Sex, drugs and the ultimate selfie: 5 things not to miss Wednesday morning

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Stewart Butterfield, Chris Froome, Edwin van der Sar and much more. Day One of Web Summit got off to a flying start.

We’re picking up where we left off this Wednesday morning. Here are five of the talks and people you’ll not want to miss: sex, drugs, the ultimate selfie, a former NFL star and whether you should trust your gut or data.

Sure we have it all…

Tiki Barber – Co-Founder – Thuzio

Reach for the stars – Marketing Stage – 11.15am


Tiki is an NFL legend with 10,000+ career rushing yards and three Pro Bowl appearances. He’ll be joined by Rene Rechtman and Jonathan Cloonan for a talk on reaching for the stars.

Corinne Vigreux – Co-Founder – TomTom

The power of instinct: gut vs data – Startup University Stage – 10.40am


Corinne co-founded TomTom, famous for their boxed satnav that once was the fastest selling tech device of all time. She’ll be talking about what to trust – gut or data – when faced with your company’s pivotal decisions.

Brendan Kennedy – CEO – Privateer Holdings

Europe: The next cannabis battleground? – Centre Stage – 11.15am


Brendan will talk about the liberalisation of cannabis laws in the United States. Privateer is a private equity group that focuses on investment in the cannabis industry.

Jacquelyn Morie – Founder – The Augmented Traveler

The ultimate selfie – Society Stage – 11.50am


What’s left behind in a digital world? Jacquelyn will talk about the future and our legacy as we embrace and expand virtual experiences.

Ethics around sex robots and their potential implications for society. Do we need robot regulation?

Robot Ethics – Machine Stage – 11.25am

[youtube id=”E0hb1F2FjsI”]

This a panel discussion on the ethics around sex robots and their potential implications for society. Dr. Kathleen Richardson (she’s mentioned in the above video), Nell Watson, Jim Hunter and Andra Keay will ask do we need robot regulation?

Find more incredible talks and speakers in our full Web Summit schedule.

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