The Nine Qualities Every Manager Needs

Giuseppe is Web Summit’s COO. Formerly of Google and Oracle, Giuseppe started his career in strategic consultancy. He is an engineer with business and executive education at London Business School, Duke and Columbia Business School. Here’s what he’s learned about managers.

What does tomorrow look like for Trello and Atlassian?

“Backstage at Web Summit was one of those moments that clinched it for me. Jay and I looked at each other and it was just sort of this magical moment. It became clear to me that this was the way to move.” Michael Pryor is head of product of Trello, a company he co-founded in ....

How to run a better conference using maths

This essay is an attempt to share many of the insights the team at Web Summit have learned, in the hope they can be useful to those interested in bringing people together in small or in very large numbers, for family gatherings or for company gatherings, for industry gatherings or for community gatherings.