Jefferson Hack on style, social and the fashion/tech collaboration he’d most like to see

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Our first ever Fashion Summit was packed out from the get go this morning. The unmissable Jefferson Hack kicked off proceedings with a casual Q&A on who and what is influencing the fashion industry.

Style over fashion or fashion over style?

“That word ‘style’… It’s associated with elitism, antidemocratic values and a point of difference, it’s not inclusive. “But if you actually think about it, style is actually key. “If style isn’t intrinsic in your process it doesn’t have your mark. Therefore it’s just homogenous. You’re bland.”

Social media, fashion & the future

“When you get everyone communicating in the same way you get a cultural numbness.

“Because every one’s just copying themselves in a copy and paste culture. Then you’re just in a fucking karaoke machine.”

“People are changing channels of communication by making it their own”.

Digital versus traditional media

“Print is still an important artifact, but it is an artifact. The magazine is still a souvenir of the show and the show is what’s happening on the internet.”

And the final question from the audience: what would be the ideal tech and fashion collaboration?

Raf Simons and Palmer Luckey.

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