T-1 Week: How to Hack the Media

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You know your startup story deserves to be told, but how do you get to journalists agree? With just one week to go until Web Summit kicks off, it’s time to learn how to hack the media…

Our own Mike Harvey, Head of Comms here at Web Summit, spoke to CNET’s Senior Editor, Rich Trenholm about how a startup caught his attention with underground drones and why you should “think Buzzfeed” when writing a Press Release:

If you don’t have time to listen in to the conversation, here’s a few pointers:

Be Concise

You’ll have the most success with the media at Web Summit if you can tell your startup’s story in a concise way. Know your elevator pitch: you need to be able to tell the media who you are and what that means to people. Use photos and videos to illustrate your story.


Find your Angle

Consider the unique and quirky side to your startup – this could make for a good headline, multiplying your chances of coverage. Think of journalists as the middlemen to telling the story of your startup to the public. What will people find interesting about your startup? Pitch this to the journalists.


Be Realistic

Not every startup is going to be featured in the NY Times: you’re going to need to be realistic. Instead of chasing a huge international journalist who only has time for Ed Catmull or Sean Rad, target journalists in your field. You’re a startup from Portugal? Find the Portugese media. You’re a startup in the IoT industry? Impress the IoT journalists. Be strategic in your quest for coverage and you’ll get talked about.

So there you have it, the power to hack the media is in your hands.

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