This just in: News from Silent Circle, Attendify and more

Some amazing startups and investors shared some great news with us this past week, and now we’re sharing it with you.

Congratulations first to some of our startup alumni – it’s been a huge week:
Congrats to Silent Circle on their $50 million in fresh funding. The team have been to four of our conferences, and are returning to Web Summit 2016. It’s great also to see one of our partners leading the round, Santander.

Congrats also to some more alumni: Attendify who raised a $1.7 million; Fuller who raised $4.2 million; Bestmile on their $2.5 million; YC and Web Summit alum Birdly on their seed round, as well as BimBimBikes.

Daimler, owner of Mercedes-Benz, just bought 60% of ride sharing app Hailo, whose founding team have been at every Web Summit since 2011. We hope to see some of the team in Lisbon once again.


Spotlight on two incredible startups joining us at Web Summit this year for the first time:
Luxe, the on-demand valet service, has received a $50 million investment from Hertz.

Affectiva, who are building robots that can read our emotions, raised $14 million led by Fenox.

If you’re a startup and want to join us at Web Summit this year, you can now apply for ALPHA.


Some investor news:
Congrats again to Santander on their investment in Silent Circle.

The number two ranked tech investor in the world in 2016, according to Forbes, is going to be joining us at Web Summit. You can read more about Steve Anderson on Forbes.

If you want to find out about the more than 1,000 investors who will be at Web Summit, we’ve just launched our investor page.

If you’ve any updates that you’d like us to feature in our next blog post, just contact

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