24 people you need to know in Berlin

Web Summit 2017 brought together 60,000 people from more than 170 countries, including more than 600 from Berlin. It’s been called “the largest tech conference in the world” and “Davos for geeks”.  We like to think it’s a meeting place for interesting people.

These people create a whole world of data at every stage of their attendance. We took that data and took a look at how our 60,000 attendees interacted with people who came to Web Summit from Berlin – we found the 24 Web Summit attendees from Berlin who left the biggest mark on the event.

We were surprised at what we found.

We’ll be the first to say that it’s an imperfect list – you can consider the data at our disposal in infinite possible ways – but it gives interesting insight into the people in tech from Berlin worth watching.

You may well not have heard of some of the people on this list. But they are unusually globally connected. We’ve also tried to include many younger people who are rapidly making a name for themselves. You can find more of those people here.

Here are some of the faces you need to know.


Robert Gentz – Founder & Co-CEO – Zalando

Till Faida – Founder & CEO – eyeo/Adblock Plus

Claire Novorol – Co-Founder & CMO – Ada

Ida Tin – Co-Founder & CEO – Clue

Maximilian Tayenthal – CFO – N26

Stephan Doerner – Editor in chief – t3n

And now for some up-and-comers

Harsha Jagasia – COO – Startup Bootcamp

Arthur Taborda – Software Engineer – N26

Irina Clemens – Founder & CEO – Talentif UG

Andreea Radulescu – Independent Management Consultant

Carolin Pelz – Senior Marketing Campaign Manager – Productsup

Pavel Svitek – KYC & identity verification – Authenteq

Brigit Thoms – PropTech KeyAccount – KIWI

Anaida Gasparyan – Senior Software Developer – Bonial International

Astrid Schrader – Founder – The Arc

Diogo Ruivo – Control Systems Manager – BigRep

Atika Rachmawati – Java Developer – Bonial International

Diana Barreno – Investor Relations – Startupbootcamp

Minez Villa Bombeo – Software Testing Specialist – FOB Solutions

Michael Lindskog – CEO & Co-founder – Waizer AB

Claudia Nagel – Co-Founder & COO – KIWI

Lana Criggs – Product Designer – Zalando

Nicholas Nigam – Investment Manager – Samsung Next

Alvise Perissinotto – Managing Director – financeAds International

So how did we do it?

Using many billions of proprietary and public data points, we analysed the more than 600 people who attended Web Summit 2017 from Berlin. We looked at things like messages in our app, whose profiles were getting favourited, who was holding the most meetings, who was invited to receptions with our attending VIPs, whose badge was scanned most, and, using location data, who appeared to be interacting with whom.

Perhaps that’s why we saw so many non-household names makes the list – these were the people who showed how to make the best of an event like Web Summit, rather than those with more public profiles.

And here’s a look at the attendees we analysed.

This is our first year trying this out. We’re sure we’ve missed someone. Who do you think should’ve been on this list?

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