The 9 Most Influential Super Connectors Sao Paulo has to offer

They are the best connected and most influential personalities in Brazil’s largest city – they are Sao Paulo’s super connectors


We like data, love Datasift and go nuts when we get to do a little eigenvector centrality analysis of tech communities around the world using Datasift’s immensely powerful firehose. So, with that in mind we have quite the treat for you today, bringing you the best super connectors that Sao Paulo have to offer.

The most influential in a community aren’t always the most followed, and Sao Paulo’s tech community is a case in point. Thanks to Datasift we’ve found some obvious super connectors, but we’ve also found some surprising personalties that are worth knowing. You can see how they all mingle in the visual below and get all the details you need to know in their personal profiles.

Sau Paulo Super Connectors Blog Image

Manoel Lemos

He swims with sharks, but that’s just a small fraction of the character that is Manoel Lemos. A computer engineer, entreprenuer, angel investor, father and maker movement enthusiast, it is little surprise Manoel is so well connected in the Sao Paulo community. As Chief Digital Officer of Abril Communications, Manoel oversees the strategies of the 2nd largest media group in Brazil – and in his spare time, when not chilling out with sharks, he angel invests with Napkn Ventures.

Lemosss 640x310

 Marcelo Tas

Everybody knows Marcelo Tas, yes everybody. One of the great Brazilian personalities Marcelo is incredibly socially influential – as his 5.36m Twitter followers proves. Not just a TV Host with CQC, actor and creator, Marcelo is also an award winning blogger with “Blog do Tas”. His blog, social presence and intrigue make Marcelo one of Sao Paulo, Brazil and the world’s most influential Super Connectors.

Marcelo Tas

Marco Gomes

Who is Marco Gomes? Well where to start – probably best to mention boo-box, social media advertising and one of the world’s most innovative advertising companies. boo-box has been recognised by Forbes and Fast Company as one of the fastest growing and most exciting companies on the planet.  Oh and Marco also co-founded Mova+, a physical exercise reward program. With 47k+ Twitter followers Marco is a Sao Paulo super connector, not just on subjects of tech and business, but also cycling, sci-fi and robots!

Marco Gomes 2345

Edney Souza

An independent consultant and teacher, a social media agency founder, a hugely successful blogger, a system manager – the list goes on and on. For the last 10 years and beyond Edney Souza has been connecting people through his work, ideas and creativity. His blog baby, Interney has connected people online and through social networks, with 1m+ views monthly. Edney also consults at boo-box and curates Social Media Week Sao Paulo.

Edney Souza 2

Martha Gabriel

Author, speaker, blogger, marketing and digital leader – these are just a few of the areas Martha Gabriel is thriving. Having written 5 hugely successful books, including the best seller ‘Marketing in the Digital Age’, Martha has developed a method of sharing + creating ideas which connect her various communities. With 48k+ Twitter followers and a bi-lingual Twitter feed – Martha is a must follow, great for engagement and insight.

Martha Gabriel 2

Felipe Matos

What do you get when you mix startups and singing? Felipe Matos…. His Twitter bio stresses his love for both, we’ve never heard him sing so cant comment (although we have no doubt he is great!), but we do know that he knows startups, how the operate, how they grow and how they succeed. Felipe has been a connector in the Brazilian startup community for years, and is currently COO at Start-UP Brasil, while also working on Startup Farm.

Felipe Matos 22

Luli Radfahrer

He’s a master in his field (quite literally) and has a PhD in digital communications, so you can be sure that Luli Radfahrer knows what he’s talking about. Currently he works as a consultant for companies that need tips with regards to e-branding and communications in general. Radfahrer has vast experience in this area due to his successful involvement with Kropki where he had clients including MTV, FIAT, VISA and Volkswagen, while also helping develop AOL’s content team and promoting the access to free internet in McDonald’s in Brazil.

Luli Final

Bia Kunze

Bia Kunze can benefit your teeth, your ears, your eyes and your brain. Teeth? She specialises  in Dentist Homecare. Ears? She is a speaker, podcaster and radio commentator. Eyes? She is a hugely influential and successful blogger. Brain? She is a mobile technology consultant. Talk about all-rounded individual, that is exactly what Bia is – and she agrees, on her site she says “Yes, I also think it is too much or one person – therefore this site is a hub where you’ll find all the links to my internet and media work”. Keep on connecting Bia!

Bia Kunze 234

Diego Remus

Another startup connector, Diego Remus would be most well known around Sao Paulo for his role as Partner, Editor and Director at Startupi, the first Brazilian blog about the startup seen and digital entrepreneurship. Blogging leads you to others, and connects people better than any other type of publication – and that has worked for Diego and the team, creating real life stories and experiences which have helped shape the Brazilian startup scene.

Diego Remus

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