VIDEO: Fireside chat with Matt Mullenweg & Patrick Collison

Every day we’re featuring one of your favourite talks from this year’s event as part of our Summit Speaker Series. With over 300 speakers to choose from there’ll be wide range of topics covered, with in-depth insight from our incredible array of experts.

Today we bring you one of our star-studded fireside chats from October’s Summit: Ireland’s Patrick Collison, founder and CEO of Stripe, in conversation with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. You can watch over all the talks from the Summit here, and apply for a 2-for-1 voucher for 2014 here.

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Matt Mullenweg

Matt is an entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California. He is the founding developer of the popular open-source blogging software WordPress. After leaving CNET, he has devoted the majority of his time to developing a number of open source projects and is a frequent speaker at conferences, such as Canada’s Northern Voice and the WordCamp events organized around WordPress software. In late 2005, he founded Automattic, the business behind and Akismet. Mullenweg attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he studied jazz saxophone. A Houston native, Matt also serves as an adviser to Sphere and WeGame.

patrick collison matt mullenweg

Patrick Collison

Patrick is cofounder and CEO of Stripe. He grew up in Ireland, studied math at MIT, and previously cofounded Auctomatic and Encyclopedia. In his spare time, he hacks on Lisp and Smalltalk.

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