Who are New York’s 7 most influential tech Super Connectors?

We like data, love Datasift and go nuts when we get to do a little eigenvector centrality analysis of tech communities around the world using Datasift’s immensely powerful firehose. The most influential in a community aren’t always the most followed, and New York’s tech community is a case in point. Thanks to Datasift we’ve found some obvious super connectors, but we’ve also found some surprising super connectors that are worth knowing.

Gary Vaynerchuk

An entrepreneur for as long as he and anyone around him can remember, Gary Vee is at the heartbeat of tech in New York. His awesome site, his 1 million + Twitter followers, his blog, his book, his investments are just some of the reasons Gary has been a vital tool in connecting the people of New York and beyond.  But it hasn’t all been rosy for Gary, for the sports fans among us we can have a certain empathy for him as a long suffering New York Jets fan. Want to know more? Here’s a little video he made.

[youtube id=”-SmNkN7drks”]

Anil Dash

Another Super Connector in New York is entrepreneur, writer and self-professed geek Anil Dash. Anil is CEO and co-founder of ThinkUp and co-founder of Activate. A prolific and intriguing blogger at Dashes.com, Anil’s popularity is showcased by his 500,000+ Twitter followers, as well as his social awards – none more so then being included as one of Time’s best accounts on Twitter.

Anil Dash 2

Chris Dixon

You just need to take a look through the ‘About’ page on Chris Dixon’s Blog to see how involved he is in the tech world. An investor with Andreesen Horowitz – he has personally invested in hugely successful tech startups including Kickstarter, Foursquare, Stripe, Buzzfeed, Uber, Hotel Tonight, Pinterest and Warby Parker. He’s also co-founded Hunch, Founder Collective and Site Advisor. His blog is an excellent read, as is his Twitter account, which always tells it as he sees it.


Erin Griffith

Writer at Fortune Magazine – Erin Griffith is a go to person for tech, startups and VC news in New York. Her newsletter, beautifully entitles ‘Another f*c*ing newsletter’ by Erin Griffith is a weekly collection of various articles, rants and other internettery as she describes it herself. Previous to Fortune Erin has written for PandoDaily, Adweek and Thomson Reuters.

Erin Griffith 7

David Tisch

David is well connected and a great guy to follow on social channels for guaranteed entertainment and insight. Who is he? A managing partner at BoxGroup and co-founder of Spring, David also has a keen love for hoodies, reality tv and jam bands. As co-founder of TechStars NYC David has played a huge role in startup investment in the city. Unlike Gary Vee, David doesn’t mention being a NY Jets fan, however he is dyed in the wool NY Rangers fan – Go Rangers!

David Tisch 2

Dennis Crowley

Anyone following Dennis Crowley’s Twitter feed would have got a blow by blow account of the US World Cup run last month. Dennis was there and he shared it with the world, and what an adventure it was. As founder of the new and improved Foursquare it is Dennis’ primary goal to connect people and places, and that is what he does so well. With Foursquare and Swarm combining social networks, location awareness and game mechanics Dennis continues to be at the heart of tech in NYC and beyond.

Dennis Crowley 2

Rachel Sklar

Rachel Sklar is a bit of everything – a writer, an editor, a social entrepreneur, a TechStar mentor, a co-host and much more. As co-founder of Change The Ratio, Rachel is aiming to increase visibility and opportunity for women in tech and new media. With 47.2k Twitter followers, and an intriguing daily twitter feed Rachel is continuing to connect people online day by day. She has been recognised by Fast Company, Forbes and New York Times for her incredible efforts to connect and change the status quo.

[youtube id=”9GMg9Nzcgn4″]

Alexis Ohanian

What does Alexis Ohanian do? He makes the world suck less. That’s the motto on his site and on his social profiles. He is making things people want, and he is doing a pretty cool job of it – here’s his great piece in VentureBeat only yesterday. Currently with YCombinator, Alexis has also made huge contributions to Reddit, The Hipmunk and Breadpig. Not just that, Alexis is connecting people through writing – his latest book ‘Without Their Permission’ has been a huge success. Alexis – you are a Super Connector Sir.

Alexis Ohanian 210

The above are connecting people in New York and further afield like never before. In November in Dublin 20,000+ people will be part of one of the largest interactive and connected tech experiences on the planet. Want to join? Get your Early Bird ticket now.

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