Sharing the Story – 11 Journalists coming to Dublin

The Summit is the coming together of  the global tech community in one city – to eat, learn, meet and play. Since it’s inception in 2010 Journalists have played a massive role in sharing the story of The Summit and spreading these stories to a global audience. This year Journalists will again play a huge part in creating an incredible atmosphere and an experience that will help define the future of tech as we go forward. Here are some of the journalists, from near and far, that are coming to Dublin in November.

Caroline Hyde – European Business Correspondent at Bloomberg TV

Caroline is one of the leading business and tech correspondents in Europe, regularly interviewing the highest profile people and covering the important stories. Caroline joined Bloomberg TV 6 years ago and has covered many things including Digital, visual and music technology.

Caroline covers tech events in the UK and globally, only last week covering the ‘Hackers on the Runway’ event in Paris. She will be joining journalists from around the world in Dublin to share what they see to a global audience.

[youtube id=”0WwjW9z4Vso”]

Steven Bertoni – Associate Editor at Forbes

It’s hard to synopsise Steve Bertoni’s story down to a few lines. A career on Wall Street created a path into Journalism, and it’s there that Steve remains. Not your ordinary type of career move, but Steve is not your ordinary type of guy. Steve covers technology, entrepreneurs, billionaires and Venture Capitalists for Forbes.

He has an intriguing background, working on Wall Street before joining Forbes where he edited their ‘Leaderboard’ section. Steve was also a part of the Forbes 400 Wealth Team.

Steve Bertoni 22

Amir Mizroch – EMEA Tech Editor of WSJ

There are a large number of hugely exciting emerging tech hubs in Europe, The Middle East and Asia and Amir Mizroch is on the frontline unearthing new stories and exploring developing ideas in these areas. Born in Israel and raised in South Africa Amir is the WSJ Editor for Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Amir has been in the role with WSJ since January, and before that covered internal and external politics in Israel. Although dormant due to his new role, Amir has a great blog which covers an array of issues – you can find it here.

Amir Mizroch 2

Spencer Reiss – Wired

Spencer Reiss  has a great story to tell. Currently a contributing editor at Wired, his work can also be seen on The Wall Street Journal and MIT Technology Review. Reiss’ journey has seen him travel the world as Newsweek’s Foreign Correspondent, spending time in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Reiss covers topics including commercial space travel new media and the impact technology is having on humans.

Spencer Reiss 22

More Journalists coming to The Summit

Alyson Shontell – Senior Reporter – Business Insider

Robin Wauters – Editors at

Shane Hickey – News and Business Journalist – The Guardian

John Kennedy – Editor – Silicon Republic

Siobhan Brett – Reporter – Sunday Business Post

Julian Blake – Journalist – Tech City Insider

Vincent Boland – Financial Times

Malia Reeves – Contributor – The Next Women

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