World’s Largest Companies Trailblazing Startups

30,000 people on an island – be a part of it.


It’s not just startups that come to Web Summit. Senior executives from the world’s leading companies will be joining to find out what the future holds and to meet the startups that are changing their industries. Here’s just some of those executives that you’ll probably bump into during your time at Web Summit:

Mike Schroepfer – CTO – Facebook

JP Rangaswami – CDO – Deutsche Bank

Jim Lanzone – President & CEO – CBS Interactive

Alan Boehme – CTO – Coca-Cola

Alex Stamos – CSO – Facebook

Rob High – CTO – IBM

Michelle Peluso – CEO – Gilt

Paul Daugherty – CTO – Accenture

Edward Roussel – CIO – Dow Jones

Reggie Bradford – SVP – Oracle

Todd Simpson – CSO – AVG Technologies

James Kretchmar – CTO – Akamal Technologies

Norm Johnston – CDO – Mindshare Worldwide

Kara Sprague – Partner – McKinsey

Harel Kodesh – VP & CTO – General Electric

Berit Bourgonje – Head IT Innovation – ING

Marcus Weldon – President & CTO – Alcatel-Lucent


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