“A company’s goal shouldn’t be for everybody to get rich and shop for boats all day” – Yancey Strickler, Co-Founder of Kickstarter

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Avoiding the pressure to optimise for profit seems impossible in 2015.

Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter’s Co-Founder chatted with David Rowan of WIRED Magazine on Centre Stage about the path to independence and real value, not just valuation.


“We got a call from the White House asking us to work with them on the Syrian refugee crisis.

“We had never done anything humanitarian before,” he said.

Kickstarter helped raise 1.8 million dollars in just seven days.


Who is Yancey speaking to? People weary of constantly chasing the lottery ticket. People who want to feel proud of the work they do, 60 years from now.

“We all need to fight for a more diverse creative culture. Lots of startups are doing that, but not many companies at our scale are”, he said.

Yancey’s refreshing advice to startups

“Don’t sell out the long term for the short term.

“Be idealistic.

“Act with integrity always.


“Be patient. It gets easier, I promise.

“Remember the lessons you were taught by your parents and by your grandparents about how to treat people. Incorporate these lessons into your company.

“Be a trustworthy organisation. If you’re the opposite, it’s impossible to get out.

“Don’t succumb to the pressure of being faster and tougher than the next guy,” he said.

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