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How to register at Web Summit

Web Summit is just around the corner and it’s time to get organised. If you are an INSPIRE ticket holder you can scroll right to the end for your registration process 🎟

Flight booked? ✅
Accommodation set? ✅
Bags packed? Ehh…almost.
Web Summit app downloaded? You can do so here.
Registering for Web Summit? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s all the info you need to register when you land in Lisbon.


We strongly encourage you to complete your registration as soon as possible to beat the queues at the event. You can also pre-register at the Lisbon Airport or at the venue before Web Summit begins. We expect the morning of November 7 to be the busiest period so make sure to pre-register on November 4, 5 or 6.

Registration at Lisbon airport (Terminal 1)

Times for airport registration

Saturday – November 4 – 10am to 11pm

Sunday – November 5 – 7am to 11pm

Monday – November 6 – 7am to 11pm

Tuesday – November 7 – 7am to 3pm

Registration at the venue

FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa
Alameda dos Oceanos

You can view the map of the venue here.

Times for venue registration

Monday – November 6 – 12pm to 8pm

Tuesday – November 7 – 8am to 5pm

Wednesday – November 8 – 8am to 5pm

Thursday – November 9 – 8am to 3pm


All ticket types can register at


1. Airport Registration
2. Main Registration at FIL

Download the app

– Your ticket to Web Summit can be found within the Web Summit app

– You must download the Web Summit app to register

– To make your registration as smooth as possible, please have the registration screen open upon arrival. This shows your unique QR Code. This your ticket to enter Web Summit!


To register you will need the following


– Be logged into the Web Summit app with the registration QR code page open showing your ticket (unique QR Code)
– Photo ID*


Acceptable forms of photo ID


– Passport, Portuguese Citizen Card (Cartão de Cidadão) or Driver’s Licence

*Credit cards or business cards will not be accepted

Please note that we work with national and international security bodies to put in a place a series of protocols and procedures to ensure we have a great event that is safe and secure for all our attendees. Your understanding, particularly in light of recent events, is a crucial component of this.

INSPIRE tickets

If you are an INSPIRE ticket holder you are entering the arena via the main front entrance of Altice Arena (directly opposite Vasco de Gama). You do not need to go to the Web Summit main registration.

Please bring along a form of ID along with your ticket printed out or saved to your mobile phone.

The forms of ID we accept are:
– Passport, Portuguese Citizen Card (Cartão de Cidadão) or Driver’s Licence

*Credit cards or business cards will not be accepted

Once your ID has been checked and your ticket has been scanned you will have access to the venue. Please be aware that if you leave the venue during the morning or afternoon session you will not be able to re-enter.

If you have a half-day ticket for both the morning and afternoon sessions on the same day, you can exit the Altice Arena and re-enter with your afternoon half-day ticket at the same entrance.

Contact Information

If you are having registration difficulties, please contact us at

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