Matt Dempsey, Larry Murrin, Michael Duffy, RDS

Web Summit’s Gracious Hosts: Matt Dempsey, Michael Duffy and Larry Murrin

Web Summit would not be possible without the incredible support of the three pillars of the RDS: Michael Duffy, Matt Dempsey and Larry Murrin, each of whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for their incredible support.

Michael Duffy has been the CEO of the RDS since 2004 and was previously the CEO of Bord Bia, Ireland’s state agency for the promotion of Irish food. Matt Dempsey is the President of the RDS and was previously the editor of the Irish Farmer’s Journal for more than 25 years. Larry Murrin provides all catering to the RDS since 2004 when he started RDS Hospitality (formerly Hospitality Options). Larry has also been a member of the board of Bord Bia since it’s inception, is the CEO of Dawn Farm Meats, one of Ireland’s largest meat processors, and president of IBEC.

Combined, Michael, Matt and Larry are integral to the success of the Web Summit and we owe them a huge thank you. From the venue, to catering on site, to wifi, they make the Web Summit possible.


The RDS was founded in 1731 “to promote and develop agriculture, arts, industry, and science in Ireland” and is Ireland’s largest and oldest conference venue. It is one of the world’s oldest philanthropic organisations. Though it’s a venue, profit generated by venue operations go back into helping emerging Irish talent fulfil their potential. Something the RDS have been doing since 1731. 

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