Volunteers – We want you!

Experience Web Summit 2014 on the frontline by volunteering for the event – apply here.


Last year, 10,000 people went through the gates at the Web Summit venue, hoping to share their experiences and ideas with the brightest and best of tech. Now in 2014, Web Summit is going to have 20,000 attendees and needs your help to make it happen.

Signing up to volunteer will give you frontline experience of how the event is run, a chance to hone in and fine tune those crucial communication and organisational skills, and most of all, an opportunity to enjoy the event from a unique viewpoint – find out more & apply to volunteer here.

Summit Volunteer 6

Are you a tech enthusiast? Volunteering will mean you’ll be brushing shoulders with the most high-profile personalities the industry has to offer. Do you want to gain experience in event managing? As a volunteer, you will gain a backstage view of how every cog turns and what makes the event tick. Are you simply looking for a standout piece of experience to boost your CV? Well, then volunteering at Web Summit is the role for you.

So what’s on offer? This year we’ve created new positions with increased responsibilities. We’re looking for people in the following roles:

 – Supervisors

– Production

– Registration

– Media

– Live Social Media

– Food Summit

– Night Summit

– Videography

– Photography

Web Summit is a global event and therefore we want to reflect that by having a global volunteer base of people from all 4 corners of the world. There will be 4 primary Summits – Builders, Digital Marketing, Enterprise and Internet of Things. The volunteer program is a great opportunity to be part of all this as it happens and put your stamp on the overall event.

Volunteering can also be a great stepping stone towards a career at Web Summit. Rebecca Roche volunteered at our events last year and is now a member of the Web Summit Production Team. Robbie Carr (pictured below looking happy!) and Brian Daly also volunteered and went on to become important members of the Startups Team here at Web Summit. Our CTO Tony and Investors Lead Chris also volunteered.

If this sounds like something for you you can apply here. If you have any questions about the application process please email Barbara at volunteers@websummit.net with a copy of your CV. Below are some words from those that volunteered last year.

Summit Volunteer 4

Stephen Read – Web Summit 2013 Volunteer

“Volunteering at the Web Summit was one of the best decisions I ever made. As a computer science student, meeting with industry professionals was the most important part. These people are who I look up to and will try to emulate in the future, so talking to them about their experiences was such an insight for me and one I would not get in any other place than the Web Summit. The organisation, teamwork and communication skills that I used while volunteering are vital skills that will hold up in any chosen career path. This is why I loved volunteering and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Dearbhla Gavin – Web Summit 2013 Volunteer

“With a background in media I volunteered to register media and press and from here got a front row seat on how the event was being portrayed beyond the gates of the RDS. It quickly became clear from observations and conversation that I was not alone in the realisation that something revolutionary was happening inside, and as expected the Web Summit gained international coverage. What’s most exiting is that this is only the beginning. I would absolutely recommend volunteering the Web Summit. It’s hard not to be ensconced by the whole event whatever level of interest you have in technology, it truly is an international experience on your doorstep.”

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