A Thank You Note To Our First Irish Attendees

Five years ago Web Summit started its journey from a small sitting room in Ranelagh, Dublin. It remained our HQ for our first 2 years. Back then, we were a tiny bootstrapped Irish startup, short on experience and, we felt at the time, even shorter on backers.


Conor Murphy – Datahug, Vol Pigrukh from Profitero & Shane Hayes.

But now looking back I realise we did have backers.

Our first attendees, who were all Irish, took a punt on us when no else would. It was those first attendees, our early adopters, who became our greatest champions in the years that followed, spreading word of Web Summit far and wide. They helped turn our tiny idea into something beyond anything we ever imagined. Yet in all these years we’ve never repaid our dues, and said so much as thank you. I want to change that.


Ti.to’s Paul Campbell at Web Summit

This year at Web Summit every single one of our first Web Summit attendees through to November 2010 will attend as our guests. Small as it is, it’s our way of saying thank you.


Silicon Republic’s John Kennedy & Brian Caulfield

So, if you were one of our first attendees, drop me an email to paddy@websummit.net and we’ll send you your invitation.

But there’s one more thing: We also want to invite you to our first office warming. In 2012, we moved out of our sitting room into our first office. We’ve just moved into our 3rd office in 3 years to cater for our growing team of more than 100. We’re having an office warming in September and would love to invite you along. So please do drop me an email.

If you’re unsure if you attended in 2010, drop us a mail at info@websummit.net and the team will be able to check for you!

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