Michael Sexton, Louis Burke, Fionnan Alt

Our newest data scientists: Michael Sexton & Louis Burke

We’re still actively hiring in the areas of data science, machine learning, AI, pricing optimisation and more, you’ll find all the details here.


Michael Sexton, Louis Burke, Fionnan Alt

A huge welcome to our two latest additions to our growing data science team Dr. Michael Sexton and Louis Burke Msc..

Dr. Michael Sexton finished first in his class in physics and computer simulation in Trinity College Dublin, one of the top 30 physics departments in the world. Michael was selected out of 18,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students as one of 70 University Foundation Scholars, the highest academic recognition at Trinity. He was furthermore awarded a Gold Medal by the Board of Trinity College Dublin for his outstanding work as a student.

As an active computational physicist, this year alone Michael has published a number of papers on a range of subjects in leading international academic journals including Sheared disk packings as a model system for complex dynamics; Bubble dynamics and rheology in sheared two-dimensional foamsGeneralised diffusion model of asset price fluctuations; and The rheology of foams in narrow channels (pending).

His primary research interests include complex network theory, statistical analysis and mathematical modelling of complex systems, and econophysics and the physics of economics.

Louis Burke Msc., BSc., graduated with a first class honours MSc. in Machine Learning and Cognitive Science from University College Dublin. He then joined a research team in UCD’s prestigious Clique Strategic Research Cluster, which focuses exclusively on graph and network analysis and visualisation.

In his research position, Louis was responsible fothe development of machine learning and data mining techniques for time series analysis, helping to develop scalable computational techniques for the analysis and visualisation of network data.

Prior to his research role, Louis spent four years as a Network Software Engineer at Intel.


We’re still actively hiring in the areas of data science, machine learning, ai and pricing optimisation, you’ll find more details here.

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