The unbelievable difference between then and now: 7 startups on the way up

From calm beginnings, to explosive growth, some of our startups have been adding to their incredible stories over the past few months. As part of our new Startup Success Series, we’re catching up with a selection of the best and the brightest startup teams to find out what’s changed for their company in the past year and how The Summit benefited their startup. For some of our exhibitors these changes have been nothing short of incredible with millions of dollars in funding, huge media coverage and multiple award winners – and these stories still have a lot left to run.


Announced $3.5 million seed funding at The Summit

“The Summit for Trustev was pretty special. On the opening morning our co-founders Pat Phelan and Chris Kennedy went onstage and announce that we had closed our seed round of $3.5 million. We knew in the weeks leading up to the event that we wanted to make the announcement at The Summit, it just felt like the place to do it and we also figured that it would be great press coverage. And it was, for the 48 hours after the announcement we were inundated with media requests. The best part was that with so much of the world’s tech press at the event you could actually sit down and talk to them over coffee as opposed to the usual email tag.”

“The addition of the Food Summit was a great move this year and having it separate to the main venue meant that you had to actually get out in the fresh air. It was a great way to break up the day, pause for a few minutes to recap the morning activities and get ready for the afternoon.”

– DC Cahalane, CMO of Trustev

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$1.6 million seed funding

“The amount and variety of networking at The Summit was exceptional. We were on a track of organised events which were very beneficial and put is in the same room as a number of other potentially interesting people.”

“The pub crawl was well done, how everybody was motivated to get into other buses without your colleagues – and how there were different VC’s and Industry people leading these type of events.”

– Jon Fauver, CEO and Co-founder at Trekksoft



Awarded $50,000 for Hardware Battlefield

“It was extremely valuable to be observe the first hand reaction The Summit attendees had to our product, and make new connections with investors, the media, and other startups.”

“Nothing brings a team together like gluing together the prototypes late at night in a Dublin hotel room over a beer!”

– Alja Isakovic, Head of Outreach at Cubesensors

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Relink Labs

Raised $640,000 in the 2 months following The Summit

“As a result of The Summit we established dialogue with 9 VCs with string strategic fit for RelinkLabs, leading up to our Series A. We identified 2 tech for service integrations, got several articles in relevant media and we had lots of fun. .”

“For us the 2 days in Dublin were extremely tough, and enormously valuable. We worked and networked from 8am to 4am and met all the people we wanted to meet. It’s all in the preparation, without lining up all the meetings before arriving we would never have gotten the outcome we got. The best experience was the last night when all the job was done and we could celebrate with other rockstars.”

Stale Husby, Co-founder and CEO of Relink Labs

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Named by VentureBeat as one of “Europe’s Top 5 Startups to Watch in 2014”

“Our experience at The Summit 2013 went beyond what we had expected. Not only did we meet relevant investors from the edtech sector but we were able to exchange ideas with other great start-ups.”

“We were thrilled to find out that many people already knew about iversity, allowing us to go beyond the basics in our conversations and benefit from deeper and more significant network building. The conference made it so easy, and that was a relief.”

– Julia Bader, COO at Iversity



Featured Startup in WIRED UK

“We’d only just launched our platform 4 months previous to the Summit. On the first day of the Summit we printed and gave away some 3d Iphone cases at our stand in Alpha village. We had also made some WebSummitRocks, both the phone cases and rocks proved popular so we were kept busy throughout the day. The energy and passion evident in all of the other startups was really motivating and great to be around.”

“Making the finals of Pitch from a  pool of 150 startups was the highlight.  Up until that point, few people in Ireland understood what we were trying to build with FabAllThings. The fact that this international jury of thought leaders were interested in us and instantly understood our business model, was hugely encouraging. It was fantastic validation for us and it was up there with getting our first sale!”

– Emer O’Daly, Co-founder of FabAllThings

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Sian’s Plan

Raised >£100K in crowdfunding

“Sian’s Plan was part of the ESB Spark of Genius Award. We were able to pitch our product on a stage at The Summit, giving us super exposure. Having just closed our crowdfunding campaign with over 140 different investors (many of them based in Ireland), we see the strength of aligning with the strong Irish tech startup scene. The Summit is at the centre of this.”

“Personally, I led one of the Pub Crawls on the night before The Summit commenced. This was a great opportunity to connect with lots of people in advance of the Summit, which led to introductions and networking throughout the rest of the event. Oh, and a bit of fun too! It makes the global tech startup scene that little bit smaller. I’m actually meeting some of the Germans I brought on the pubcrawl next week in London.”

– Fiona Swan, COO and Business Development at Sian’s Plan

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Last year we welcomed over 1000 early and growth stage startups to The Summit in Dublin and last week we opened applications for our ALPHA Program at The Summit 2014 – more details here

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