Snatch a Golden Ticket at Web Summit

Snatch is the next generation mobile gaming experience that uses the latest augmented reality (AR) and geo-location technologies to bridge the world of gaming with the real world, creating a virtual treasure hunt with guaranteed real prizes from some of the coolest UK brands. This is the future of gaming, a new genre we call ACTIVE gaming.

Snatch is the brainchild of founder and CEO Joe Martin, a former forensic scientist, who was fed up of paying real money for virtual rewards in mobile games. Snatch turns the world around you into the biggest playable level in a virtual treasure hunt where players collect virtual prizes that become real rewards every single day.

Joe and his team have been working on this concept for two years. Everything in the game relates to being active. Why build a fantastical world to escape and play when the world we live in can provide an incredible landscape rich with obstacles and real-life baddies ready to take you on?

Imagine waking up in the morning and finding a whole host of prizes to win that day from Apple Watches to a year’s supply of shopping at TOPSHOP/TOPMAN. Choose the prizes you want and up pops an interactive map showing you the prize parcels in your immediate vicinity. Take a shortcut en route to work, bag your parcels and then try to keep them for 6 hours whilst all those around you try to snatch them. You can use invisibility cloaks amongst other cool features or drop in for lunch at a ‘safe house’ to catch your breath and refuel. Back on the street you can navigate your way around snatchers and run like hell if you have to. Think about Arnie in The Running Man together with The Maze Runner all in one!

Once you’ve kept your parcels for six hours, you can relax safe in the knowledge that when you wake up in the morning, the parcels unlock to reveal what you have won, based on your preferences the day before. We joke about using the line, “every morning is like Christmas morning on Snatch!”.

So what will Snatch be doing at Web Summit?

Snatch is using Web Summit as an exclusive private launch platform. The team are hiding hundreds of thousands of virtual prizes all around Lisbon including three Golden Tickets collectively worth £150,000 of investment for Web Summit attendees and start-ups.

Visit the site, request your exclusive VIP invite, download the app from the link sent to you and then use the latest AR and geo-location technologies to experience a new era of gaming and the coolest prizes guaranteed. Follow Snatch on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for hints, tips, and surprises.