Belgian tech ecosystem – they help startups thrive right ....


Surf Summit: Surf, Sea and Whiskey

Venture to the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way with Surf Summit. – Web Summit is fast approaching, which means Surf Summit is just around the corner. In a matter of weeks, tech-minded folk will come together with professional surfers for a weekend of surfing and networking. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get up to at Surf ....


California Love: 4 START startups coming from Cali

Join California’s finest at Web Summit. Apply to exhibit. – We’re expecting attendees from over 100 countries at Web Summit. We’ve got the highest-potential startups from across the world joining our START programme. Take a look at four of California’s finest on their way to Web Summit. The west coast never fell off… Quiver [vimeo id=”139870346″] ....

Making connections with your dog and 3 other startups joining START

Bring your company to the world’s most important gathering of startups. Apply to exhibit. – Our START programme is where we showcase the world’s highest-potential startups. Since we launched the programme back in ’13, its participants have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. One alumnus, Nest, was acquired by Google for $3.2bn. Here are four startups joining ....

5 minutes with… The inspiration for CSI: Cyber Mary Aiken

Hear from world-class speakers from the world’s biggest brands. Get your Web Summit ticket. – You’ve probably seen Mary Aiken on TV, or at least an Oscar winner playing her. She’s the inspiration behind Patricia Arquette’s character on CSI: Cyber and is a producer and writer on the show. Mary is joining us at Web Summit… ....


Climbing the ladder: Experiences of our volunteers who became employees

Be part of something amazing: check out Web Summit jobs. – Over 2000 volunteers will be lending a hand at Web Summit this year. Many are flying in from afar, others are just around the corner, either way they’re in for a fantastic time. Inevitably, some volunteers will love us so much that they’ll want to ....

Ford: The original disruptors are coming to Web Summit

Join the biggest names in your industry at Web Summit. Get your ticket. – “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Ford got the world driving – they were the original disruptors. The man leading the continued innovation at Ford is coming to Web Summit… William Clay Ford ....

Investor Ng

T-5 Weeks: To Startups, From Investors

Join the most innovative and disruptive early-stage startups. Apply to ALPHA. – In just 5 weeks time, Dublin will be a hive of activity as startups showcase their work at Web Summit. Investors from around the world will be in attendance and they’re looking for something special, so you better be ready to impress. We ....


Opinion: Spotify are coming to Web Summit – does the service work too well?

Join Spotify at Web Summit. Get your ticket. – Spotify are coming to Web Summit. Paul Lamere is speaking at Music Summit – he’s a data scientist at Spotify division The Echo Nest. He helps Spotify users discover new music. I’m as fanatical a Spotify user as they come, but sometimes miss the bygone days of overpriced ....

Our class of 2015: 50 ALPHA startups coming to Web Summit

Exhibit at the most important gathering of startups on the planet. Apply to ALPHA. – The world’s most promising early-stage startups are coming to Web Summit to join our ALPHA programme. These guys are making their way to Dublin from 100+ countries across the globe. Let’s take a look at startups joining us this November: Xnoova ASweSend ....


5 minutes with… Tiki Barber

The biggest names in your industry. Join us at Web Summit. Get your ticket. – Tiki Barber is an NFL legend. He’s one of only 29 running backs who rushed for 10,000+ yards in their career, and he was selected for the Pro Bowl – the NFL’s All-Star game – three times. Not only is Tiki speaking ....


€75,000 up for Grabs at the Ford SYNC AppLink Developer Challenge

Are you a developer up for a challenge? Registration now open. – This November, we’re partnering with Ford to hold the first Ford AppLink Developer Challenge in Europe – a unique 24-hour hackathon with a €75,000 prize fund. The AppLink Challenge gives developers the chance to create Driveable Apps for use with Ford’s SYNC AppLink ....

50 More Investors in Attendance at Web Summit

Want to attend Web Summit as an investor? Want to attend Web Summit as a startup? – For startups and investors alike, the countdown to Web Summit is on. In little over 5 weeks, hundreds of investors will be making their way to Dublin, where they will be scoping out the most innovative and promising startups ....


ALPHA dogs: Meet 50 startups joining our ALPHA programme

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – Our ALPHA programme is where you’ll find high potential early-stage startups from across the world. Startups are joining ALPHA every week in the run-up to Web Summit, and we’re excited about crop making their way to Dublin this November. Take a look at 50 startups ....


The Next Chapter

Today we are excited to announce the next chapter in the Web Summit story. In 2016 Web Summit will move to Lisbon.

Meet 16 Brazilian startups coming to Web Summit

Want to exhibit at the world’s most important startup gathering? Apply to ALPHA. – We’re expecting attendees from over 100 countries to come to Web Summit this year. We’re searching for the world’s most promising startups to join us at the most important gathering of startups on the planet, and Brazil will be well represented. ....

Meet 50 Irish startups coming to Web Summit

Exhibit at Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – When Web Summit started off five years ago all our attendees were Irish. The Irish startup community has been our biggest champion from the outset. We’ve got attendees from over 100 countries coming this year, and Irish startups are right in the thick of it. Take a ....

Startups: Why you should start one or join one after college

Next week, Paddy will join Jay Bregman, founder of Hailo and Verifly at UCD, DCU and Trinity College for a chat about startup opportunities in Dublin and around the world. If you’re studying at any of these colleges make sure you grab a free ticket.

Fifty ALPHA startups coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – Our ALPHA programme is where you’ll find the world’s most promising early-stage companies. In the run-up to Web Summit, we’re sending invitations to startups we think can match up to the calibre of startups we’ve welcomed to Dublin in the past. Take a look at ....


Fifty of the world’s most promising startups coming to Web Summit

Join us at the world’s most important gathering of startups. Apply to ALPHA. – We’re inviting the most promising early-stage startups in the world to Web Summit to participate in our ALPHA programme. With under six weeks to go until Web Summit kicks off, we’re looking at the ALPHA startups on their way to Dublin. ....

The future of machines: 6 Machine Summit speakers

Learn the future of everyday products. Come to Web Summit. – Machine Summit is one of the 21 standalone conferences at Web Summit this year. It’s the place to go to hear about how tech is redefining how we interact with everyday products. Here are six Machine Summit speakers who are going to tell us ....


We’re looking for the world’s best startups: PITCH on the Web Summit stage

Is your startup 2015’s best? Apply to PITCH. – We’re shortlisting the world’s most promising startups to present in front of our curated panels of distinguished investors and influential media. Does your startup measure up? We’re looking for the world’s best startups: the winners of PITCH. We’re accepting applications until Monday, September 28, then picking 200 of ....

Über Alles: 50 German Startups Coming to Web Summit

Does your startup have what it takes? Apply to ALPHA and find out. – On the back of the Rocket Internet’s billion dollar success, Germany’s startup scene is buzzing. In 2015 Q1 alone, German tech startups attracted $1.1 billion dollars of investment. It looks like the success will keep on coming for Germany’s tech industry ....

52 More Speakers Added to Our Lineup

Get your Web Summit ticket now. – 41 days and counting. That’s how long it is until Web Summit kicks off in Dublin. In the excitement of it all, we thought we’d let you in on a few more speakers coming to the conference this year. The speakers all come from vastly different companies but ....


12 Finnish Startups Coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – The demise of Nokia may have led to layoffs, but it has also revitalised Finland’s startup scene. Helped along by Tekes, the government’s tech investment scheme, there’s been an explosion of Finnish startups in recent years. Keeping up the momentum are these startups, who will be joining ....

8 Startups Coming to Web Summit from UAE

High potential startups from around the world are attending Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA to join them. – In less than six weeks, entrepreneurs around the globe will be packing their bags for Web Summit. They’re hoping that their startups will win big, like the 40 from 2014 who went on to raise over $1 ....


Announcing 12 More Marketing Speakers to Web Summit

Get your Web Summit ticket now. – Tech and marketing go hand-in-hand, so it’s no wonder that Marketing Summit is a standalone conference within this year’s Web Summit. Today, we’re announcing 12 more speakers, on top of an already stellar lineup. We’ll be welcoming leaders from a number of influential companies, from media powerhouses to not-for-profit organisations. ....


10 Russian Startups Coming to Web Summit

Could your startup make the cut? Apply to ALPHA and find out. – With Web Summit only a few weeks away, the list of countries represented is getting longer. Now to add Russia to the list. These Russian startups will be making their way to Dublin for the conference this November. They’ll all be trying to ....

10 Mexican Startups Coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – Mexico’s IT market is currently worth US$64 billion, and this will continue to increase in the coming years. Tech startups have been popping up all over the country to take advantage of this lucrative market. Some of the best of the bunch are coming to Web Summit as part ....

Waltzing Matildas: 17 Australian startups coming to Web Summit

Want to exhibit with your startup at Web Summit? Apply to Alpha. – It’s been said by Forbes that Australia is nearing a “mini-entrepreneurial revolution,” and Sydney startup Freelancer last year debuted on the the Australian Securities Exchange with a $1 billion AUD capitalisation.  We’ve got startups from across the globe coming to Dublin and we’re ....

Czech Republic

Czech it Out: 8 Czech Startups Coming to Web Summit

Does your startup cut it? Apply to Alpha and find out. – Is the Czech Republic the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe? Perhaps. CNBC has argued its case, citing its educated and creative workforce as a driving force. A number of Czech startups have been chosen for Alpha and will be exhibiting at Web Summit. Let’s ....

Five Dublin pubs to get a perfect pint of Guinness in during Web Summit

Come on a Web Summit pub crawl. Sign up now. – One of my personal philosophies is that a bad pint of Guinness is still pretty good – better than the average pint of nondescript European lager anyway. If you’re in Dublin for Web Summit, though, why settle for a bad pint of Guinness when on ....


6 things you may just learn at Startup University Summit

Dublin in November? Too good to miss. _ So what is the Startup University Summit? Well in short it’s one of the 21 Summits at Web Summit & will feature an exciting and disruptive mix of industry veterans, top venture capitalists, the most sought after accelerators and successful entrepreneurs. World leading founders and CEOs will ....

Announcing Web Summit Careers Night

Are you a student or recent grad? Then you’ll know that careers are changing. Fast. We’re announcing Web Summit Careers Night on November 4 in Dublin’s RDS.

Meet 12 Polish startups coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to Alpha. – There’s a lot to get excited about for Web Summit 2015, not least the fact that startups are coming from the four corners of the world to join us in Dublin. Unlike other European cities, Poland’s tech scene isn’t just thriving in its capital, Warsaw ....


T-6 Weeks: Guide to Dublin

Join the top startups in the world at Web Summit, apply for Alpha. – There’s only 6 weeks left until Web Summit 2015! With the countdown clock well and truly ticking, we’ve decided to begin the Startup Series, a weekly blog series designed to get you ready for the conference in November. First up: our guide to ....


Say hello to 50 Alpha startups coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to Alpha. – Our Alpha programme is where you’ll find the most promising startups from across the world. Each week we’re inviting startups who we think can match up to the success of previous Alpha startups – last year’s class has raised over $1 billion since exhibiting at ....


15 Austrian Startups Coming to Web Summit

Apply to our ALPHA programme. – With its tech-savvy workforce and grants for young entrepreneurs, Austria is a great place to start a business. In fact, Dorfbauer from Austria’s Usersnap predicts that “Vienna will be the number one start-up hub of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)” in the near future. It’s safe to say that the ....


‘The startup capital of Europe’: 29 Swedish startups coming to Web Summit

Join us in Dublin. Bring your startup. Apply to Alpha. – On a per capita basis, only Silicon Valley is a more prolific tech hub than Sweden’s capital Stockholm. The country has been called the “startup capital of Europe“. We’re looking forward to welcoming these Swedish startups to Dublin this November. Take a look at ....


Ten Bulgarian startups coming to Dublin for Web Summit

Does your startup measure up? Apply to ALPHA. – We have ten of Bulgaria’s most promising early-stage companies coming to Web Summit in November. Microsoft, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard continue to grow their operations in Bulgaria, while it’s expected the country’s tech sector is set to reach a record-high contribution to Bulgaria’s GDP.  Let’s take a ....


Meet 9 Ukrainian startups coming to Web Summit

Bring your startup to Web Summit. Apply to ALPHA. – Web Summit 2015 is going to be our most international conference yet. We welcomed attendees from over 100 countries to Dublin last year – we’re on course to surpass that figure. Forbes has asked whether Ukraine could be the next Silicon Valley and the Ukrainian tech ....


20 Indian Startups Coming to Web Summit

Apply to our ALPHA programme. – As a number of Indian startups skyrocket to success, there is a growing excitement surrounding India’s startup scene. Ecommerce sites like Flipcart and Snapdeal have enjoyed incredible rounds of funding as investors scramble to tap into the huge market of Indian internet users. In fact, according to Forbes, Indian ....


Meet 50 ALPHA startups coming to Web Summit

Exhibit at Web Summit. Join ALPHA. –  Twenty-five startups who we think have the potential to grow into successful companies are joining our ALPHA programme each week. The most exciting startups from across the world are coming to exhibit in Dublin hoping to emulate the success of last year’s Web Summit startups. See 50 ALPHA startups ....

Dan Brown Finale 1

Here’s to a little bit of everything at Society Summit

For a week in November, Dublin will be the tech capital of the world – Be there. – Code, Data, Design & Marketing are some of the better-known of the 21 Summits at Web Summit. One of the lesser-known, but incredibly interesting Summits is Society Summit. This Summit will bring a new depth of thought ....

10 Romanian Startups Coming to Web Summit

Apply to our ALPHA programme. – Startups from around the world are joining us at Web Summit this November and Romania is no exception. There’s a healthy startup scene in Romania, helped in part by low overhead costs and an excellent internet infrastructure. It’s no wonder, then, that we’ll be welcoming so many Romanian startups to ....

5 minutes with… TomTom Co-founder Corinne Vigreux

Get your Web Summit ticket. – Corinne Vigreux has saved 13 million marriages.  That’s what she’s said, anyway. Corinne’s company TomTom has sold 77 million satnavs over the course of the last ten years, and she reckons it’s a useful arbitrator in marital travel disagreements. The famous TomTom boxed satnav was the fastest selling tech ....


Announcing Web Summit for Schools

Today we’re announcing Web Summit for Schools. We’re bringing secondary school students from all over Ireland together with the world’s leading entrepreneurs, engineers, executives, investors and media.


50 UK-Based Investors Coming to Web Summit

Want to attend Web Summit as an investor? Want to attend Web Summit as a startup? – Over a thousand investors from around the world are set to descend on Dublin this November, hoping to invest in the next big tech startup. And who knows? They could get lucky. When Uber came to Web Summit ....

Tinkerbell Dress

5 Minutes with… London College of Fashion’s Matthew Drinkwater

Buy your ticket Web Summit ticket to hear from Matthew and other fashion influencers. – As the head of Head of Fashion Innovation at London College of Fashion, Matthew Drinkwater has been behind some incredible wearable tech pieces, including a glistening Tinkerbell dress and a Nokia smart skirt. We caught up with Matthew, who will be speaking at ....

12 Portuguese Startups Coming to Web Summit

Apply to our ALPHA programme. – It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Portugal. For one thing, Portugal Ventures has capital of €450 million. For another, this year Lisbon was awarded the European Capital of Entrepreneurship. Perhaps this is why there’s so many innovative startups coming from Portugal at the moment. At Web Summit this ....

Web Summit Network

Engineering Serendipity Part 2: Understanding why you should and shouldn’t attend Web Summit

For 239 reviews of Web Summit see Twitter. —— Introduction —— About 30,000 people from 100+ countries will attend Web Summit this November. But Web Summit is not some sort of magic elixir for attendees. Attendance does not guarantee entrance into the pantheon of startup or business gods. If you’re considering attending you need to understand our ....

Forza Italia: 27 Italian startups coming to Web Summit

Exhibit at Web Summit with your startup. – Some of the most exciting European startups are coming to Web Summit, and Italy is well represented. We were proud to welcome attendees from over 100 countries to Web Summit last year – we’re on course to make Web Summit 2015 and even more diverse affair. Take a ....

Steve Angello 1

Steve Angello, Spotify, Pitchfork & Radiohead

Music & 20 more –  come see our 21 Summits at Web Summit. – I’d be pretty sure that a former member of Swedish House Mafia, the President of Pixar, the CTO of Facebook, the Author of the Da Vinci Code & the winner of the Tour de France have never been in the same ....


Who’s been invited to Web Summit: 50 new ALPHA startups

Apply to Web Summit’s ALPHA programme. – We invite 25 startups to join our ALPHA programme every week. These are the guys we reckon are the most promising early-stage startups from around the world. Considering the success of last year’s Web Summit startups, we think we’re a good judge of potential. Take a look at the ....


Fifty Dutch Startups Coming to Web Summit

Apply to our ALPHA programme. – Although it might not be the first place that comes to mind when you hear the word “tech,” it turns out that the Netherlands plays host to a buzzing tech startup scene. In fact, in 2014 €500 million was raised by Dutch startups. With this in mind, it’s no ....

Down in Albion: 50 British startups coming to Web Summit

Apply to our ALPHA programme. – We’ve got startups from right across the globe coming to Web Summit this year. We’ll be welcoming attendees from over 100 countries to Dublin this year. With seventeen of the top 40 European unicorns coming from the UK and investment in British tech companies rising to over $2 billion in ....


25 of the 1,000 Investors Heading to Web Summit

This week we bring you 25 top investors that we’ve confirmed recently. These particular guys hail from the likes of Upfront Ventures, Union Square Ventures and 500 Startups in New York and SF.

The Fastest Field Sport in the World at Web Summit

Dublin in November. The sun won’t be there, but will you? _ Sport Summit 2015 is bringing together the best players, coaches & decision makers in the game, with those creating the technology that will define the next generation of sport. When browsing our speaker list you’ll recognise a lot of the names, brand, organisations ....


The people at the heart of Berlin’s tech scene

Join us at Web Summit. – We’re preparing to welcome attendees from over 100 countries to Web Summit 2015. This in mind, we’re featuring the people and startups we love in the tech scenes in cities across the world. It is thought that by 2020 100,000 jobs will be generated by Berlin’s startup scene, and ....

Fashion Summit

6 Fashion Influencers to Spot at Web Summit

Get your Web Summit ticket now. – With New York Fashion Week underway and Dublin Fashion Festival having created a buzz about town, we got thinking about all things fashion here at Web Summit HQ. Fashion Summit is one of 21 Summits that make up our event this year. We’ve already got some exciting speakers ....


Going gorillas: What’s great about the Paris tech scene

Marchons, marchons – Get your Web Summit ticket. – Jay Z and Kanye West have been “going gorillas” in Paris since 2011 – the city’s tech and startup scene has been thriving since long before that. Considering we’ve got attendees coming to Web Summit from over 100 countries, we’re taking a look at the people and startups ....

5 Minutes with… Edwin van der Sar

It’s kicking off in eight weeks. Get your Web Summit ticket. – We waited six years for Edwin van der Sar. I’m a Manchester United fan. One of the Manchester United fans who waited six years for a suitable replacement for the club’s greatest goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. That was Edwin van der Sar. He signed ....

blog awards blue

Barcelona: The tech capital of Spain?

Get your Web Summit ticket. – There are already attendees from over 100 countries set to attend Web Summit. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be featuring what we love about the tech scene in different cities across the world. Barcelona has been serenaded by Freddie Mercury and has given a home to two of ....


10 CEOs and Founders to See at Web Summit

Get your early bird ticket now. – A thousand of the most influential and inspiring people in the tech world are set to descend on Dublin this November as part of Web Summit. This includes a long list of CEOs and founders who are behind some of the most successful companies of recent years. We’ve cherry-picked 10 of ....

7 Marketing Leaders Joining us at Web Summit

Get your early bird ticket now. – This year, Web Summit has more marketing experts than ever before. Influencers attending include a legendary footballer and marketers from Facebook, Twitter and CNN. Read on to find out more about the marketers that will be gracing the Web Summit this November. Samantha Barry – CNN For years Samantha ....

Taking a minute: What’s going to make Web Summit incredible

Join us at Web Summit. – This morning, we invited Irish media into our new HQ at Tramway House in Dublin to officially unveil Web Summit 2015. For the last half year or so, we’ve been confirming amazing speakers, hearing how our ALPHA, BETA and START graduates are succeeding, and inviting a wave of disruptive new ....

Web Summit Stage

7 CTOs you’ll Meet on a Pub Crawl in Dublin

Get your Web Summit early bird ticket. – Those of you who have attended Web Summit before will know that the day doesn’t end at 5pm. Rather, the opportunities to network go on into the night with pub crawls that will guide you around Dublin’s buzzing nightlife. And with CTOs from around the world coming ....

Hardware startups

24 Hardware and IoT Startups Joining us at Web Summit

Join the world’s most promising startups in ALPHA. – If you’re part of a promising startup, you could exhibit at Web Summit for free as part of our ALPHA programme. Every week, we’re selecting 25 high potential, highly disruptive startups to join us. They’ll be joining a diverse range of companies, that create everything from ....


The most powerful British woman in tech and a ‘zillion dollar idea’

Pick up a Web Summit early bird ticket. – The most powerful British woman in tech and the woman executing a “zillion dollar idea” are coming to Web Summit this November. They’re joining the already-amazing group of speakers coming to Dublin. Take a look at our latest additions: Nicola Mendehlson – VP EMEA Facebook Having recently celebrated ....


Thirty of Web Summit’s most exciting enterprise startups

Apply to exhibit at Web Summit. – Web Summit’s Enterprise Summit is the place to hear from the founders and CEOs of enterprise heavyweights like Qualtrics, Kik and Evernote. If you’re looking for the startups with the potential to make it to that level – check out the enterprise startups who’ve made it into one of our startup programmes. Here’s a ....

Ten marketing startups coming to Web Summit

Join the world’s most exciting startups in ALPHA. – Not only will Web Summit feature the standalone Marketing Summit – which will hear from the world’s biggest brands from Apple to McDonald’s – we’ll also get to see the marketing giants of tomorrow. Our ALPHA programme showcases early-stage startups from around the world operating in a variety of industries. ....


Big Sam, Louis Saha and one of the NFL’s most influential men

Get your early bird ticket. – We’ve already announced that Champions League and Tour de France winners will join the most influential skater of all time at Sport Summit in Dublin.  Here are three more Sport Summit speakers: cult hero Big Sam Allardyce, scorer of the quickest-ever FA Cup final goal Louis Saha, and the ....

Ireland’s hottest startups: Our ESB Spark of Genius shortlist

Get your Web Summit early bird ticket. – We’re searching for Ireland’s best startup for our ESB Spark of Genius award – past winners Datahug and SmartThings have gone on to serious international success. Having received close to 200 applications, we can now announce the 15 shortlisted startups we think can emulate their achievements. After much deliberation, our judges have chosen ....


5 Minutes with… Mike Laven – CEO Currency Cloud

Mike Laven is CEO of Currency Cloud, a London-based FinTech startup whose payments engine processes over $10 billion annually. Ahead of his Web Summit appearance in November, Mike spoke to us about trust and money transfers, why banks charge so much for international payments, and who he thinks is the greatest living American.

An Apology to Tito and XOXO

Last Friday during an interview in Amsterdam, I was asked what I thought made the Web Summit special. My response was that in taking a different approach to organising conferences, we try to build as much of the software that we use ourselves. Then I said this: “Even the ticketing app that we use I built. ....


What are these 25 investors looking for at Web Summit?

Attend Web Summit as an investor. – We’ve already announced that investors from 500 Startups, Bloomberg Beta and Arena Ventures are coming to Web Summit. Here are 25 more – one of whom says an investment he made at Web Summit 2011 turned out to be one of the the most important of his life. What are ....


START me up: Fifty startups join our invite-only START

 Apply to exhibit at START. –  Who’s been sent an invitation to START? START is our invite-only showcase of the world’s highest-potential startups we think can achieve success comparable to alumni Nest or Storyful. They were acquired by Google for $3.2 billion and News Corp for €18m, respectively.  We’ve already talked about five startups returning to START and five ....


Fifty startups set to join our ALPHA programme

Join the world’s most promising startups in ALPHA.  – We’re selecting 25 of the world’s most promising early-stage startups to join our ALPHA programme each week. From the thousands of applications we receive, we’re looking for the most exciting, most disruptive, most high potential startups to join us in Dublin for four days of the Web Summit ....


5 Minutes with… Etsy’s VP of Design

Randy is VP of Design at Etsy, now the largest certified socially-responsible company, or B Corp to go public in the US. We caught up with Randy before he heads to Dublin in Novemeber to speak at Web Summit.


Don’t call it a comeback: Five Web Summit startups exhibiting at START again

Become a Web Summit success story. Apply to START. – Our START programme has been showcasing the world’s most promising young startups since 2013. This year will be no different. Some are joining START for the first time, while others have joined us in Vegas for Collision, Hong Kong for RISE, or Dublin for Web Summit. ....


Introducing Code Summit and Content Summit

Join the best in Code and Content at Web Summit – Web Summit 2015 will feature 21 standalone summits, some looking at the future of given industries and how they collide with tech; others at innovations in tech itself. They’ll all hear from the world’s sharpest minds. They’ll all feature tracks on the most important ....


What connects Web Summit pints to a $200 million startup?

Don’t miss Web Summit early bird tickets – CTO and Co-Founder of Allan Grant returns to speak at Web Summit this year. Would his company exist without a pint of Guinness at Web Summit 2011? “Hey, I’m the guy who hacked you your website.” Allan Grant took an interesting approach when introducing himself to Matt Mickiewicz at Web ....


Ruby on Rails, Kickstarter & Wickr join our Speakers A-Team

Don’t miss Web Summit early bird tickets – Rarely a week goes by without a genuine, bona fide rockstar addition to our speakers list. This week is no different. Take a look at the people joining us in Dublin for Web Summit. Yancey Strickler – CEO & Co-Founder Kickstarter Yancey founded crowd-funding site Kickstarter with Perry ....


Five of the most exciting startups joining START at Web Summit

Apply to join our class of 2015 – Back in 2013 we launched START – our showcase of the world’s most exciting early-stage startups which counts the likes of Storyful and Nest as alumni. Forty of our class of of 2014 have raised over $1 billion since Web Summit 2014. The bar for 2015 has ....


Design Summit Brings Google & Etsy

Just 3 weeks ago we launched the Design Summit and Data Summit. Today we’re sharing with you some more fantastic speakers confirmed for each.


50 Investors Coming to Dublin

We’re excited to announce 50 more investors making their way to Dublin in November for Web Summit. These guys are coming from 500 Startups, Bloomberg Beta, Arena Ventures and more.

thank you 2010

A Thank You Note To Our First Irish Attendees

Five years ago Web Summit started its journey from a small sitting room in Ranelagh, Dublin. It remained our HQ for our first 2 years. Back then, we were a tiny bootstrapped Irish startup, short on experience and, we felt at the time, even shorter on backers. Conor Murphy – Datahug, Vol Pigrukh from Profitero ....

Web Summit Speakers Feature

What do OnePlus, Oculus VR & Tinder have in common?

It’s less than 3 months until #websummit. Join us in Dublin? – In three months today we will be looking back on a Web Summit just gone by – a gathering of 30,000 people on a small island off Europe which brought together some of the best, brightest and most interesting names in technology together. ....


The CTO of Facebook & a high speed floating train

   Grab a Super Early bird ticket for Web Summit before prices go up Friday July 24 – Ever seen a high speed floating train? You might soon – Hyperloop are changing the future of transport. Their CEO is just one of the latest names added to the Web Summit speakers line-up today, along with ....

Peter Gilmer

Why We’ve Brought So Many Irish Home

We’ve hired over 100 incredible people from all over the world in the last 12 months from engineers to data scientists to sales people and more. Wired, VentureBeat and many others have profiled our technology-driven approach, while our careers page covers a little more. We’ve plucked American’s out of San Francisco who’ve helped scale some of the fastest growing tech companies in ....


These Three Winners Are Going Global

We’ve seen some seriously impressive startups exhibiting at Web Summit from Ireland over the years and nothing gives us more pride than seeing them Go Global.


What Jason Schmitt learned from watching 1,000 Startups at Collision

 Get a super early bird ticket to Web Summit 2015  – Jason Schmit is a technology enthusiast, professor at Great Mountain College and regular contributor to the Huffington Post. He writes extensively on innovation, startups and technology. Jason attended Collision, our sister event in Las Vegas and like many others experienced legendary networking. He reflects ....


The Best From Postmates, LinkedIn, Shyp and Beyond

Sign up for a 2 for 1 discount code for Web Summit ’15 – A new week, another line up of unreal speakers for Web Summit ’15. This week we’re bringing the news to you of top guys from Postmates, LinkedIn, SendGrid and Zomato to name but a few. Get signing up for your 2 ....


Surf Summit Is Back

– Surf Summit’s coming back. And it’s taking place straight after #WebSummit 2015. [Insert Tech-Surf pun here]! We’re delighted to announce Sligo as the host town. Let’s take a look at last year. Last November, more than 200 investors, start-ups and entrepreneurs made their way to the Surf Summit in Westport, Co Mayo – the Adventure Capital of Ireland.  ....


Highlights from sister event Collision

We’re so proud of our sister event Collision which took place last week in Las Vegas. The feedback has been incredible so far. We’ve picked out some 10 out of the many awesome stories heard from the event to share with you.


Apple’s ex-CEO, Github’s founder & CEO & more coming to Web Summit

Today we’re announcing 6 more incredible speakers for this years Web Summit. They’ll be joining the founders of Slack, Stripe and Pixar, along with rapper Nas in November in Dublin. These are the first of more than 800 speakers we will be announcing over the coming months. In other news 100 Web Summit 2 for 1 tickets ....

Nas Final 1.1

And We’re Back!

We’re back! And incredibly excited to be taking over the RDS in Dublin again for Web Summit, 2015. You’ll see us there from November 3-5. What better way to kick things off for Web Summit 2015 than by announcing our first three speakers.


Announcing the “Women In” Series

Get your ticket for the first of  our WIN Series here. First 50 tickets free!  – We’re delighted to  introduce our new invite only evening event, the “WIN”, or Women In series. The mission of these events is to inspire and connect the next generation of female entrepreneurs, senior executives and leaders. WIN really embodies mentorship, empowerment and ....

Web Summit

Calling Irish Startups

Fly around the world with Web Summit’s Go Global Competition —– (Go Global Competition is now closed) Are you less than 3 years old and raised less than €3 million in funding? Fancy being flown around the world to meet and be mentored by the world’s top tech entrepreneurs, investors and media? Sounds like you ....

Web Summit Drone

15 Web Summit Startups that have raised over €276million

Four months on from Web Summit, and no better time to look back on the progress being made by just a sample of the many startups that attended. In the short space of time 15 startups that exhibited have raised over €276million – including names such as HelloFresh, Y Plan & GetAround who raised monster ....


Web Summit – the action in Vines

Web Summit will be back with a bang in 2015 – sign up now for a 2-for-1 discount code ––––– Got a few seconds to spare? Well we’ve trawled the interweb for a few snippets of Web Summit 2014 that, we hope you’ll agree, show a different side to the event. With so much happening, it ....

Web Summit Sheep 2

These 5 Startup Rap Videos will make your day

Not just Dublin, we’re going to Vegas too. Find out more about Collision here. _____ Yes, it’s what we’ve all waited for – startups rapping their pitches – and as expected, it’s brilliant! PitchHop was part of the Braintree/PayPal Startup Blue Print Programme  at Web Summit, and gave startups the opportunity to pitch their product ....

Enterprise Summit 11

Photos, Videos & Tickets

Want to save, then grab a code today: Next week we’re releasing 1,000 special tickets to Web Summit 2015. Get your code here. _____ Web Summit 2014 has been and gone, and thank you to all who were a part of an amazing week in Dublin. Time to look forward, and Web Summit 2015 – taking place ....


Google awarding $20m to startups at Web Summit

Check out the grand finale of Web Summit on our centre stage – tune into the livestream ––––– It started with free coffee. The queues formed around the Alpha and Beta stands in the Town Square as attendees in need of a caffeine fix got their sustenance from the baristas at the Google exhibition stand. Now ....

The Imitation Game – screening exclusively at Web Summit

Love film? You’ll love Web Summit – check out other film happenings at this year’s event ––––– Alongside fascinating talks with some key film industry experts, the cinema offering at this year’s Web Summit also features an exclusive screening of eagerly anticipated new film The Imitation Game. Due in cinemas on November 14th, the film is ....

Peter Finnegan is Dublin City’s Coordinator in Chief for Web Summit

Important Update: We would in particular like to thank the entire team at Dublin City Council who have prepared the city for the arrival of 18,000 international guests, and not just Peter. ______ Over 18,000 international guests will fly into Dublin City for Web Summit and Peter Finnegan has been the tireless coordinator in chief ....

Web Summit

Engineering Serendipity: The Story of Web Summit’s Growth

It’s taken us 4 years to scale Web Summit from 400 attendees to 20,000 and a bunch of physicists have played a big part. Back in 2010, 3 international journalists showed up, this year it will exceed 1,200. Investors is up from 4 to over 800. Exhibitors from 3 to over 2,000. With each passing year ....


Startups! Get your branded pitch video from Showbox

What’s going on at Web Summit? Check out the agenda here. ___ Look to create your own startup video? Now you can thanks to our friends at who will be standing by to make a customised video introducing your start-up to fellow Web Summiters. And we’ll play it on a massive screen in the ....

Hardware Hackathon 22

What’s a Hardware Hackathon?

Former Hackathon Winner Tracy Keogh explains what a Hackathon is, and why you should get involved. ____ Hackathons bring makers, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and developers together for one weekend where they get their hands dirty and come up with innovative new ideas and products. And for the second time this fall, we’ll be doing ....

From Oculus to Nasdaq – 6 months of news in 1 place

Lots of announcements, more to come. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter. _____ It’s been a crazy last 6 months, lots of fun, announcements, speakers and surprises. With more to come over the next 10 days lets take a look back on some of the things we have announced over the last ....

Aer Lingus Final Final

Flying In! 100 more Investors coming to Dublin

100 more investors coming to Web Summit. Will you join them? Get your tickets here. _______ 14 days, 330 hours and not that many minutes until Web Summit 2014 opens its doors to 20,000 attendees. At the core of the event are amazing startups looking to take the next step in their development, and helping ....

Fluffy Final

Hatch backed by AIB – meet our winners

The brightest minds in tech will be in Dublin for Web Summit – buy your ticket now ––––– If there’s ever been any doubt about the future of entrepreneurship in Ireland, then let that be put to bed now. With our new initiative, Hatch backed by AIB, we’ve uncovered some brilliant young minds, and we’re delighted ....

5 things you’ll find at Machine Summit

The most innovative devices and disruptive hardware startups will be on show at Machine Summit – tickets are still available ––––– Mankind has always been obsessed with machines. Whether it’s the Ancient Greeks with the first catapult, Otto Lilienthal’s early hang-glider or the Z1 computer, technological hardware has always fascinated us. Fast-forward to today and it’s ....


The Top 5 Hotel Bars in Dublin

Dublin will pull out all the stops for Web Summit. For more info on hotels call +353 1  4433104. _____ Dublin is famous for its nightlife and pub culture. So it’s no surprise that we’ve discovered that some of the most valuable networking experiences people have had at Web Summit have been in the bar ....

Hardware Hackathon Final

The Hardware Hackathon Comes to Web Summit

Hackathon pre Web Summit? You could be a part of it – Get your ticket now. ______ We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with PCH and Dublin City University’s Innovation Campus to host the Hardware Hackathon, a competitive maker event that will run for 48 hours just before Web Summit 2014 – from November ....

Food Summit 1

Food Summit with Good Food Ireland®

Food, lots of great food, all with thanks to Good Food Ireland®. Want to be a part of it? Get your Web Summit ticket here. _____ It’s nearly Web Summit time, and that means one of many things – Food Summit is back! This year we are delighted to team up to bring you Food Summit ....

17 disruptors – another selection of excellent START companies

Hundreds of fascinating companies are exhibiting at Web Summit – register your company here to be a part of it ––––– There are some genuine game-changers in this week’s selection of START companies, and they only add to the already impressive list of disruptive startups on their way to Web Summit in just a few weeks. Just like ....

AC Grayling

T-4 Weeks, Time for 10 new speakers

Philosophy at Web Summit? There’s something for everyone. Get your ticket here. ____ This day 4 weeks we’ll be onto Day 2 of Web Summit 2014. Over the next 26 days we will be announcing some more exciting things, including speakers, themes and more. Today we’re happy to share 10 more names – from philosophers, ....

All it takes to win is a Good Idea

The world’s most innovative Social Enterprise Startups will be exhibiting at Web Summit – apply for your company’s chance to meet top investors and media ––––– Web Summit has teamed up with the US Embassy in Dublin to establish the Good Ideas initiative, an opportunity for Irish social enterprise organisations and charities to attend a workshop and pitch for ....

Man Utd 22

Introducing Round 2 of Sport Summit Speakers

Sport, Music, Food & Film are coming to Web Summit next month. Want to be there? Get your ticket here. _____ 4 weeks out from Web Summit, and today we’re focusing on Sport Summit, and some great sports speakers taking to the stage. The role of tech in sport is becoming increasingly visible, and below ....


Announcing 2,087 Confirmed Exhibitors at Web Summit

4 years ago we had 3 exhibitors at Web Summit. On Friday we passed our 2,000th confirmed exhibitor for Web Summit 2014. Hopefully we’re only getting started. A huge congrats to our incredible team of 106. If you want to find out more about exhibiting just email or for our main site click here. 2087 Exhibitors and counting: Intel Amazon ....

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Are you ready to ‘Make Fluffy Famous’? – It’s Hatch backed by AIB

16+ and want a future in tech? Register your interest to join us at Hatch, our youth incubator program backed by AIB and get a unique 3-day Web Summit experience. Find out more here. _______ On Tuesday we announced the first details of our Hatch program backed by AIB. So what’s it all about? Hatch is ....


Introducing Web Summit for Schools

Are you a secondary school student looking to come to Web Summit? Web Summit for Schools could be for you – Find out more here. _______ Who said school can’t be fun and games? This year Web Summit is bringing together a group of Irish secondary school students for a special Web Summit experience – ....

Tumblr, BskyB & AmEx

Next month 500+ of the world’s top tech minds will be coming to speak at Web Summit. Want to be there? Get your tickets here. _____ Today we announced that Maelle Gavet, one of the world’s most powerful people in business, is coming to speak at Web Summit. But we haven’t stopped there – we’re also ....

maelle gavet

Maelle Gavet – one of the world’s most powerful women is coming to Web Summit

The world’s most inspiring and influential speakers will be onstage at Web Summit – make sure you are there to see it all ––––– Only in her mid-thirties and already in charge of one of the biggest companies in Russia, Maelle Gavet is a seriously impressive global business presence, and we are very happy to welcome her to ....

It’s Tuesday, so here’s 10 new Marketing speakers

10 new speakers and more exciting names to come over the next 5 weeks. Want to be a part of it? Get your Web Summit ticket here. ____ 34 days, or 816 hours, or 48,960 minutes, or a whole lot of seconds until Web Summit gets underway in Dublin on November 4th. There’s a lot ....


Fringe Summit – in the creative heart of the city

All across Dublin there will be talks and discussion as part of Fringe Summit. It’s second only to the main event – find out more about Fringe Summit here. ––––– You’ve heard about all the other satellite summits at this year’s event, as well as the special gatherings we’ll be hosting on Film, Sport, Food and ....

Peter Thiel 2312

Here’s 250 Investors coming to Web Summit

Investors, Startups, media, speakers and more – all under one roof in Dublin this November. Want to join? Get your ticket here. ______ Here’s a selection of 250 Investors coming to Web Summit in 5 weeks time. November 4th-6th will bring some of the world’s most exciting startups, great investors, top tech journalists, speakers and ....

123 German Startups exhibiting at Web Summit

Over 100 Startups are coming to exhibit as part of ALPHA, BETA & START at Web Summit from Germany. Get your tickets here _____ Here are 123 German Startups exhibiting as part of the ALPHA, BETA & START programs at Web Summit in Dublin this November. If you’d like to find out more about exhibiting please email ....


‘The New Superhero of the Modern World’ – 50 more Investors

100s of investors from across the globe are coming to Web Summit, you could meet them. Get your tickets here. _____ On a weekly basis we reveal a diverse range of investors coming to Ireland in November in search of the next big thing. Today we’re announce another 50 investors that will be at Web Summit in ....


Social Media People Unite – join Live Team at Web Summit 2014

Would you call yourself one of the Twitterati? What about the Facebookerati? (OK, so it doesn’t work with Facebook, but you catch the drift). If so, we want you! We are looking for the very best online voices and the most active and innovative social media users to join our Live Team and attend Web ....

And then there were 3…. The ESB Spark of Genius Story so far

There’s only 6 weeks to go until Web Summit. Want to be a part of it? Get your tickets here. ____________ And then there was 3….. After hundreds of applications were whittled down to 30, last Wednesday saw a hugely talented group of Irish startups battle it out for a place in The ESB Spark ....

Web Summit Media 211

Welcome CNBC – Our Newest Global Media Partner

Web Summit will be broadcast worldwide – sharing the latest & greatest tech stories. Do you want to be part of it? Get your tickets here. _______ With 108 countries represented, and more to come, Web Summit 2014 has become one of the world’s most global tech events. Today we’re delighted to have teamed up ....

Spark of genius_ESB

Announcing our first 2 Global Media Partners

Speakers, Startups, Media, Investors & You – Get your Web Summit ticket here. ________ Over the past 4 years Web Summit has grown from an idea on a Dublin couch to a hub of tech debate, views and ideas. Tech as an industry has developed – and with it everyday resources. Media is one of ....

A new world of Summits – Sport, Music, Film and Food

This November, Europe’s largest tech conference will get even bigger with new stages for Food, Sport, Music and Film – grab your chance to be a part of it all ––––– Technology is all around us. It is no longer just about consumer electronics, laptops and phones but it is a part of almost everything we do. Technology ....

Lisbon 3

Lets say ‘Bem-Vindo’ to 18 Intriguing Portuguese Startups

107 countries and counting will be represented at Web Summit in November. Want to join them? Get your Early Bird ticket now. _______ Each week from now until November 4th we are featuring intriguing groups of startups from different areas of the globe. This week we head down to southwestern Europe and some excellent Portuguese startups ....

Spark of genius_ESB

100 Incredible Journalists you’ll meet at Web Summit

The tech world is coming to Dublin in November. Don’t miss out – last chance to get your Early Bird ticket here. ________ Web Summit connects some of the world’s most promising entrepreneurs, with some of the world’s leading media, to share the story of the newest ideas and trends in tech. In 2014 the ....

eSolidar 2

9 You Need To Know – Top Barcelona Super Connectors

Some of the most influential people in tech will be making their way to Dublin for Web Summit – you can be there too and make some life changing connections ––––– Our analytics guys love crunching numbers, getting their hands on some data and they go nuts when they get to do a little eigenvector centrality analysis of ....


30 of the best – It’s the ESB Spark of Genius Shortlist

These are just some of the companies featuring at this year’s Web Summit – apply to exhibit now ––––– Returning again this year with a focus on Irish companies, ESB Spark of Genius provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for startups to put themselves front and centre at Web Summit and possibly win an amazing cash injection of €25,000. ....

Peter Thiel 2312

100 Investors coming to Web Summit

Here’s a selection of 100 Investors coming to Web Summit in November. Want to join them? Get your Early Bird ticket now. _____ From today, all the way until Web Summit, we will be announcing 50+ Investors a week that will be coming to Dublin for the event. With all the largest investment firms, from ....

The Airhelp 213

What happens when you win a startup contest: the data driven answer

The AirHelp were part of our Collide startup track at Collision. Applications for Collide 2015 are open now – sign up here. ____ Startup contests come a dime a dozen, but should you participate in one, and if so, what should you expect? There is no shortage of startup competitions at the moment, chances are ....

15 START companies heading for the big time

Give your company the chance to be the next big thing – apply for START ––––– START launched as part of last year’s Web Summit to showcase the most high potential up-and-coming companies in the tech landscape. Since then the companies that featured as part of the 2013 programme have raised hundreds of millions of dollars ....

Benedikt Lotter, Jesse Leimgruber (L-R)

Say Hello to 19 Future Global Leaders

The brightest minds in tech will gather in Dublin this November – are you going to be there? ––––– Web Summit is all about looking forward. Come November in Dublin, hundreds of Startups will be demonstrating their innovations while some of the brightest minds in the tech world discuss the future of the industry. But one of the most ....

Tony Fadell, The 3.2 Billion Dollar Man is coming to Web Summit

Last year Tony Fadell and NEST exhibited as part of START, our invite-only program for the world’s highest potential startups. Do you know a startup that could do the same? Here’s more info. ________ 10 months ago Nest were finishing up their time exhibiting at Web Summit. Have they done much since? Not really… besides ....

Build it and they’ll come – 20 more Builders Speakers

The Builders Summit is 1 of 4 main Summits at Web Summit in November. Want to be a part of it all? Get your Early Bird ticket now. ______ The Builders Summit at Web Summit will bring some of the most innovative and creative developers together to share stories, experiences and discussions related to the ....

Eamon Pintss

Eamon Leonard: Why I Joined Web Summit

The first time I ever heard of Paddy Cosgrave, was in 2009. Someone on Twitter shared a link with me. It looked like a wordpress blog, that had been shoehorned into a conference website called “Dublin Web Summit”. I loaded it up, and something immediately grabbed my attention. No, it wasn’t the amateurish, designed-by-a-twelve-year old .... + Pitch at Web Summit

 It’s going to be Europe biggest and best startup pitching competition. Do you have what it takes? Apply for PITCH now. _______ The end of September to the beginning of October last year was an insane time for us at Not only did we launch into public beta, but in the span of three ....

Volunteers – Help us cross the 3,000 mark!

Experience Web Summit 2014 on the frontline by volunteering for the event – apply here. ––––– Already we have had an overwhelming response from the hundreds of you looking to be a part of Web Summit 2014. But this is going to be the biggest tech conference Europe has ever seen, so we are going to need even ....


Enterprise Summit – 30 Speakers taking to the stage

The tech world descends on Dublin for Web Summit 2014 – will you be there to hear the brightest minds in the industry speak? ––––– This year, Web Summit becomes extra special with your ticket giving you access to four separate summits – Builders, Marketing, Enterprise and Machine. As you might expect, all four summits, as well ....

Coca Cola PITCH Logo

PITCH Perfect: Coca-Cola and Web Summit join forces

Want to pitch at Europe’s largest tech conference? Now is your chance. Apply for PITCH here. ______ A new brand, lots of happy Coca-Cola bottles and even more eager startups, it’s been good news on all fronts for PITCH at Web Summit this week. Where better to start then a new partnership with one of ....


Competition roundup: Web Summit Kilimanjaro

This November, the biggest names in tech will be appearing at Web Summit –  make sure you don’t miss out, tickets are still available. So voting has ended on Web Summit Kilimanjaro and the results are in. After the Final Round of the competition our judging panel have selected the top 5 candidates to join the expedition group heading ....

Katharine 132

Let’s Get Digital – Here’s 10 New Marketing Speakers

We’re going digital crazy this week with 101 new speakers, lots of whom will be on the stage at the Marketing Summit in Dublin. Want to be a part of it all? Get your Early Bird ticket now. ____ Just over 2 months out from Web Summit 2014 and things are really starting to heat ....


Turn €25,000 into $200m – all it takes is a Spark of Genius

For a few days in November, Web Summit 2014 will turn Dublin into the epicentre of the tech world – will you be there? _____ You’ve probably heard the brilliant news – home automation innovators SmartThings have been acquired in a huge deal with South Korean technology giant Samsung. Only 2 years ago SmartThings won the ESB Spark of Genius trophy at ....

Ich bin ein Super Connector – 8 Berlin based networking prodigys

They’re all in the know and their contacts list could be the difference between your startup disrupting the market and being stuck in pre-launch mode – Here are the 8 Berlin Super Connectors you need to know ––––– Every so often we like to get our hand dirty and pick our way through the hoards of zeros ....

Sailogy 2

3 Reasons The ALPHA Program Is For You

Are you a startup looking to take the next step? Sign up for the ALPHA program at Web Summit 2014 here. ____ So far there have been 15,000+ ALPHA applications from over 100 countries worldwide. Each application is a startup with an idea that could change the future. Here are 3 intriguing startups from the ALPHA ....

Kauffman Fellows Global Summit

For They Are Jolly Good Fellows – 90 Kauffman Fellows Coming to Dublin

Investors from all corners of the globe are coming to meet the world’s best + most promising startups – want to join? Find out more on the Investor Summit here ––––– People sometimes look at investors and think they have been investing in startups and ideas from the day they were born. This, as surprising as it may ....

Sao Paulo 2

The 9 Most Influential Super Connectors Sao Paulo has to offer

They are the best connected and most influential personalities in Brazil’s largest city – they are Sao Paulo’s super connectors ––––– We like data, love Datasift and go nuts when we get to do a little eigenvector centrality analysis of tech communities around the world using Datasift’s immensely powerful firehose. So, with that in mind we have quite the treat for you today, ....

Andy Zhang, Rohit Singh, and Molly Long (left-right)

The Internet of Things + 11 new Speakers = Good News

The Internet of Things is getting its own Summit, own stage and 11 new speakers. Interested? Find out more here. ____ Emerging trends lead to periods of creativity that provide us with ideas that can define a generation. The Internet of Things is emerging at speed, and with it an array of new opportunities, ideas ....

Summit Volunteer 5

Volunteers – We want you!

Experience Web Summit 2014 on the frontline by volunteering for the event – apply here. ––––– Last year, 10,000 people went through the gates at the Web Summit venue, hoping to share their experiences and ideas with the brightest and best of tech. Now in 2014, Web Summit is going to have 20,000 attendees and needs your help ....

Who are New York’s 7 most influential tech Super Connectors?

We like data, love Datasift and go nuts when we get to do a little eigenvector centrality analysis of tech communities around the world using Datasift’s immensely powerful firehose. The most influential in a community aren’t always the most followed, and New York’s tech community is a case in point. Thanks to Datasift we’ve found some obvious ....

The Summit Kilimanjaro: The Final Results

The Summit Kilimanjaro competition has finally come to a close, and we’ve been blown away by the high quality of our applicants. —– In total, we had 2337 entries from 107 countries around the world, all competing those Top 5 spots to win the trip of a lifetime. Over the course of the competition 4 pools ....

Mass Challenge 2

The Rise of the East: 5 US Accelerators making waves

When the words ‘Tech’ and ‘US’ are mentioned in the same sentence people often immediately associate it with Silicon Valley and the West Coast. But the tech industry is thriving countrywide and nowhere more so then the East Coast, where major cities are investing in people, ideas and startups like never before. Here are just ....

Jayo xxxx

VIDEO: Jay Bregman in conversation with Paddy Cosgrave

Hailo CEO and Founder Jay Bregman has transformed the meaning of the word Taxi, making life a lot easier for people looking to get from A to B. In conversation with Paddy Cosgrave in Wayra last week Jay talks about how 3 English taxi drivers played a role in starting Hailo, what advice he’d give ....

Brazil Happy Final

7 Reasons Brazil Can Still Take Over the World

They may have shipped 7 last night but here are 7 reasons the Brazilian Startup Scene can still take over the world. These are 7 Incubators and Accelerators in the country and these are the hub for the great ideas that are coming out of the area. Appies – Sao Paulo Appies is an intelligence ....

Featured image Berlin landscape

10 Startups from… Berlin

7-1 and the good news keeps on rolling. This November, startups from all over the world will be pitching their stall to try and grab the world’s attention, and more importantly pique investors’ interest. Some of the startups coming to The Summit 2014 from Berlin this year are of particular interest due to the diverse nature of ....

Anna Patterson Builders Featured Image 2

Creators, makers, doers, and Google’s VP of Engineering

We’re thrilled to announce “arguably the most important female engineer on the planet”, Google’s Anna Patterson, will be speaking at The Summit 2014. Not content with one huge engineering announcement today, we’re also announcing Amazon’s CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels. Vogels is considered by many as “the most influential force in cloud computing today”. Our announcements are ....

Padmasree 750x400

Sharing the Story – 11 Journalists coming to Dublin

The Summit is the coming together of  the global tech community in one city – to eat, learn, meet and play. Since it’s inception in 2010 Journalists have played a massive role in sharing the story of The Summit and spreading these stories to a global audience. This year Journalists will again play a huge ....

London 4567

12 Startups from….. London!

While all startups differ in products, ideas and much more, there are also defining features which tie them together. This group of startups cover areas from music to learning, boating to payments, 3D to Social Networking – yet they are all tied together by geography. Each of these are blazing a trail in the London ....

So much news, so little time – It’s Speakers News of the Week

It’s that time of week again when we catch up with the comings, goings and world-changing antics of our confirmed speakers. And what a week it was – with acquisitions, Tv appearances, new apps, feature interviews and more. So here it is, speakers news of the week. Padmasree Warrior What do you know about Padmasree ....

Drury Court Hotel

The Drury Court Hotel – Our Hotel of the Week

The Drury Court Hotel, based in the heart of in Dublin City, is this week’s hotel of the week. Hotel of the Week explained: Following requests for advice from attendees on the best hotels to book in Dublin, we’re starting a helpful weekly post. Each week we’ll recommend what we feel is simply the best deal ....

Rob Coneybeer

17 Investors converging on 1 city

Here are some investors to get excited about meeting at The Summit this year – startups, want to meet them? ————– Ethos, shared vision and experience: three specific characteristics all startups need to check off their list when looking for that vital investor to help them get off the ground. All startups need investors, but they ....

Two new speakers changing everyday life

Two incredible stories, two very different routes. Hayley Barna, a college success story who built Birchbox from the ground up, and Darren Huston a CEO and co-founder of Priceline, who continue to dominate in their sector.  One is fresh from acquiring another company, the other announced one of the rounds of the year only a ....

Golden Gate

San Francisco to Dublin has just gotten so much easier

Are you coming to The Summit from the West Coast of America? Well it’s just got a whole lot easier. Over the last few years many of our attendees have come from across the Atlantic. Unfortunately until now there has never been a way to get from The West Coast of the US to Dublin ....


What did our speakers get up to this week? Quite a lot actually

Another exciting week for some of the speakers coming to The Summit Dublin in November. They’re changing the world day in day out, and here are some of the major stories and landmarks achieved by them over the past week. Matthew Prince It was a great week for Matthew Prince and Cloudflare as they announced the ....

Fresh off a Monster Round

Fresh, pardon the pun, off a massive Series D funding round, Alan Berkson, Director of Community Outrach at Freshdesk fills us in on their journey, where it began and where they are headed now. In 2013, Freshdesk participated in The Summit Dublin’s START program for early stage startups. At the time, we had 10,000 customers. ....

Michael Sexton, Louis Burke, Fionnan Alt

Our newest data scientists: Michael Sexton & Louis Burke

We’re still actively hiring in the areas of data science, machine learning, AI, pricing optimisation and more, you’ll find all the details here. ————- A huge welcome to our two latest additions to our growing data science team Dr. Michael Sexton and Louis Burke Msc.. Dr. Michael Sexton finished first in his class in physics and computer ....

Le Cool Guide to Dublin

At Le Cool, we have a love for Dublin and we like to flaunt every week with our online culture guide. It’s like our regular love letter to a city that is whirling with creative energy, a city that welcomes and entertains, a city which we call home. This November, Dublin will become your home ....

And We Are Live … The Countdown to The Summit 2014 has begun

And we are live! Today we launched our new site for The Summit 2014, as the countdown to November 4th in Dublin begins. It’s an exciting time as we prepare to announce some great additions to the event, which is going to be the biggest, and best of its kind that Europe has ever seen. You ....

lads on chair cropped

They met in a Dublin pub, now they’ve raised $15 million

We love when amazing things happen at The Summit in Dublin. Some of the magic happens at night when thousands of entrepreneurs and investors cram into the city’s pubs. In 2011, one of those magical moments happened when two serial entrepreneurs first met each other and shared a pint of Guinness. That first chance meeting ....

JD Blog

Meet Our 50th & Newest Employee: VP of Eng JD Fitzgerald

We’re incredibly excited to welcome JD Fitzgerald to The Summit as VP of Engineering. JD first spoke at The Summit in 2010 on our Developer Stage, and has been a regular every since. JD led development for a little startup that became arguably Ireland’s largest and most successful consumer tech company to date, Hostelworld, which ....

The Summit Kilimanjaro: The trip of a lifetime

Fancy climbing Kilimanjaro alongside some of the biggest and best names in the tech industry? If so, then The Summit Kilimanjaro is for you. Last year The Summit and charity: water invited a select group of Founders on an incredible trip to Ethiopia. This June we’re taking 30 of the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs, investors and influencers ....

Big Changes at The Summit

Dublin Web Summit -> Web Summit -> The Summit Here’s How it Happened In Paddy Cosgrave’s Letter to Irish Startups you can read the inside story about how The Summit was founded. So, what exactly  is The Summit? Where did it come from? In 2010 the first ever Dublin Web Summit – a 500-person event focussed on ....

VIDEO: Fireside chat with Nest Founder Tony Fadell & David Rowan

Every day we’re featuring one of your favourite talks from this year’s event as part of our Summit Speaker Series. With over 300 speakers to choose from there’ll be wide range of topics covered, with in-depth insight from our incredible array of experts. In honour of Nest’s recent $3.2 billion acquisition by Google, we bring you the Summit’s ....


The Summit’s Hardest Working Startup: Congratulations, Nezasa!

Last October, we asked you to help us find the Hardest Working Startup at the Summit. Over the weeks, we received entries from over 670 international startups, all hoping to show that they were the craziest, most dedicated and passionate young company around. With a public vote taking place in the run up to the ....

Win a trip to The Summit?

We’re giving you and a friend the chance to be treated like royalty at The Summit in Dublin next year. If you’d like to be in Dublin next November to see top class speakers, discover incredible new young companies in business & tech, and meet thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, this is the competition for you. ....

Elon Musk

Surprise: Elon Musk Is Speaking

We might have hit our 10,000th attendee and announced our 299th speaker two weeks ago, but we always like to keep a little something for last. In this case it’s Elon Musk. Elon will take to the stage at the Summit for a fireside discussion with Ireland’s Prime Minister, Enda Kenny (the PM in Ireland ....


Announcing an MVP networking experiment

The team behind the Summit are slowly helping to reshape the world of conference and event technology. Many of the world’s leading developer and software conferences have switched to in the last 6 months, about 250 thus far, including JSConf, Ruby Conf, Brooklyn Beta and many others. That trend is a precursor to wider adoption. Tito was built ....

Welcome to The Peak: your inside track on The Summit 2013

We’re excited to announce The Peak, a web and print news service dedicated to bringing you the best stories from the Web Summit show floor, fringe events and the Night Summit. Edited by Mic Wright, the Daily Telegraph’s Chief Tech Blogger, The Peak will be staffed by a team of some of Ireland’s most promising young journalists ....

Sex and the Web Summit

Along with over 10,000 other people, I’m enormously looking forward to next week. This is my third year of attending and speaking at Web Summit – I’m a huge fan, and blown away by what Paddy, Daire, Dave and the entire team have achieved over the past four years. I recommend Web Summit to everyone ....

Announcing our festival of music, parties, club nights & more

Today we can finally confirm that the rumours of a Spotify party at the Summit are true… but the rumours go much deeper. Much, much deeper in fact. Tumblr, Amazon, Google Ventures, Bing, Andreessen Horowitz, Dyn, Mailchimp, Verizon, Twilio, Shoto, DFJ Esprit, Movember and many, many more are hosting parties, dinners, private events, club nights, ....


ESB Spark of Genius Shortlist 2013

The Shortlist for ESB Spark of Genius has been announced! With applications flooding in from hundreds of startups all over Ireland, Web Summit and ESB are pleased to present the 30 most promising young Irish tech startups of 2013. Following in the footsteps of previous winners Datahug and SmartThings, the Top 30 will progress to the next ....

Hangout with Ben Rooney, Ben Parr and Martin Bryant

In the run up to the Web Summit we’ll be hosting a series of discussions with past attendees, industry leaders, media, investors and speakers on how startups can make the Summit work for them. We’ll broadcast these panels on Google Hangouts with two or three panelists joining Paddy for a thirty minute discussion. Startups can ....

Drew Houston of Dropbox + 9 new speakers

Drew Houston – CEO & Co-founder of Dropbox – has been confirmed as a speaker for the Web Summit. Remember the days of email attachments and USB drives? In 2008, Drew Houston made file sharing easy with the introduction of Dropbox. Today, Dropbox provides almost 200 million people all over the world with reliable and convenient ....

Startup Presentation

The World’s Hardest Working Startup Competition

The Web Summit is launching a new competition to find the World’s Hardest Working Startup. Building a startup is hard. It’s a roller coaster of highs and lows. But without the passion and dedication of incredible teams pursuing dreams and building products around the world, innovation would stop. “So here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels.” ....


Shane Smith (CEO of Vice) at Web Summit

Shane Smith, CEO of Vice Magazine, will be speaking at the Web Summit 2013. Read his recent interview with The Guardian’s Tim Adams here. “I realised two things: first I would pay money to do the job I am doing, and second I wanted to build the next CNN, the next ESPN. And I also realised that ....

Gary Vaynerchuk + 5 more new speakers

A fantastic talk that Gary gave recently in New York. Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO & Co-founder of VaynerMedia and Founder of Wine Library) has confirmed he’ll be speaking in Dublin this October. [iframe id=””] Also this week, we’ve announced the confirmation of Mark Read (CEO of WPPDigital), Brian O’Kelley (CEO of AppNexus), Michael Lebowitz (Founder & CEO of Big Spaceship), Adam Singolda (Founder & CEO of Taboola) ....


The Bubble in Tech, The Statistics & The Need For Questions in Ireland

This article was originally published in the print edition of the Sunday Business Post, June 2, 2013. Please find additional details on UK employment statistics at the bottom of this piece. Until this week, I fully believed that rapid action needed to be taken to fill the glut of tech vacancies. Newspapers, radio experts and ....

Web Summit to ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell LIVE onstage in Dublin

We’re incredibly excited to announce that  the NASDAQ Opening Bell will be rung live onstage at the RDS during the Web Summit. It’s the first time the NASDAQ Stock Market has been opened from Ireland. Typically, bell ceremonies are hosted at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square and remote opening and closing bell ceremonies are ....