Most hyped talks of Web Summit

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There’s hundreds of impressive speakers coming to Web Summit, so you’ll be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed.

For those of you eager to see the most hyped talks but finding it difficult to prioritise, our data science team have compiled this list just for you. Here are the Web Summit attendees that have been most favourited on our app.

Mike Krieger – Centre – 4pm – Nov 3

Instagram in Focus


The man who co-founded the second largest social media platform in the world will be discussing his vision for Instagram.

Stewart Butterfield – Centre – 10:05am – Nov 3

The email killer?


Email isn’t dead but it’s a little lifeless since Slack picked up steam. Stewart will be discussing the platform that may one day kill off email altogether.

Peggy Johnson – Startup University – 2pm – Nov 3

Don’t play hardball, build up relationships


In just a year at Microsoft, Peggy struck deals with Uber, Yahoo!, Dropbox and AOL. She’s knows the power of business relationships and she’ll be talking about this at Web Summit.

Mike Schroepfer – Centre – 11:30am – Nov 3

Connecting the World

Mike Schroep Final

As the CTO of Facebook, Mike is connecting more than a billion people. He’s joining us to share how high-altitude drones, laser communications systems, AI and VR are being used for this purpose.

Ed Catmull – Centre – 4pm – Nov 5

Creativity: Ed Catmull of Pixar in Conversation


Ed, co-founder of Pixar, will be in conversation with the Financial Times editor Caroline Daniel.

John Collison – Centre – 9:35am – Nov 4

Commerce: The next epoch of the internet


Commerce is the next pillar of the internet, and John is here to tell us why.

Nico Sell – Centre – 11:40am – Nov 5

Privacy – the new fame?


We think of privacy as a right, but is it becoming a luxury? Nico will be making us all a little paranoid about our online privacy in her talk.

Mike Butcher – Centre – 12:35pm – Nov 4

Life online


Mike, editor of TechCrunch, will be discussing the rise of the online superstar with two prominent personalities, Estee Lalonde and Noodlerella.

Palmer Luckey – Centre – 12:05pm – Nov 3

Bringing VR to the masses


Palmer will be taking to centre stage to talk about whether VR will ever be mainstream.

Dave McClure – Centre – 9:55am – Nov 4

The fortune tellers


Dave will be in conversation with three other investors, Charlie Wells, Jalak Jobanputra and Ryan Sarver to discuss what to watch in the next year.

David Heinemeier Hansson – Centre – 3:10pm – Nov 4

Entrepreneurship on rails


The founder of Basecamp will take to the stage to explain why entrepreneurs should be willing to bootstrap.

Philipp Moehring – Money – 11:45am – Nov 5

The why, how, and where to angel invest


Philipp, Head of Europe at AngelList, takes to the stage to talk all things angel investment. If you’ve ever dabbled with the thought of being an investor, don’t miss this.

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