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The brightest minds in tech will gather in Dublin this November – are you going to be there?


Web Summit is all about looking forward. Come November in Dublin, hundreds of Startups will be demonstrating their innovations while some of the brightest minds in the tech world discuss the future of the industry. But one of the most important things that Web Summit can do in looking forward is to harness the potential of young people who demonstrate the talent, determination and entrepreneurial spirit to be future global leaders – and that is what our Student Scholarship programme is all about.

Through this initiative, we searched the world over the past couple of months for 100 incredible students to join us at this year’s Web Summit. In that time, we’ve received well over 6,500 applications and phone interviewed hundreds of students from more than 140 different institutions. The 19 below are just a selection of those inspiring and incredible individuals who made it through. Along with the rest of the successful applicants, they’ll enjoy everything Web Summit 2014 has to offer over 3 days and 4 nights, including some special curated moments with speakers and guests.

Seal-Bin Han – Johns Hopkins University

Seal-Bin Han is a Sophomore at Johns Hopkins studying Electrical Engineering as both a Hodson Trust and Bloomberg Scholar. He developed one of the world’s smallest neural prosthetics, originally designed as a minimally invasive cochlear implant at the School of Medicine. He co-founded World Youth Initiative, a non-profit that served ten countries and received the $150,000 PR & Media Package Award by the J. Luce Foundation. He is currently launching a data analytics company called Tier5. Seal-Bin has also played saxophone for the National John Philip Sousa Honors Band.

Anjul Khadria – University of Oxford

Anjul is a Clarendon Scholar pursuing D.Phil in Systems Approaches in Biomedical Sciences at University of Oxford. He is keen to develop biomedical science based technologies that create an impact on the world. After completing his B.Tech at NIT Rourkela, India in 2012, he was awarded the Jubilee Scholarship by the British Council to do MSc in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine at University College London where he developed an electrically simulated brain drug delivery system under Prof. Kostas Kostarelos.

Anjul is elected as the External Relations Officer of the Clarendon Scholarship Council. Anjul has also served as the founding Executive Director of Global Scholars Network, an international network of 9 prestigious scholarships – including Clarendon, Rhodes and Fulbright Scholarships – which aims to convert ideas into actions.

Joshua Schoenbart – Dartmouth College

Joshua Schoenbart is an aspiring 20-year-old entrepreneur, rising junior at Dartmouth College, a member of the United States G20 YEA Delegation, and recently selected to be a member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum. He is Founder of The EyeBook, the largest and most comprehensive database in the optometric industry, and Co-Founder of YEA Network, a non-profit focused on supporting, educating, and connecting young entrepreneurs around the world. Joshua also serves on the Board of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer at Dartmouth College as an Associate of Business Development and External Operations.

Joshua Schoenbart, Anjul Khadria, Seal Bin Han (L-R)
Joshua Schoenbart, Anjul Khadria, Seal Bin Han (L-R)

Bijender Sheoran – Indian School of Business

Bijender Sheoran is the Founding Member of Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), which provided professional Campaign Management Support to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the 2014 elections. He is an engineer from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. He has authored a best-selling novel and was a contributor and strategic mentor to double-International Award-winning news satire website, News That Matters Not ( He has previously worked with Philips on harnessing the potential of alternative energy. He aspires to be a part of and a major contributor to India’s growth story over the next two decades.

Nick Lauer – University of Waterloo

Nick is pursuing a Double Degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. Striving for success, he released iOS apps that have combined for over 1,000,000 downloads. This experience has earned him multiple internships at Facebook. In Winter 2014 he worked on improving videos and ads on iOS, and this coming fall he will be upgrading the product infrastructure that runs Facebook. Nick continues to develop his own products as he finishes school.

Damini Satjia – University of California, Berkeley

Damini Satija is currently studying Economics and Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley where she is Program Director at Free Ventures, a non-profit startup incubator, and has co-founded a project connecting Berkeley students to the European startup ecosystem. She has worked with social entrepreneurs in London and Mumbai in the areas of criminal rehabilitation and education microlending. Last summer, she worked as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the GSF India accelerator.

Nick Lauer, Bijender Sheoran, Damini Satija (L-R)
Nick Lauer, Bijender Sheoran, Damini Satija (L-R)

Vasileios Tsianos – University of Toronto

Vasileios serves in the capacity of Corporate Development Officer at Networks for Change, an early stage startup, where he is responsible for the company’s financial and growth strategy. His startup was also selected to exhibit at the Web Summit 2014. He is currently completing his education in Chemical Engineering and Business at the University of Toronto, along with multiple professional designations in Finance and Risk Management.

A Greek national, he has authored an award-winning paper on the unrealized potential of youth entrepreneurship in Greece. A restless volunteer since the age of 16, he has served in leadership capacities in multiple non-profit organizations within his university, regional, and international communities. Until recently, he served as a policy advisor, strategist, and campaign manager for several Canadian candidates running for federal leadership positions.

He is one of the youngest to be invited at the UN’s Climate Summit, the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the youth working group of the G20 summit, the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Social Good Summit. He was recently recognized as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.

Vasileios Tsianos

Santiago Beltran – Boston University

Santiago Beltran is a sophomore at Boston University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. As a entrepreneur and philanthropist, Santiago is passionate about creating a positive impact in the world by utilizing technology to empower people and communities. Founder of U-Tech Club, he brought computer access to over 8,000 underserved youth. At BU, he serves as President of Global App Initative, an organization bring mobile application to non-profits, and co-founded DevXApp, a early-round startup with three published apps and in the development of an innovative academic platform in the semi-finals of a million dollar completion.

Tsion Behailu – University of California, Berkeley

Tsion Behailu was born in Ethiopia, grew up in Atlanta, and left it all for California upon her acceptance to UC Berkeley, where she is now studying computer science. Her interest in computer science developed in college once she saw its potential as a tool for making change. She is passionate about STEM education for low-income and underrepresented students and hopes to open an academy one day that will provide quality education for all driven and motivated students, regardless of background.

She recently completed her internship as a software engineer at Groupon and is looking forward to beginning research on developing Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) this fall at Berkeley. In the meantime, she entertains thoughts of changing the world through technology and traveling to all parts of the globe.

Michael Ginzo – University College London

Michael Ginzo is a rising senior at University College London (UCL). He is the outgoing President of the entrepreneurial society, Enactus UCL, where he lead a team of students creating social-enterprise projects and providing consulting services to small enterprises. Michael has represented his university and society at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference in Phoenix and has been a UK Delegate to the World Business Dialogue in Cologne. He has also worked for startups in London and the US, most recently having spent his summer working at a Y-Combinator company in Silicon Valley.

Upon graduation in 2015, he plans to build and scale his own company offering accurate indoor navigation solutions to the retail and facilities management industries.

Michael Ginzo, Tsion Behailu, Santiago Beltran (L-R)
Michael Ginzo, Tsion Behailu, Santiago Beltran (L-R)

Diana Carolina Quintero Giraldo – Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Diana is a postgraduate student at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, studying Corporate Finance. She is cofounder of BIVE, a healthcare social business that facilitates access to quality, timely and affordable healthcare services for low Income families in Colombia, following the philosophy of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Yunus. Currently, Bive has 6.000 users and has mobilized more than 700 healthcare services. Diana has worked in poverty reduction projects in Colombia developed by The Grameen Creative Lab and Fundación Luker; and she has been volunteer in young leaders organizations as AIESEC.

Benedikt Lotter – University of Pennsylvania

Benedikt is a junior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology at the University of Pennsylvania, studying CS, Statistics and Finance. While at Penn, Benedikt co-founded software startups to crowdsource indoor climate control, connect location-based mobile apps, share scientific research and monetize mobile games in new ways. Benedikt is passionate about building small, agile teams to pursue global challenges through data-driven software and innovative business-model design.

Jesse Leimgruber – Stanford University

Jesse is a Junior at Stanford University. He is the CEO of NeoReach, an influencer marketing startup that rewards users for sharing products they love. NeoReach recently closed a $1.5M seed round and won’s $100k challenge. Before starting NeoReach, Jesse co-founded Rank Executives, a multi-award winning digital marketing agency. He also co-founded RageHats, one of the largest retailers of neon hats. Both companies remain profitable and growing. Jesse is an advocate for data-driven marketing.

Benedikt Lotter, Jesse Leimgruber (L-R)
Benedikt Lotter, Jesse Leimgruber (L-R)

Tony Zhang – McMaster University

Tony is studying Health Sciences at McMaster University as a Loran scholar. His interests lie in using understandings from large-scale theoretical human brain research to develop new technologies and frameworks in artificial intelligence. Currently, Tony works with Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany), McMaster, and the Canadian Mental Health Association on brain-mapping, EEG, and mental disorder projects. He had several entrepreneurial projects in the past, but will be looking to sprout more from his current interests.

Kendrick Geluz Kho – Stanford University

Kendrick Geluz Kho is a perpetually curious innovator who thrives in the interplay of any combination of seemingly disparate fields. He is pursuing a masters degree in management science and engineering at Stanford University, expanding on a previous academic background of sociology and energy technology.

Passionate about exploring new disciplines, he has informed long-term device support strategy at Amazon Lab126, provided environmental consulting to startups and multinational corporations, and programmed virtual environments in one of the world’s leading virtual reality labs. Kendrick aims to create lasting global value at the intersection of high-tech and social responsibility by drawing from this interdisciplinary breadth.

Alexandre Bouaziz – MIT

Alexandre is a 21 year-old French entrepreneur. He graduated high school at the age of 16 and decided to embark on an international journey studying Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. He then pursued his Masters of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), while being very involved with the MIT Sloan School of Management, co-founding two high-tech startups and working in two others. He focused on fields such as Big Data, Mobile apps. Mapdrift, the latest startup he co-founded, is looking to disrupt the way people interact at extraordinary locations.

Tony Zhang, Kendrick Geluz Kho, Alexandre Nathanel Bouaziz (L-R)
Tony Zhang, Kendrick Geluz Kho, Alexandre Nathanel Bouaziz (L-R)

Sophia Lazraq – INSA de Lyon

Sophia is an industrial engineering student. She has just spent two months in San Franciso as a fellow of “Sillicon Students” incubator to learn more about entrepreneurship from experienced founders and students who share the same passion. Planning to launch her startup “Lyne”, she’s currently working on the API that gives the customer the best estimation of waiting time in queues and allows him to book his spot in the line. She has an entrepreneurial soul and thinks that entrepreneurship is the best way to make a better world and gathers people from all over the world within great adventures. She’s also president of Club Finance of her school and organizes the annual Finance Week in Lyon.

Jessica Lee – University of Virginia

Jessica is a KPCB Fellow Finalist at Secret in Silicon Valley. Before, she interned at HealthTap and Recurly. In college, she started her own company to utilize the power of crowdfunding to raise capital for small businesses. Her inspiration was seeing her parents work numerous jobs to save up capital to start their own small business. She has also completed three biomedical research projects on Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis, winning international and national recognition.

Anton Spisak – King’s College London

Anton is a final year student at King’s College London, majoring in Politics. He is passionate about using technology to disrupt outdated social systems and is also leading R&D business development for a health tech start-up, Medopad. With his strong interest in political economy of innovation, technology futures and complexity science, he cannot wait to find what the next big thing will be. He is a Fellow of the RSA and resides in London.

Jessica Lee, Anton Spisak (L-R)
Jessica Lee, Anton Spisak (L-R)

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