Tinder Tips from Sean Rad, Tinder’s CEO

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Sean Rad, the man who introduced swiping to the dating vocabulary, took to the stage to discuss Tinder.

Tinder is on a quest to remove the barriers to meeting the one. To optimise the dating experience, you’ve got to look at the data, and that’s exactly what Tinder is doing. Sean said:

“What we found was that over 80% on tinder are there to find long term relationships”.

And the other 20%?

“Friendships,” said Sean, to much laughter, “or hooking-up”.


It’s been a crazy year for Sean, who stepped down as CEO but stayed with the company before being reinstated. Commenting on his in-limbo time at the company he said:

“I saw my role as helping the new CEO make the best decisions for the company.”

Ultimately, his loyalty paid off and he regained the CEO title. But Sean isn’t pushed either way:

“I’m happy to play any role as long as I get to help make the product,” he said.


Did he have any tips for the Tinder users in the audience?

“The best piece of advice I give our users is be yourself.

“We underestimate our ability to look at a photo and pick up the nuances. When you’re not yourself, people can sniff that,” he said.

So there you have it, Tinder tips from Mr. Tinder himself.

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