How many Fortune 500 accounts are hacked right now? It’s 6 Code Summit highlights

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Code Summit is where we learned to be a little paranoid, but also to stop and enjoy life – to “remember to breathe”. On November 5, Code Summit heard from a diverse group of teen coders, privacy experts and the guy who’s built the Github for kids.

Here are a few highlights…

Breathe the pressure

“At the end of the day, if you’re not able to breathe, no money in the world will be able to help you,” said Zula Co-Founder Jeff Pulver in a talk that really blew up. He chose to stay away from the technical aspects of code and gave us some life lessons.

As you can see, he had the Code Summit audience buzzin’.

Why we should all be a little paranoid

Wickr Co-Founder Nico Sell on Code Stage.

Nico Sell is the Co-Founder of Wickr – it’s considered the most secure messaging service of its kind. She’s said in the past that she’s “properly paranoid” – she told us why and how to protect our data on Code Stage.

Nico always wears dark glasses when on camera so as to confuse facial recognition software.

Java is eating the world… And we’re gonna like it

Co-Founder and CTO at Parse Kevin Lacker told us JavaScript is taking over and that it’s a good thing. He chatted about Netflix’s move to Node JS and said that the JavaScript ecosystem simply helps to build better products in a talk called JavaScript is eating the world.

It’s all about the UX, baby

William Legate is Co-Founder and CEO at Ponder – he’s a teen entrepreneur who has 1 in 16 US teenagers using his apps. His advice on retaining users? “Create killer UX for apps. Focus on experience; not new features.”

How many Fortune 500 accounts are hacked right now?

F-Secure’s Mikko Hyppönen giving his second Web Summit talk – this time on Code Stage.

500. That’s according to F-Secure CRO Mikko Hyppönen. Having already spoken on Web Summit Centre Stage he came to Code Summit to talk about the online arms race.

Mikko has been named as one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers.

From Lego to Githbub

Alex Klein co-founded Kano, a Lego-style computer kit that was developed to help children build computers from scratch. It’s now a Github-like community for young coders – he told us about Kano’s journey.

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