Welcome to Web Summit

We are excited to announce that we have launched a brand new website. Here’s a brief message from Web Summit’s CEO, Paddy Cosgrave, discussing the event and the reasoning behind the rebrand.


About 18 months ago we started working on an expanded vision for Web Summit. Over 2 short years it exploded from a 400 person gathering, all from Ireland, to a 4,000 person gathering in 2012 from more than 20 countries around the world.

Last October as 10,200 people descended on Dublin we revealed our expanded vision by dropping the word “Web” from all our branding across the city. In the months that followed we dropped the word from our URL and social profiles, and started to reveal the 2014 Summit with multiple campuses and tracks covering everything from Enterprise to Digital Marketing to the Internet of Things and then some more.

As the Web Summit has grown, we’ve continually shortened our name. The event first reared its tiny little head in 2009 as the Dublin Web Summit. By 2012, as word spread, attendees began to fly in from all over the world, and it became the Web Summit. At 2013’s event we dropped the word “Web” and pushed our vision for 2014.

Today we’re switching back to Web Summit. The reasons why should be a lesson to others in an age of the internet:

First and foremost, our search based traffic (our primary source) tanked. And by tanked, I mean totally collapsed.

Secondly, you quite literally can’t search for #TheSummit on Twitter. Search the hashtag and you’ll get thousands of unrelated results.

So we’re moving back to the old reliable “Web Summit“. It’s what everyone knows. And I think it’s what everyone likes.

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