Great Danes: 16 Startups coming to Web Summit from Denmark

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From the super slick Bang & Olufsen, to the star of our childhood imaginations, Lego, Denmark has produced premium global brands for over a hundred years. And blazing a trail of their own, these companies are seeking to make a name for themselves on Web Summit’s global stage. From eCommerce to a major conference organiser to eye control technology, these Startups are definitely living up to Denmark’s reputation of innovation and quality.


Atosho has created a new way for digital publishers to tap into eCommerce revenue and sell products without users ever leaving the site, while at the same time providing a unique sales channel for eCommerce retailers. Atosho’s proprietary platform for Distributed eCommerce, the only one of its kind, enables consumers to buy a product directly out of a publisher’s editorial content – whether that’s an article, a product review, an image, or any other digital content that creates demand – and the user completes the purchase right on the site.

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Conferize is an online platform that opens up professional events to the world. They’re connecting events, people and thought leaders from any industry by helping event organisers build communities to improve the quality and increase attendance of events.



Falcon Social

Falcon Social is a social media management tool that provides users with the moderation overview and analytics necessary to build a successful presence on Facebook and Twitter. 


The Eye Tribe

The Eye Tribe software enables eye control on mobile devices, allowing hands­free navigation of websites and apps, including eye activated login, enhanced gaming experiences and cloud­based user engagement analytics. The Eye Tribe intends to become the leading provider of eye control technology for mass market consumer devices by licensing the technology to manufacturers.

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AIRTAME enables users to stream HDMI content from any device to any monitor. It’s a new way of collaborating and working at home, the office, or of presenting to an audience.

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Opbeat provides an ops platform for developer teams, featuring integrated error logging with accountability and coordination. Key features include stacktraces annotated with authors, and actionable mobile notifications, all set up in minutes.


 BluSense Diagnostics

BluSense Diagnostics are the creators of SenseLab Technology: a low-cost, user-friendly and cloud-connected device for diabetes Type II monitoring, whose detection principle is based on BluSense proprietary technology.


Sensor Six

Sensor Six is a tool for product managers, CTOs and others who are responsible for developing, managing and designing products.

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Bellmetric is working towards becoming a global leader in phone call intelligence. Their first product is Bellmetric CallTracker, a call-tracking service aimed at medium to large enterprises.


Apiosoft ApS

Apiosoft ApS’ software solutions are aiming to turn the perspective upside-down on how modern state-of-the-art 3D designs and simulations are performed and manipulated. Apiosoft was founded to serve as the platform for development of new features and products which intend to significantly simplify and reduce the time and complexity of the CAD design process.

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cope it

cope it is an innovative platform for managing patients’ fear of going to the dentist, providing a better experience for both dentists and their patients.



Sekoia is an assisted living platform that supports nursing homes and similar institutions. Sekoia seeks to simplify and ease the daily life of workers and inhabitants while simultaneously saving money for the homes.

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Plan Penny

Plan Penny is a simple planning tool that helps users organize tasks, create projects, get a calendar-overview and generate documents with details and descriptions. The solution is designed as a personal tool that can be used professionally.



Unfold lets you collect all the social media content relevant to users or their business by simply tying in hashtags and selecting which social channels to collect info from.



Cyclister’s purpose is to promote bicycle culture globally with Copenhagen, the world’s premier biking city, as their starting point. Cyclister’s mission is to list all rental bikes – B2C and C2C – all over the world and make them easily accessible to anyone who wishes to rent a bike via Cyclister’s online platform.



Traede is an easy to use platform that allows companies to start taking orders online from B2B clients, eradicating the need for phone orders, emails and spreadsheets!


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