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There are some genuine game-changers in this week’s selection of START companies, and they only add to the already impressive list of disruptive startups on their way to Web Summit in just a few weeks. Just like our previous rundown of startups exhibiting in the same field at Web Summit 2014, the below companies cover all kinds of industries, from entertainment and recruitment to cartography and municipal politics.

Some of them will be travelling to Web Summit from as far away as India or Los Angeles, while there are a couple of startups based just up the road from Web Summit HQ. Either way, some of these companies are bound to make waves in the tech industry, and maybe some of them will even follow in the steps of previous START successes like Nest, Vine and Dropbox.

Duda Mobile – Palo Alto, USA

First launched as a white label mobile website builder in early 2010, and later as a DIY site builder for SMBs, Duda has risen to become one of the leading platforms in the web design industry. The company has expanded to include a responsive website builder, DudaOne, and a comprehensive partner program, DudaPro. Duda now hosts over five million websites, with users creating over 100,000 new websites per month and generates over a million calls each month to SMBs.

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MoviePilot – Venice, USA

MoviePilot is a social service for following news on upcoming movie projects and getting recommendations for projects you might be interested in. The team at MoviePilot are building the best movie community in the world already having amassed a following over 20 million cinema fans.


Teamwork – Cork, Ireland

Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork and project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.

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Mindmixer – Kansas City, USA

MindMixer connects municipal decision makers and elected officials with their constituents in a cost-effective and engaging manner. Additionally, MindMixer provides an active and convenient way for citizens to be involved in guiding decisions and policy.

[youtube id=’r7Bh04AoP7g’]

MapBox – Washington D.C., USA

Mapbox is a platform for designing and publishing custom maps that are fast at scale. Our technology makes it possible to pin travel spots on Pinterest, find restaurants on Foursquare, and visualize data on GitHub. We’re building our stack using open source tech and working with open data.


Cask – Palo Alto, USA

Founded by developers for developers, Cask is an open source software company bringing virtualization to Hadoop data and apps. Their innovative resources include Coopr, CDAP and TIGON.


Crayon Data – Singapore

One of the fastest growing companies in the big data landscape, Crayon Data is a startup founded with a vision to simplify the world’s choices. The company has built a big data platform that vastly expands the data sets beyond enterprise data. The platform helps enterprises to connect their internal data with the unstructured data outside, including social media. By connecting multi-dimensional data the platform provides richer and more intelligent data-led decisions to its clients.

[youtube id=’XHyF77jNZQM’]

iRewind – Lausanne, Switzerland

iRewind captures our life events, assembles them and delivers the unexpected as personal video memories. Our moments are stored on “the iRewind portal” ready to be shared with loved ones. The philosophy is to focus on the “rewind” instead of the record button: every time there is a moment worth remembering, we can retrieve it.

[youtube id=’r8NqYAIe5GM’]

What’s Trending – Los Angeles, USA

What’s Trending serves as a 24/7 news hub, covering and curating the most viral and shareable content across the social web. It is a home for all of what is trending on the Internet. Their Emmy-nominated live and interactive talk show airs daily on YouTube.


Orca Health – Sandy, USA

Orca Health enables greater efficiency and effectiveness in the clinical setting for healthcare specialists. By leveraging Orca’s multisensory tools, healthcare specialists spend less (but more effective) time with their patients. As a result, they experience better clinic visits, fewer return appointments, and improved health outcomes. This optimizes patient visits allowing for better customer throughput all while increasing patient satisfaction.

[youtube id=’UmdZx04PAVQ’]

Akamon – Barcelona, Spain

Akamon Entertainment is a fast-growing developer and operator of social games focused in Latin-American and south European markets. Its portfolio consists of 41 multiplayer synchronous social casino and traditional games interacting with each other through a shared liquidity model, where users coming from different platforms can play simultaneously, and are integrated in a broad gaming experience involving multiple devices.

[youtube id=’0P2YfYZTMvI’]

RealConnex – New York, USA

RealConnex is an on-line marketplace for real estate professionals. Matching professionals to capital, transactions, services and each other in real time. RealConnex drastically shrinks the time and cost of raising capital, identifying partners, services and new business opportunities. More deals. Much faster and in ways never possible before.

[youtube id=’jtI9fq6BBbc’]

ScreenHits – London, UK

ScreenHits is an online platform that lets content producers sell their content directly to broadcasters and consumers. It’s simple and easy. The site is a curated and filtered site, with shows being recommended to buyers based on a proprietary algorithm. Consumers can enjoy affordable films and shows or even watch them for free.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 15.24.47

BodyLabs – New York, USA

Body Labs has the world’s most advanced technology for analyzing human body size, shape, and motion. There has never before been a fully automated, simple way to create 3D body models that can move through the entire range of human motion.

[youtube id=’QuUpTZ2gar0′]

Navvi – Wyoming, USA

Navvi is a living atlas, mapping real-time content that matters by location and subject: Food, Energy, Water, Health, Environment, Infrastructure.

[youtube id=’AdD6yjoH2NU’]

TenderScout – Dublin, Ireland

TenderScout combines sales pipeline management with powerful market analytics, opportunity qualification and personalisation to give companies a unique ability to compete for public sector tenders. TenderScout simplifies procurement for companies, making it easier to participate and to be more successful.

[youtube id=’lsBNQuyAFJI’]

Miia Technology – San Jose, USA

Miia developed a novel and proprietary system capable of indexing text the way a human brain works. The result is a platform allowing to build intelligent cross-language solutions for specific vertical markets. MiiaHR is a first, fully fledged B2B solution specifically designed for the Recruitment Industry.

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