‘We make enough money touring. We should be happy that people support us’: Steve Angello on Web Summit Centre Stage

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“It’s been such an amazing trip for me,” said Steve Angello on Web Summit Centre Stage, reflecting on his career to date.

Perhaps best-known as a member of Swedish House Mafia, Steve is also the founder of record label Size Records.

He joined a discussion on how streaming has affected the music industry on Web Summit Centre Stage this morning.

Referring to this year’s emergence of a number of new streaming platforms – including Jay Z’s Tidal – he said:

“I feel it’s a been a really great year for streaming.

“As an artist, it’s been great. Competition is always good for us.”


Steve onstage with Brian Message, manger of Nick Cave.

Without naming names, Steve went on dismiss recent artist criticisms of streaming platforms’ business models.

While a number of artists have criticised the services for not paying musicians adequate royalties, Steve said:

“For me it’s different. I’ve always owned all my masters so I get 100 percent.

“Usually these criticisms happen when they have to market a record.

“It helps with publicity.”


Brian Message, Steve Angello and the Guardian’s Stuart Dredge on Centre Stage.

While he acknowledged that making money from music is important for manufactured bands – “that’s what they were manufactured to do” – he said that his values are different.

He said that he didn’t get into music to make money, and that he’s more than happy with his touring income:

“We make enough money touring. We should just be happy that people should support us and make the best of it.”

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