Startup Stories: “Where else could this have happened?”

Think your startup should exhibit amongst the best? Apply to ALPHA.

Here at Web Summit HQ we’ve been reaching out to startups who attended this year’s event.

We’ve already heard from Revolut, CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies and Tinitell.

Now let’s hear what three more startups have to say…


Amit from Minute discussed what Web Summit meant for his startup…

“The START Program at the Web Summit brings all you need into one place. Potential clients, investors and media coverage on steroids. We at Minute offer video optimisation technology for publishers and being at the conference allowed us to reach, collaborate and meet all of the largest publishers in Europe.

“The cherry on top was the Speakers Event: a unique opportunity that enabled several companies the chance to meet industry leaders and be able to speak one-on-one.

“The bottom line? A conference is a tool used to reach certain goals and Web Summit is a great one to participate in to make that happen.”


Graham told us his most surprising and memorable encounter at the Kontainers stand…

“For Kontainers, Web Summit was a superb event. We timed the PR on our $1.3 million seed round for the same week and got a nice story in the Wall Street Journal.


“We meet many big name VCs over the three days that but for us the highlight was the last day at our stand.

“I spotted none other than Phil Libin standing in line to see us! He wanted to know more about Kontainers and shared the pain Evernote had shipping their physical goods.

“The conversation continued for ten more minutes and ended with us swapping cards. Where else could this have happened?”

Triber App

Ouissam from Triber App told us why you should go to Web Summit…

“Web Summit provided an amazing tool for young startups and entrepreneurs to discover so many interesting topics and meet so many amazing people all working for the same purpose.

“At the beginning we were asking ourselves if it was worth it to go to the Web Summit as it had an impact on our very small amount of cash. Forget about it, within the first ten minutes you already know that it will be an incredible experience.

“You should go there if you want to bring you adventure to the next level. You not only meet investors but you also see what other people around the globe are doing.

They inspire you and they motivate you, making this a journey you cannot miss.”

Sound like your kind of startup event? Apply to ALPHA and we might see you in Lisbon in 2016.

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