Test Drive the BMW i3 at Web Summit

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AutoTech is one of the most talked about conferences taking place within Web Summit this year. The past few years have seen huge developments in the driving world and leading experts from all over the world will be coming together in Lisbon to discuss the future of the motor industry.

Electric cars will be at the forefront of these discussions and we are delighted to announce that Web Summit attendees will have the opportunity to test drive one. From 10am – 4pm each day, have your driving experience with BMW i and enjoy a special coffee made by barista Rui Gomes. BMW i3 is waiting for you to Test Drive at Web Summit 2016 – between MEO & FIL. BMW i will make this experience simply electrifying. A valid driver’s license is required upon registration.

If you enjoy your test driving experience make sure you catch Elmar Frickenstein, SVP of Fully Automated Driving and Driver Assistance at BMW Group discuss autonomous driving in 2021. This talk will be kicking off on Centre Stage on November 9 at midday.