The Ultimate Web Summit Checklist

Less than a week until one of the largest tech events in the world. See who you could run into here.


We want you to be as prepared as possible before arriving at the doors of the RDS for Web Summit 2014. Here we list all the ‘must dos’ before coming to the event.

Download the Web Summit Chat app

An absolute must for all attendees, we have purpose an app to maximise networking opportunities at the event. This is a mobile chat app which will allow attendees to find and connect with one another during the event. Download the Web Summit Chat app here .

Web Summmitttttt

Do your Research

No matter who it is you are hoping to meet or what reason you are coming to Web Summit, whether it be for investment, fundraising, recruitment or networking purposes. Have a list of who you want to meet and a plan for how you will meet them.

Research Finaleee

Photo ID

At ticket registration we need to make sure your face matches the name, so ensure you have some kind of ID to prove that you’re you. Also bring your Tito Reference Number.

McLovin Finaleeee

Your Ticket

Ensure all mandatory details on your ticket are complete to avoid any delays when processing your ticket at the event.

[youtube id=”29_uSlEEPSk”]

Business Cards

If you have them, definitely bring them. A great way of ensuring you have a method for future contact. Tip: Have your elevator pitch on the card to remind people exactly who you are and what you do.

Business Card Finallll

Branded Items

Web Summit is all about being seen. Make sure whether you are a Startup or simply representing your company that you are promoting your brand as much as possible, whether it be clothing or handouts. Rami Essaid said not branding enough was one of the top mistakes he saw at tech conferences.


Warm Clothes

Ireland in November can be chilly and can feel arctic to those of you coming to us from warmer climates. Bring scarves and coats to wrap up with during those infamous pub crawls. It also takes a lot of watering to make Ireland so green so make sure to bring an umbrella too.

Cool Runnings

Chargers for Devices

Make sure to bring all your chargers, cables and connectors for phones, tablets and laptops to avoid any stress. Tip: Bring an extension cord for all your different electronic devices.


Bring Your Credit Card

Seems obvious, but it’s amazing how simple it is to forget something so vital when you have so much else to think of.

Know the Vital Venues to Visit for Night Summit

Most of the best networking goes on at Night Summit, so make sure you know where to be on each of out four nights.


Read our Anti-harassment Policy

Web Summit believes in the importance of diversity at our events and want to ensure all our attendees’ rights are respected.

It can be tough to optimise all opportunities at an event as large as Web Summit. Get some advice from the experts; Watch our Hangout with Alex Hawkinson & David Tisch. Live at 6pm, October 30th (Dublin Time).

See what’s going on at Night Summit 2014.

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