Livin’ la vida startup – 7 Startups from Spain

The latest in our exciting line of startups we’re profiling ahead of Web Summit 2014 are those Dublin-bound from the Iberian Peninsula


In 2013, people who live, eat and breathe startups from 97 different countries made the journey to Dublin for Web Summit 2013. Spain was just one of those countries and again in 2014, startups creating and developing life changing technologies are coming to showcase themselves. Maybe automotive software development tools pique your interest, or possibly groundbreaking interfaces that will overhaul the face of everyday surgery. No matter where your interests lie, Spain has some innovative ideas to share.


Would you like to jump into the shoes of someone at the Super Bowl, the concert of your favourite band, or that all important family affair you can’t be at? Well, with the EYETOK app you can see what they see in real-time. This app allows its users to make two-way connections to anybody across the world, allowing them to share their experiences. It’s a simple three-step process: find an eye on the in app map, connect to the user and say what you’d like to see, then rate the broadcast.


We live in a great time where a lot of modern day gadgets can be controlled using your mobile device. Getting these different gadgets from separate brands to sync-up can be troublesome, however, using theThings.IO, you can manage all these tech gadgets from a single dashboard platform.

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Icinetic are the company that primarily focus on developing tools that will improve and automate software development. They are the brains behind tools such as Radarc and AppWorks, which both provide solutions for many technologies. Radarc reduces the production time normally required for generating real native cross-platform mobile applications from a single source of information, while AppWorks is a cloud-based engine that allows brands and companies to develop their own custom app generator.

Tedcas Medical Systems

Their mission is to revolutionise the medical profession, and they’re doing it with a difference. Medical professionals always need to maintain aseptic conditions in their workplace and using natural user interfaces based on optoelectronic tech developed by Tedcas, they will be able to access digital information such as patient records without affecting sterile conditions or scrubbing up mid-surgery.

[youtube id=”6d_Kvl79v6E”]

Sisu Labs

Sisu Labs is a Barcelona-based technology firm that helps companies get more out of their data by applying Natural Language Processing and semantic analysis techniques to extract valuable business intelligence. Their main product, sento, merges semantic analysis, Natural Language Processing and influence measurements to help extract the real message within all the content published in social networks, all in real time, with the results ready in second.

Arivanza Technologies

Arivanza have developed an e-learning platform that is friendlier and more accessible for students, allowing more dynamic interaction. Using HTML5, content on the service can be synchronised across all devices, giving users access to all their study material that they have uniquely created themselves in the program. The system also provides data about how students interact with their learnings, which gives teachers a qualitative look at how their students learn.


This corporate search engine/social platform is a free service that allows businesses to connect without the hassle of involving middlemen. Using BeConnections, companies can open their opportunities on a global scale by collaborating with other businesses in different regions to boost their commercial potential and reach a larger audience.

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