Weather, clothes, bus drivers – here’s seven Web Summit hacks

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Weather, clothes, bus drivers – here’s seven hacks to help you get the most out of Web Summit and your time in Dublin.


It rains a lot in Ireland, but rarely heavily. We strongly advise bringing a small, compact umbrella just in case. The forecast is optimistic, but in Ireland you never know.

Frog Umbrella Final

What’s the Dress Code?

Whatever you like – be comfortable! Most dress smart casual, others like to stand out, we’ve had pink tuxedos, fancy dress, leprechaun suits before.

Correct Bus Change

We’ve compiled the transport options here. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that you need exact bus change to get on a bus. You’ve been warned….


I met upwards of 50 people last year at least that had forgotten chargers and were stuck trying to beg, borrow or steal (not advised!) one. Come charger ready – be over cautious and bring a few extra just in case the others get stage fright.

Comfortable Shoes

Web Summit is big. From one corner of the event to another could take up to 15 minutes walking. You might make this trip a few times a day. Wear comfortable shoes – nothing worse than boots or heels affecting your enjoyment of the event. I’ll be wearing these.

Comfy Shoes Final

Explore the Venue

There is so much going on at Web Summit – it’s impossible to take it all in. After events we always hear people say ‘I didn’t know about the Machine Stage’ or ‘I didn’t know there was free coffee in X’. My advice? Explore the venue, go to all four corners, meet everybody, check out all the stages, startups, demos and more. You won’t regret it.

Thanking Bus Drivers

A quirky one to finish. Here in Ireland we thank bus drivers for bringing us from A to B. Just a heads up.

Make sure to download the app.

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