What is the Library Stage?

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We are now on the home stretch, and how better to prepare for Web Summit then finding out more about all our different stages, speakers and themes. Today we’re taking a look at The Library Stage – lets find out what we can expect.

What is the Library Stage?

The world’s leading thinkers are convening for a high level salon, ‘The Library Stage,’ to tackle three cardinal issues: control, culture, and ethics. The Library Stage, taking place in the intimate Minerva Room, brings a new depth of thought about the long term future of the Internet and technology to Web Summit. With a more flexible format and tone, it cuts through the hype of the latest funding rounds and commercial concerns to tackle the deeper, underlying matters that affect society, business and culture in the longer term.

An academic forum for some of our more esoteric speakers, the Library Stage gives the breathing room for longer discussions, to really delve into the meaty philosophical issues of our time.

World Economic Forum Sessions

The World Economic Forum will be running daily sessions on the Library Stage, focusing on an overarching theme of ‘Technology for Humanity: Navigating the Complexities.’ Each day they will explore a specific sub-theme:

The Evolution and Impact of the Human-Centred Design:

As new technologies are increasingly used to address humanitarian and human rights challenges, “human-centred” design, tools and processes have become widely embraced. Yet do we really understand what human-centred means? How can the most vulnerable and those living in extreme poverty truly be a meaningful part of the design and development process? Why is it commercially important for entrepreneurs to embrace human-centred design approaches? What does human-centred mean in the context of crisis situations – the outbreak of the ebola virus will be a key area of discussion here.

The Complexities and Paradoxes of Big Data for Social Good

We love and hate big data. While the opportunities for driving positive social change continue to increase, so do the risks. Asymmetric power relationships, evolving models of governance and a growing lack of trust threaten to constrain growth. What’s the cost of a data-driven world that is out of balance? The discussion will focus on strengthening accountability and transparency, and enabling the ecosystem to empower individuals with greater control over how personal data is used.

Emerging Technology for Emerging Needs: Insights from the Global Dialogue

There’s no denying the effects of climate change, environmental degradation, food and energy price spikes, rapid population growth, unplanned urbanization, and complex and protracted conflicts are making businesses and people more vulnerable. The tech sector is innovating in finding new market space in these global challenges. How might other emerging technology solutions help respond to social, environmental and economic issues? How might meeting these emerging needs improve your bottom line and minimize business disruption?

The Guardian Sessions

Hosted by The Guardian, and exploring some of the most interesting and topical themes in media, tech and beyond, The Guardian sessions are set to be one of the highlights of Web Summit. Some examples of session themes might give you a better idea of what to expect at The Guardian sessions:

Lifting the bonnet on theguardian.com – Our bespoke data & content tools

Who decides the right to be forgotten?

Restoring faith in security services

AC Grayling

A Sample of Library Stage Speakers

AC Grayling – Master of New College for the Humanities

Gabriella Coleman – World’s foremost scholar on Anonymous

Ali Abdulemam – Renowned Bahraini Blogger

Jon Gosier – Investor, Serial Entrepreneuer, Data Scientist

Abigail Disney – Documentary Maker

Neil Harbisson – The World’s First Cyborg Artist

Tim O’Reilly – Founder, O’Reilly Media

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