Surf Summit: Surf, Sea and Whiskey

Venture to the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way with Surf Summit.

Web Summit is fast approaching, which means Surf Summit is just around the corner. In a matter of weeks, tech-minded folk will come together with professional surfers for a weekend of surfing and networking. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get up to at Surf Summit…

Go on Pub Crawls

Our world famous pub crawls are coming to the West of Ireland. Expect live music, algorithmically curated groups, guinness and lots of laughs. Some of the strongest relationships have been forged over drinks on our Web Summit pub crawls; you can expect the same kind of networking opportunities during the night events at Surf Summit.

Learn from Top Surfers

We’re proud to announce that the Irish surfer Easkey Britton will be attending Surf Summit. Easkey Britton is a pro-surfer from Donegal. She’s been surfing since the age of four, and at sixteen she surfed Tahiti’s ‘hell-wave’, becoming the first Irish person to do so.


She is known not only for her unbelieveable surfing skills, but also for being an activist. She set up Iran’s first surf club, ‘Waves of Freedom’, a nonprofit dedicated to empower women and girls through surfing.

We’ll also be joined by other world-class surfers, including Garrett McNamara, who is known riding the biggest wave ever surfed.

Network by the Sea

Surf Summit is the perfect opportunity to make new contacts: the surf, sun and sea makes a welcome change from the usual networking protocol. Catching waves at Surf Summit will be the likes of Chris Schultz from Voodoo Ventures and Agris Kipurs, the founder of AirDog, among many others.

Challenge Yourself to an Adventure


It’s not all about the surfing. You’ll have the opportunity to do other adventure sports including hiking, biking and paddle boarding.

Cool off After Web Summit


Web Summit will be three days of madness. Exciting and inspiring madness, but madness nonetheless. You’ll be more than ready to dip into the sea to cool off by the time Web Summit wraps up. Surf Summit’s chilled out pace makes for the perfect end to your stay in Ireland.

Warm up with Hot Irish Whiskey

Let’s get this straight: the water will be cold. You can barely dip your toes in the sea surrounding Ireland without needing a wetsuit. You’ll be chilly to say the least, but fortunately, Irish whiskey tastes best hot. You’ll warm up in no time on our pub crawls.

Get your Surf Summit ticket to experience the surf, sea and whiskey while making new connections.

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