Kiwis and Aussies: 17 Startups coming to Web Summit from New Zealand and Australia

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Didgeridoos and the Haka, Koalas and Kiwis… Hugh Jackman and Hobbits! Australia and New Zealand have gifted the world with a number of icons. Will these 17 Startups become another symbol of their homeland? From top quality software companies to a transformative learning platform to a virtual reality device, the innovative output of the below companies means they definitely have the potential to make it all the way to top.

Portland Software  – New Zealand

Portland Software is an international software development company that focuses on leading the revolution of cost-efficient, flexible and cloud-based health insurance and risk management systems in the healthcare industry.

Portland Graphic

Selera Labs – Australia

Selera Labs is an enterprise software developer specialising in ERP data compliance and continuous controls monitoring. The Selera team has been trusted to build complex, high quality software that underpins mission critical systems for enterprise Australia

[vimeo id=”89884645″]

meMINI – New Zealand

meMINI is the world’s first wearable Wi-Fi-enabled camera with recall, which allows you to save meaningful occasions in high-definition video right after they happen.

[youtube id=”L5oHo8yP63A”]

GO1 – Australia

GO1 make digital products that are intuitive, elegant and cutting edge. Whether you are looking for an eLearning tool, an intelligent business solution or a customised web project, GO1 can help.


Spike International Pty Ltd. – Australia

Spike allows you to keep all your receipts in one place, keep track of your finances and keep your wallet free of receipts. Spike makes it easy to search, sort and filter receipts, safely and securely – and it’s as easy to use as a loyalty card, with even more rewards and discounts. 

spike it

Broken Arms Games Pty Ltd – Australia

Broken Arms Games is a full service game development company, producing both original games as well as bespoke games for corporate clients like Fiat and Samsung. They cover the whole game development cycle from initial idea to the complete game, from artwork to code.

[youtube id=”hFG5gq8LMeM”]

Hello Ratings – Australia

Hello Ratings is an app that provides business owners with the ability to obtain both positive & negative feedback, in a non-confronting, real-time manner.

[youtube id=”yxWJh8O4gJI”]

Rozibaby – Australia

Rozibaby is an online pram retailer and is  the only fully customisable pram in the world that gives mothers and fathers the ability to start designing their pram from the ground up. Much like the way Lego works, all components can change, enabling the pram to meet each family’s unique preferences and needs as they change over time.

[youtube id=”cfOWQsU2VCs”]

PeeP Digital – Australia

PeeP Digital have developed an intelligent platform that simplifies the international phonetic system and makes English pronunciation easier and faster to master. The platform has specifically been designed for English as a second language students, children, teachers and proficiency aspirants and can be delivered on smart phones, tablets, personal computers and more.

[youtube id=”Jb46vJeuDko”]

Productify – Australia

Productify provides a platform that takes all the hassle out of managing and distributing digital content such as images, product descriptions, pricing and more.

[youtube id=”v_7nW7grKdQ”]

AFTR – Australia

AFTR is an app that provides access to moderated location based on-demand services at the customer’s and service provider’s convenience. AFTR acts as a concierge, enabling users to access the services they need where and when they need them.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 09.24.00


PHENOMEC – Australia

PHENOMEC have developed the VRSmartView, an affordable virtual reality device that integrates with your smartphone. It’s a tool that will empower the way we learn, work and play by delivering incredible 3D immersive experiences. 

[vimeo id=”105465615″]

Global & Smart – Australia

Global & Smart is a product-creation storytelling platform, home to a growing community of designers, brands and customers. They emphasise the importance of responsible and sustainable design: people, places, materials, and processes matter to them.

[youtube id=”6P2YMdp-sws”]


NANOTRANSACTIONS is a new content payment system which allows you to charge or pay tiny amounts to look at a website, listen to music or watch a video.

[youtube id=”X7hCLfvSiYs”]

 HashChing – Australia

HashChing is a social platform allowing users to review, share and learn about companies providing products or services related to banking, insurance and superannuation. HashChing has been created to empower people to share their grievances or positive experiences and make an informed decision when choosing a financial product, in a simple and convenient manner. 

HashChing graphic


Kojai –  Australia

Kojai is an app that boosts the photo sharing experience by using geo-tagging to pin users’ pictures to a map. Users can add friends and see the spots they’re visiting, and post via social media to generate a unique mini map that shows exactly where they stood when they captured that moment. 


Drawboard – Australia

Drawboard PDF is a PDF annotator for Windows 8. Drawboard allows users to draw, highlight, add shapes and text mark ups with a finger, mouse or pen. Users can upload any PDF to review, annotate and share. 

[youtube id=”X7hCLfvSiYs”]

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