Love me Tender Scout, love me true – Introducing our 3rd ESB Spark of Genius finalist

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Way back in September we had 30 of the best Irish Startups fight to the death, well, not quite. But they did fight for a place in the final of the ESB Spark of Genius Competition. It was a difficult decision but three finalists were chosen –  Restored HearingLove&Robots and Tender Scout. Three exciting companies with completely different visions but all equally innovative.

These companies will all pitch against one another at Web Summit to become the Spark of Genius 2014 winner.  They will also exhibit as part of the START program for later stage Startups that we feel have the potential

We caught up with Tony Corrigan to get to know a bit more about Tender Scout prior to the final:

1. Describe TenderScout in 20 words
TenderScout transforms sales teams ability to win competitive contracts through our award-winning Competitive Intelligence SaaS

2. What are you looking forward to most at Web Summit?
I’m most looking forward to the incredible energy generated by so much talent and innovation focused on a single activity.

3. Tell us a little about the TenderScout team
TenderScout is a unique blend of technologist and procurement expertise. Our founders early work artificial intelligence and data analytics found a natural home when blended to our consultancy expertise in the world of competitive procurement. Our amazingly innovative teams based in Ireland and Belarus figured out how to embed that expertise into our SaaS technology and have given us a platform to build a truly global business.

4. What’s your favourite part of pitching your company?
My favourite part of pitching is igniting the same passion that I have for my business in others, by showing them the transformative power of technology.

5. If TenderScout was an animal what would they be and why?
TenderScout would be a meerkat, working as part of a community to protect, nurture and realise our business opportunities.

The ESB Spark of Genius winner will be announced during Day One of Web Summit on November 4th

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