Making connections with your dog and 3 other startups joining START

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Our START programme is where we showcase the world’s highest-potential startups. Since we launched the programme back in ’13, its participants have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

One alumnus, Nest, was acquired by Google for $3.2bn.

Here are four startups joining START for the first time, including one helping us connect with our dogs:


[youtube id=”YSCf-K245BU”]

Whistle are helping your dogs live longer, healthier and happier lives. They’ve built what’s been described as the “Fitbit for dogs”.

Their activity monitor lets dog owners track their pets’ fitness and see what they’re getting up to over the course of the day.

They’re helping people understand their dogs better, and they’ve raised $21 million in the process.



Trello help people organise projects, and they’ve just announced they’ve hit 10 million users.

Trello take their lead from the kanban project management approach first used by Toyota engineer Taiichi Ohno back in the 40s.

The approach is based on putting post-it notes on a whiteboard to indicate the status of a given project. Trello have brought this approach to their app.

Founded by Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor, Trello have raised $10.3 million in funding.



CredR is one of Asia’s fastest growing startups. They’re focused on disrupting the $15 billion plus used two-wheeler industry.

They’ve raised over $15 million in funding from Fidelity Growth Partners – who have backed Alibaba, Uber, and SpaceX. Snapdeal’s founders, Amazon VP and GrowthStory Promoters also contributed to the Series A.

“CredR has grown 300 percent week-on-week within a span of six months. We’ve transacted more than 5000 used Bikes,” says co-founder Nikhil Jain.

Shaw Academy


The Shaw Academy is considered the largest live online educator on the planet. They teach over 30,000 new students per month.

These guys say that their own proprietary infrastructure not only makes mass live education possible, but of a higher quality than physical classroom education.

Co-founded by Adrian Murphy and James Egan, Shaw Academy present all their educational content live, meaning they can amend lessons in line with current events in real time.

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