28 Startups from… The Netherlands! – Part 1

Every week we’re featuring a selection of startups from cities around the world who’ll join 10,000+ international attendees in Dublin, October 30th and 31st. The Web Summit will be largest global gathering of startups, investors, tech CEO’s, media and more any where in the world in 2013.

Already flying the flag for The Netherlands this week we have 28 exciting early stage startups, 14 of which you can find full details for below. Full details for our second installment of Dutch startups can be found here. You’ll find a selection of more startups from all over the world attending the Web Summit here.

The Moneyer

The Moneyer allows for money to be used as a tool. This tool enables you to learn, experience, enjoy and grow. The Moneyer gives you an insight into your current behavior and provides you with the necessary tools to plan your future.




What is the first thing you do when you start planning for a trip? Collect information. TripGems.com brings this collective travel wisdom together. It allows you to ask your friends, build your own travel timeline, and get deals on your next destination.

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SellanApp BV

SellanApp makes it possible for all app ideas to become reality. Using an innovative crowd-funding model, SellanApp connects the creative community with developers worldwide, allowing the community of future users fund the development.

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Live On Demand

Live On Demand facilitates crowd funding for live performances. If you have a hero you want to see live on stage, submit a request with Live On Demand. If you gather enough fans, Live On Demand will book the band, artist or speaker to a stage near you! Enjoy Live Together.

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Ukky gives children te opportunity to see their childhood through the eyes of their parents, and help parents tell that story. With Ukky, parents create a beautiful printed memory book of their children’s childhood in minutes, directly from their smartphone.

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Orange Tribes

Orange Tribes allows users to get music, news,  and be productive on their smart phone, tablet and in their smart office. Orange Tribes believes in creating seamless Cross Device Experiences. Orange Tribes focuses on enabling a great user experience that allows technology to act as an enabler for a higher quality of life.




Yanomo is a multilingual, industrial-strength operational business tracking tool. It focuses on SMEs, with the usability and accessibility you expect from a friendly, social SaaS-solution. Track your device in the cloud and reap the rewards!

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WeMarket is a new online B2B marketplace that offers global traders the opportunity to create their own markets. Through 24/7 trading, this unique platform offers a customizable experience to its members-only community in a safe, reliable space.



Whatser bundles the collective power of the local merchants and helps them find their voice in the social and digital world.

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Up till now there has been no way for managers and entrepreneurs to easily book consulting time with leading experts. 24Sessions has the solution: book videochat sessions with experts.

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Cyclodeo allows you to explore cities from your web browser as if you were riding a bicycle. Cyclists, citizens and potential tourists can preview cities from home in an engaging way.

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With CityShare, you’ll never have to ask your friends for advice on things to do in a certain location. Just search for that place and view the tips from your friends.

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Showrush Entertainment

Showrush is fast becoming the Internet’s most interactive venue, for out-of-the-box, online TV shows & events, where webviewers can participate and influence the program like never before.




Konnektid is a web application which enables people to discover, connect to, and learn skills and knowledge from those right around the corner. With Konnektid, sharing is fun! What have you always wanted to learn, and what can you teach others?

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