Here they are: 11 San Francisco Super Connectors

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Our analytics guys love crunching numbers, this much is for certain. They also love getting their hands on some data and they go nuts when they get to do a little eigenvector centrality analysis of the world’s tech communities using Datasift’s immensely powerful firehose. Thanks to Datasift we’ve found some obvious San Francisco Super Connectors – as you can see from the graphic below these are people connecting the tech community like no others.

San Fran Super Connect

Marc Andreessen – Founding Partner of a16z

An entrepreneur, investor and software engineer… and that is only the start. Marc Andreesen is co-founder at Andreesen Horowitz, the world renowned Silicon Valley VC firm. Marc was co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser, and also co-founder of Netscape Communications. His 168,000 Twitter followers are a testament to his social footprint and, as his Twitter bio shows, he’s a man for all seasons: “FOR creators & contributors to technology, science, art, ideas, a better world. STRONG VIEWS, WEAKLY HELD. Proud solutionist since 1994.”

Reid Hoffman – Co-founder at Linkedin

Connecting people is what Reid Hoffman does. As LinkedIn co-founder Reid created a platform that has grown to become the world’s largest professional networking service. An accomplished entrepreneur, executive and angel investor, Reid is also a partner at Greylock and has previously served as Executive VP at PayPal.

Reid Final

Dave McClure – Founding Partner at 500 Startups

Everybody knows Dave McClure – he has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for over 20 years. Dave is a venture capitalist & founding partner at 500 Startups, an internet startup seed fund and incubator program in Mountain View, California. Over the past 20 years Dave has worked with companies such as PayPal, Founders Fund, Facebook, Linkedin, Twilio, O’Reilly Media, Intel & Microsoft.

Dave McClure 22

Jack Dorsey – Co-founder & Chairman of Twitter

Originally from St. Louis, Jack’s early fascination for mass-transit and how cities function led him to Manhattan and programming real-time messaging systems for couriers, taxis, and emergency vehicles. Throughout this work, Jack witnessed thousands of workers in the field constantly updating where they were and what they were doing; Twitter is a constrained simplification designed for general usage and extended by the millions of people who make it their own every day.

Jack Dorsey 2

Kara Swisher – Re/code Co-Executive Editor

Kara started covering digital issues for the Wall Street Journal in San Francisco in 1997. Her column, “BoomTown,” originally appeared on the front page of the Marketplace section and also online at Since then she has gone on to great things, including acting as Co-CEO at Revere Digital, Co-Executive Editor at Re/code and Co-Executive Producer at The Code Conference.

Kara Swisher 2

Chris Sacca – Founder at Lowercase Capital

One of the first investors in Twitter, a founder of his own venture capital company, a former Head of Special Initiatives at Google Inc, a Silicon Valley attorney – with such an amount of experiences behind him it is no wonder Chris Sacca has 1.47m Twitter followers, a huge online social presence, and great content to boot. Keep up the Super Connecting Chris!

Chris Sacca 22

Om Malik – Founder Gigaom

A 2 letter Twitter handle (@Om) and 1.4m Twitter followers. Who is Om Malik? Well where to start…. Om is an award-winning journalist who worked for Quick Nikkei News,, Red Herring and Business 2.0 before founding GigaOmniMedia, the company that publishes a group of blogs including GigaOM, NewTeeVee, Earth2Tech and WebWorkerDaily. Om also has a personal blog where he blogs about music, books and life.

Ev Williams – CEO at Medium

Another two letter Twitter handle (@Ev) and guess why? Because, as co-founder, Ev was in the the first handful of people to use the Twitter platform. Aside from the small matter of co-founding Twitter, Ev is now the CEO of Medium, and also co-founded Blogger which he sold to Google in 2003.

Ev Williams 2

Marissa Mayer – CEO at Yahoo

Google’s 20th employee and first female engineer, Marissa spent more than 10 years leading the development of the companies most successful products. In 2012, aged just 37, Marissa was appointed CEO of Yahoo, and a year later she was ranked number one by Fortune Magazine’s annual “40 Under 40” list of business leaders.

Marissa 1

Aaron Levie – CEO at Box

Have you ever read ‘How Aaron Levie and his childhood friends built Box into a $2 billion business, without stabbing each other in the back‘. Well you should – Aaron is Co-Founder and CEO at Box, which he launched in 2005 with co-founder and CFO Dylan Smith. Aaron is a self-confessed ABBA fan, and a great read on Twitter, as most, if not all, of his 110,000 followers would agree.

 Ben Horowitz – Co-founder a16z

We’ve already had Andreesen, now it’s time for Horowitz – Ben is co-founder and Partner at a16z. Prior to a16z Ben co-founded Loudcloud, a managed services provider which went on to become Opsware, which eventually went on to be acquired by Hewlett-Packard for $1.6 billion in July 2007. What does he do in his spare time? He Super Connects (yes that’s a thing). Ben has a huge online influence, 109,000 Twitter following and a blog on which he can share his views with the good people of the internet.

Ben Horowitz 2

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