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With so many headline speakers being announced and with details coming through on all the different summits at this year’s event, it’s been a while since we shared some info on more of the great startups coming to Dublin next week (yes, next week!).

But fear not – this blog post features a rundown of some really exciting new companies from all across the world (just take a look at the map up above) that are on their way to Web Summit. One company is disrupting the tedious world of admin, another is making cars smarter and safer, while others are showing how tech can have an impact on everything from game development to meditation. So relax, free your mind, and check out the list below:

SignEasy – India

SignEasy is the simplest and most convenient app for businesses and professionals to sign documents securely from smartphones and tablets. Available across multiple platforms, SignEasy allows users to sign documents with the scan of a fingerprint. Users can now stay on top of their business, and access and sign documents from anywhere.

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Nannuka – Greece

Founded by three busy mothers, Nannuka is an online resource where parents go to find and book all experts that deal with children. Looking for the occasional sitter, full-time nanny, last-minute help, midwife or teacher? Nannuka will find all available experts, and show you the ones recommended by your friends in your social media.

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tinymo – United Kingdom

tinymo is the easy-to-use private network that allows you to safely and securley share the moments of your child’s life with your family and close friends. tinymo will also provide a PRO platform for the childcare community.

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Click & Grow – Estonia

Growing starvation and food prices together with urbanisation have placed food as one of the most important and problematic resources in the world. Click & Grow has patented technology to grow cheap fresh food everywhere, without a care.

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Vinli – USA

Vinli is a connected car platform that makes cars smarter, safer, and more fun. It’s the first truly open platform that enables developers to build applications and services for vehicles, and it works on more than 700 million cars on road right now.

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Güdpod – USA

Güdpod provides better health outcomes to consumers by making it easier to stay on a supplement regimen. Its patented technology platform tracks consumption making data available to popular health apps and offering behavioral/trend data to suppliers.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.10.10

Recurrence – Australia

Recurrence make devastating corporate crises into video games to help college students learn business skills. Their games are multiplayer, collaborative and built by critically acclaimed designers. The product is a gamified version of the common business case.

[youtube id=’1q9jXx5krVM’]

Fuller – Japan

Fuller, Inc. is a Japanese tech startup made up of a young engineer team. One of their services is mobile application data analytics – they analyze and provide data on all the mobile apps on the Japanese market.


PlayFab – USA

PlayFab are experts in building, scaling, and operating online games. They offer a range of licensing plans to meet the diverse needs of their customers, from free plans for small indies to enterprise-level plans for major publishers.


Omvana – Malaysia

Omvana is the top grossing app in 30+ countries, bringing together the best authors, life coaches, and transformational teachers into one easy-to-use platform. Omvana has touched the lives of 2 million people and has become the brand for Mindfulness. Omvana is the greates innovation in meditation in over 3,000 years.

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