Tech as easy as ABC: Web Summit for Schools

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1,000s of students came along last night to Web Summit for Schools. We crafted this community event to inspire young minds and give the opportunity to learn from the likes of Scott Harrison and Riley Ennis.

Riley took to the stage to share his journey from a young boy who was terrible at maths to an entrepreneur who’s startup helps to fight cancer.

Riley Ennis at Web Summit for Schools

Riley shared key tips for a successful startup –

Passion. Problem. Prototype.

“It starts with that passion,” said Riley, “learning about the problem and then sharing it with the entire world”.

Next on stage were the young minds behind BullyBug, as well as Graham Jones of Solas and Pat Stephenson of Boys and Girls.

Chloe and Caitlin chatted about an app  they devised to stop bullying in schools.

Chloe and Caitlyn of BullyBug

Caitlin said, “what we wanted to do was make children feel like they could be themselves”.

Chloe informed the audience that the app allows you to “rat on” the bully anonymously, making schools safer.

Scott’s presentation showed how his previous wild lifestyle left him feeling empty.  This led him to set up charity: water. He had one mission: to end the water crisis.

Scott of charity: water

He implored the audience to get involved by donating their birthday gift to the cause.

Pat Phelan, Ciara Judge, Sara Chipps and Mary Moloney then took to the stage to discuss young entrepreneurship.

They invited two students to share their ideas, completely off the cuff. Cheers to Donal Murphy of St. Paul’s College and Sara Maurer of Rosemont School, the brave students that pitched in front of the audience.

Donal and Sara pitching their business ideas to the audience

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