Take it from the guys who have done it all before: Web Summit tips for startups

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Next week. We’re practically there. To help you make the most of your Web Summit experience, I thought I’d ask some returning startups what you need to know.

Read how the guys at re:3D, Orderella and LaunchLeap – guys who have done it all before – plan to spend their Web Summit…


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re:3D are pushing the limits of 3D printing. Before they came along, personal 3D printing had been limited to toys and trinkets. Their industrial 3D printer Gigabot will bring your biggest dreams to life. These guys have joined us at Web Summit, our US event Collision and our Asian event RISE.

Top tips for startups to make the most of Web Summit?

Katy Jeremko (Web Summit 2015; Collision 2015): Don’t leave your product at the hotel or your booth. When you’re mingling at Web Summit or at the after party, find a creative prop or product that represents what you do.

People at Web Summit want to engage with your startup and any opportunity to share what you are working on beyond a business card will inspire better conversations.

Matthew Fielder (Collision 2015; RISE 2015; Web Summit 2015): Go out to the breakfasts, lunches, dinner, and drinks with the other summiters.

Web Summit is more than just a conference hall, and by maximising your touchpoints with the community you are more likely to develop enduring relationships.

re:3D’s Founder and Chief Hacker Matthew Fielder at our US Event Collision.

Favourite moment and best connection from Web Summit 2014?

Matthew Fiedler: The best moment was the sense of awe you get when first walking into Collision, RISE, or Web Summit and knowing the experience and people there will impact your company.

Samantha Snabes (Web Summit 2014; Web Summit 2015; Collision 2015): For me, our best connection was meeting the Wevolver team. As a result of exhibiting on the same day during Web Summit 2014, we started a dialogue on improving our hardware documentation. These conversations drove our decision to host our 2015 Kickstarter project, Open Gigabot, on their platform.

My favourite moment was meeting  Enda Kenny and taking a selfie on our 3D printed stool at Web Summit 2014 after being a BETA Pitch runner up, and then taking the Web Summit 2014 trophy and another stool to a photo-op during an IDA Ireland breakfast at a SXSW event this spring pre-Collision.

re:3D’s Gigabot.

Come say hi

We’ll be giving a live demo at Machine Summit in the Main Hall Complex on Tuesday, November 3 from 3pm to 4pm,  with a specific demo slot on from 3.15pm to 3.30pm.

We’re exhibiting Gigabot at stand number S-130 in the START Village Area on Day Three, Thursday, November 5

After packing up Gigabot, we’re hitting the bus with the group heading to Surf Summit from November 6 to November 8.


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Orderella is a free app that allows you to order and pay for drinks by mobile device. Orderella turns your phone into your personalised mobile waiter and enables you to get service when and how you want it allowing you to spend more time socialising with friends rather than queuing.

Top tips for startups to make the most of Web Summit?

CEO Dennis Collett: Well, take advantage of Orderella being the official Night Summit partner this year would be our biggest tip! For any startup networking is a vital part of getting your business off the ground.

Try and go to as many events as you can during the evening and meet as many people as possible. And with Orderella there’ll be no need to queue, so you can spend more time socialising with people when they’re relaxed – that’s when you make your best contacts.

Orderella CCO Jamal Hirani giving a presentation in our HQ.

Favourite moment and best connection from Web Summit 2014?

These two things were actually quite nicely linked for us. We met with the Braintree PayPal team while at their party at The Academy last year. and

Following this, we were accepted onto their Startup Blueprint programme. It was a great boost for us and certainly helped us reach the stage we’re at today.

Come say hi

As the official Night Summit partner, Orderella will be attending all the events during the evenings and will be exhibiting at stand S 109 on Wednesday, November 4. Those that fancy trying out our app can do so at any one of the 35 venues Orderella is live in, including Copper Face Jacks, The Academy and The Stag’s Head.


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LaunchLeap is a web-based platform that enables businesses to collaborate with their clients to create better products, drive user engagement and increase sales. Founded in 2014, LaunchLeap‘s idea emerged from a successful Kickstarter project where client feedback was instrumental in generating sales of over $420,000 in 30 days.

Founder and CEO Thomas Sychterz came to Web Summit 2014 on our MBA scholars programme.

Top tips for startups to make the most of Web Summit?

Thomas Sychterz: It’s not a marathon, but a sprint. There are so many interesting people in influential positions that you need to create as many meaningful collisions as possible, as early as possible.

Favourite moment and best connection from Web Summit 2014?

Web Summit was kind of surreal for me. Since I was invited to speak on stage in front of 5,000 Irish students, I was able to rub shoulders with industry leaders in the speakers lounge. That was quite insane!

My best connections were actually other CEOs from startups that were from all over the world.

LaunchLeap Founder and CEO Thomas Sychterz onstage at Web Summit 2014.

Come say hi

We’ll be will be at stand BT 123 in the BETA Village on Wednesday, November 4th. Please swing by and say hello, we’ll be giving away co-created products, and we’ll be able to show you what we’re up to.

Use our Web Summit app to make the most of your Web Summit experience.

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