Startup Stories: Here’s how three startups got on at Web Summit

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Today, we thought we’d look back to the beginning of November when startups from around the world came along to Web Summit.

Some showcased new products, others mingled with the media, but all of them showed us three days of non-stop hustle.

We touched base with three of the startups to hear their thoughts on the Web Summit experience as a startup:


Veronique of Revolut told us about how Web Summit helped the company achieve their goals…

“The conference helped us increase our media exposure which was one of our main goals.

“It was also very rewarding to help fellow conference attendees’ money go further just by using our app and card – which we were able to hand out during our START exhibition day.


“Highlights included meeting press luminaries like Mike Butcher from TechCrunch in beautiful Dublin venues such as the Christ Church Cathedral.

“We also met high profile investors, innovative startups, got to test Oculus and were part of an impromptu dance off at Night Summit!”

One particular connection that was made at Web Summit was between Revolut, Easyjet and Ink Global.

Thanks to the relationship that developed between the companies, Revolut bagged themselves a feature in the Easyjet Inflight Magazine.


CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies

Jaeson from CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies talks us through his Web Summit experience, from a ‘bust’ to a ‘slam dunk’… “Our first day at the conference was a bit of a bust. When you’ve never attended an event of this magnitude, you’ll quickly find that the lack of experience is a detriment to your cause. We rolled with the punches and made our way around the event and gathered the most of it. “As our ‘booth day’ wasn’t until Day Three, we took advantage of Day Two and took in some sights of Dublin. Such a great city with some of the warmest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. ws90 “Our third day was a slam dunk. Booth day. An incredibly productive day with a ton of folks stopping by our booth to check out our technology. “Microsoft, Google (Nest), Onami, Yolo, South Pole Group, and many others spent a considerable amount of time asking questions and checking out our behemoth prototype.”


For Mats at Tinitell, Web Summit was an opportunity to show the world their new product… “Web Summit was not just any conference, it was our conference before releasing Tinitell on the market. A breaking point in our journey as a startup, from the concept to the actual product. “The first moment of truth in trailing and demoing our product before getting it to the market.

“It was a vibrant experience with lots of tech contacts and experiences, from learning to future partners covering the entire business chain.

“Also a great motivator in getting things right and a great source of inspiration for making Tinitell even better.”

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