Ich bin ein Super Connector – 8 Berlin based networking prodigys

They’re all in the know and their contacts list could be the difference between your startup disrupting the market and being stuck in pre-launch mode – Here are the 8 Berlin Super Connectors you need to know


Every so often we like to get our hand dirty and pick our way through the hoards of zeros and ones to bring you some of the most influential tech enthusiast specific cities have to offer. Our latest dabble in Datasift see us putting 2+2 together to breakdown – for your pleasure – the top 8 Super Connectors in the German capital… Berlin  

Like always, our latest list of Super Connectors is powered by Datasift’s immensely powerful firehose. This group of personalities that the algorithm has thrown up are all based in Berlin and all have their own unique approaches to the digital age, with most weathering the revolution right the way from the very start. Check them out:

Sascha Lobo

Lobo is a super connector that is striking in many ways. Whether it’s blogging on the current internet hot topics, penning another book about how social media ticks, or giving keynotes to share his thoughts and insights on the effects of technology, Lobo is the man that has vision to share in bucket loads. He co-founded and acted as CEO at Adnation, a blog-focussed marketing agency, which demonstrates his passion for exploring these new avenues of ad revenue and makes him a great contact for any company looking to boost their brand communication and tap into the digital world. Sascha Lobo

Tina Pickhardt

Pickhardt is not even the next generation of digital whizzes, she is the original generation who mapped out how brands use new media to promote themselves. She has been at the forefront of the latest industrial revolution since 1987 and has developed her network ever since. Admitting that she stumbled into the digital age by accident, Pickhardt was fascinated instantly by all the new opportunities that the area held and over 20 years later, has honed her skills to become an expert on digital strategies, concepts, and project management. Tina Pickhardt

Mario Sixtus

A journalist first and foremost, Sixtus is an expert on the changing tides of media and has been documenting how the internet and social media is changing our lives since 2008. This is his main passion when it comes to writing and his talent for such critical analysis has meant a network of people naturally flock to him for advice. He has been called a “prophet” of German networking by Der Spiegel. Sixtus also has quite a passion for photography, with his Instagram account a must follow to keep up to date with him as he explores imagery and taking snaps of his latest meal. Mario Sixtus

Jens Best

His impressive academic background has Best well versed in political science, international relations, and macroeconomics, but there is more to him than the letters after his name. Best has adapted to the digital revolution like a duck to water, branching out to give economic advice to companies looking to improve their digital brand. His effortless transition into the digital age has seen Best’s insight sought by many NGOs and various universities where he shares his ideas about changes in political structures due to the digital age. Jens Best

Johnny Haeusler

Acclaimed author, radio DJ, co-founder of Germany’s first blog ad network and social media conference Re:publica, and frontman of Plan B (a post-punkrock band), is there anything Haeusler can’t do? In 2012, Haeusler co-authored a book with his wife, Tanya Haeusler, that is aimed at educating those who missed out on the digital age. The book which translates to Network Vegetables, had specific goal of tackling the stigma some older generations have towards the internet and showing them how they can use it to their advantage. Johnny Haeusler

Nicole Simon

Boasting over 14,000 followers on Twitter, Nicole Simon tags what she does as digital craftsmanship. Working with clients, she lays out tactics and implements training programmes to show businesses how to properly use digital tools to improve their online presence, while also doing analysis and assessments of businesses. Simon is also very involved in the Berlin tech and startups scenes, personally organising the Berlin Startup Jobs Facebook group. Nicole Simon

Heiko Hebig

He works in partnerships at Facebook… need we say more? Actually, he is Partnership Manager at the social media giant, so his job is literally about making connections. Previous positions Heiko has held include Head of Digital Media at Hubert Burda Media and Head of New Business at the publication company, SPIEGEL-Gruppe. Heiko Hebig

Markus Beckedahl

Wrapping up our list of influential Berlin super connectors is Markus Beckedahl, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of netzpolitik.org, a platform for spreading digital civil rights and addressing issues such as politics, the internet, and breakdown how political policy will change internet regulations. What we’re trying to say is that if you need advice about policy and the internet, Markus is your man, proven by the fact that he was chosen to be a member of the Commission of Inquiry into Internet & Digital Society in the German Bundestag and at present is a member of the Media Council of the media authority of Berlin-Brandenburg. Markus Beckedahl

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