The Oculus is coming to Dublin! Announcing our 3 first speakers

The momentum is building already, November is getting closer and today we are delighted to announce the first 3 speakers for The Summit. These 3 have been at the forefront of some of the biggest tech stories over the past few years, they are change makers – and they are coming to Dublin.

Brendan Iribe – CEO at Oculus VR

The Oculus is coming to Dublin!

“No team, ever, has had a better shot at delivering on the dream of virtual reality. This will be the team that solves the hardest problems and delivers the final platform.” Oculus VR’s CEO Brendan Iribe in a letter to his colleagues last month, just after the virtual reality company was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion. Iribe is at the forefront of a movement that could define tech over the next 20 years – his virtual reality headset is revolutionising the way people experience video games.

Brendan 777

Patrick Collison – Co-founder & CEO of Stripe

Patrick returns to his home country in November and comes back to The RDS, a building that holds particular relevance to his past. In 2005, as a 16 year old, Patrick won the prestigious Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS, and was a runner-up the year previous. He hasn’t looked back since, now running the world’s hottest internet payment resource, Stripe, along with his brother John. The company is going from strength to strength with notable investors including Peter Thiel, Max Levchin and Elon Musk. Here’s Patricks’s fireside from The Summit 2013 with Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress.

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Robert Scoble – Rackspace Startup Liaison Officer

Robert Scoble is an all-rounder. An author, blogger, and Startup Liaison Officer at RackSpace, his greatest role is always as a technology evangelist. Through his blog, Scobelizer, he has showcased thousands of innovative new startups. If you’re looking for the next big thing, it’s likely that Robert has already found it. At Rackspace, he’s building a community for people “fanatical about the internet” called building43.

Scoble Blog

And so we continue to look ahead – on Thursday we’ll announce another 3 speakers. This day 3 weeks our 2 for 1 tickets for The Summit will go on sale. If you would like to see Brendan, Robert, Patrick and the 350+ to be announced speakers  you can sign up for a 2 for 1 discount voucher here. Things are starting to heat up, exciting times ahead.

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