3 Reasons The ALPHA Program Is For You

Are you a startup looking to take the next step? Sign up for the ALPHA program at Web Summit 2014 here.


So far there have been 15,000+ ALPHA applications from over 100 countries worldwide. Each application is a startup with an idea that could change the future. Here are 3 intriguing startups from the ALPHA 2013 class that have moved on to the next level since Web Summit 2013.

Cloud 66

“In 2013 we landed Web Summit as a customer. That was a big deal for us as they trusted Cloud 66 with their API powering an extremely popular mobile app during the conference peak hours. Not having much money like many other startups, we jumped on the opportunity to exhibit at Web Summit, allowing us enjoy the great talks and the amazing Web Summit atmosphere.

At the event I emailed an interesting investor saying “I think you’re at Web Summit as well, why don’t we meet?”. A reply came through in 5 minutes and I found myself talking to one of the best investors in our industry 15 minutes later, we had his commitment for investment which secured the rest of the round and our growth. I flew out of Dublin with much more that I was hoping for: a happy customer, a great investor and the funds to keep Cloud 66 as awesome for a long time!”

– Khash Sajadi, Cloud 66 CEO

Cloud 66 (2)


Since participating in the ALPHA Programme 2013 Sailogy have raised $1.5m and doubled the size of their team, and….. they’re coming back to do it all again. The Boat Chartering start-up will be part of the startup track at Web Summit 2014.

The company, based in Switzerland, offers access to a fleet of 5,000 boats to rent in real time all over the world. The disruptive functionalities offered are a hands-on inspection of the boats and a direct chat with the boat manager. Here’s what CEO Manilo Accardo had to say about their progress since Web Summit 2013:

“Attending at Web Summit in 2013 was a blast. The ALPHA programme offered us a great occasion to share our story and get very valuable insights. The segmentation of attendees based on stage of development is the key enabler of Web Summit’s success. People know exactly what to expect from you, they know you have recently launched and you feel safe to discuss your ideas and development needs.”

The company now serves more than 200 destinations in 4 continents and it’s expanding its fleet at constant pace. In the first 6 months of 2014 Sailogy recorded more than 10,000 charter requests by customers. In the words of the founder Sailogy is now “in path to become Europe’s largest boat charting platform”.

Manilo Accardo, Sailogy CEO

Sailogy 5


“As the CEO of TedCas, a worldwide reference in gesture control in healthcare, being an ALPHA at the Web Summit has been an incredible experience. If I had to choose just one word it’d be “inspiring”. Being surrounded by such an incredible bunch of talented people changes the way you see the world, it’s a game-changer!. It charged our batteries and inspired us in many ways.

That would be a “more than enough” reason to apply for being an ALPHA, but the truth is that it also has a business-improvement side. Being part of ALPHA allowed us to get in touch with some sensor providers we are now using, while also starting what became a great relationship with a top hospital in Ireland. Being at the Web Summit allowed us become part of the Irish health tech eco-system.

What else could I say?…been there, done that…and….definitely… repeat this year!!”

– Jesus Miguel Perez, TedCas CEO

[youtube id=”6d_Kvl79v6E”]

Are you a startup with a story to tell and an idea to sell? Apply for ALPHA and see where the next step of the journey is – You can apply for ALPHA here.

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