Is this man David Cameron on Twitter?

What talks do you need to hit tomorrow? Let us tell you.

Sorry to disappoint. He’s not. The question had to be asked, though.

David Tomchak is Head of Digital at 10 Downing Street – the residence of English Prime Minister David Cameron.

He joined the FT‘s European Technology Correspondent Murad Ahmed on Web Summit Content Stage for a chat on the political intricacies of managing the English PM’s digital footprint.

David has a background in journalism and came to his current position a couple days before the UK’s last general election: “Not surprisingly, a stressful time,” he told us.

Explaining that 10 Downing Street’s digital team had “no idea what was going to happen,” he said that “it was nerve-racking to say the least”:

“Once we knew the result, it was straight down to business.

“It’s a bit of a cliche, I know, but the first 100 days of any government is when they’ll make a difference,” he added.

One of David’s first jobs as Head of Digital was to tweet out David Cameron’s cabinet announcements on the government’s official Twitter handle:

“Myself and my colleagues were tweeting them out to the world.

“It was very exciting but slightly nerve-racking. Previous cabinet reshuffles had been announced on social media but this was bigger,” he said.

David Cameron is a regular Twitter user. The question had to come:

“Are you actually David Cameron? Who is David Cameron for the purposes of Twitter,” asked Murad.

David Tomchak in conversation with Murad Ahmed on Web Summit Content Stage.

David told us just how Cameron manages his social networks. He explained that Cameron’s main Twitter account is run by the Conservative Party Central Office.

He stressed that, as a civil servant, his role is politically neutral, noting occasional Cameron’s tweets criticising other UK parties:

“We wouldn’t touch any of that,” he said.

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