Surfing with Legends: Introducing Easkey Britton & Garrett McNamara to Surf Summit

Finish off Web Summit on a high with Surf Summit.

Surf Summit promises a mixture of networking, adventure and, of course, surfing.

Never stepped on a surfboard? No worries – world class surfers are coming along to show us how it’s done. For those of you that are more comfortable on dry land, fear not as there will be hiking, mountain biking and networking opportunities at our legendary pub crawls.

Two more legendary surfers are joining us. One of them set up Iran’s first surf school. The other rode the biggest wave ever surfed. Introducing…

Easkey Britton

Easkey is an activist, artist, scientist and surfer. She’s come a long way since she first tumbled off a surfboard at the age of four. At just 16 she became the first Irish person to surf Tahiti’s hell-wave at Teahupo’o.


Easkey set up Iran’s first surf school, which was created to empower vulnerable women and girls in the community. She also stars in a documentary film, ‘Into the Sea’, which is about her time in Iran.

Garrett McNamara

Garrett holds the Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever surfed. He’s a big name in big wave surfing, and is a Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau invitee, a competition for only the world’s best big wave paddle surfers.


He’s known worldwide for fearlessly surfing huge waves, and has won the Billabong XXL Wave of the Year award twice.

Join Easkey, Garrett and adventure-hungry techies at Surf Summit. Get your ticket now.

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