Pocket Therapists & AR for the Blind: Introducing HealthTech Summit

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HealthTech Summit. What’s on the agenda? Wearables, nanotechnology and the future of hospitals as we know them, with speakers from the likes of IBM Watson, Counsyl and MyFitnessPal.

Let’s take a look…


Lisa Maki – Co-founder and CEO – PokitDok

When studying karate, Lisa found out she had a spinal injury, and her difficulties finding a non-surgical treatment spurred her on to start PokitDok. PokitDok is on a mission to streamline the industry, introducing APIs to reorganise how the MedTech economy is powered.

David Eagleman – Professor – Baylor School of Medicine


David is a neuroscientist perhaps best known for his PBS series, The Brain with David Eagleman. At the Baylor College of Medicine he directs the Laboratory for Perception and Action. He’ll be joining us to discuss how the brain reacts to social media.

Bill Evans – CMO – IBM Watson Health

Bill Evans, the Chief Marketing Officer at IBM Watson Health, is speaking at HealthTech Summit. He’ll be discussing how cognitive computing will drive the knowledge revolution in medicine, one where computing will help to massively expand human capacity and talent.

Karl Martin – Founder and CTO – Nymi


Karl founded Nymi, the wearable that identifies the wearer through their cardiac rhythm. This device has the potential to spark a security revolution, replacing PINs, passwords and keys. Karl raised over $15 million in venture capital to make this a reality.

Other HealthTech speakers:

Ramji Srinivasan – Founder and CEO – Counsyl

Nate Walkingshaw – Chief Product Officer – Pluralsight

Mary Spio – Founder – Next Galaxy

Andrew Chang – Co-founder – Lumo Bodytech

John Moore – Founder and CEO – 3d4Medical

Riley Ennis – Co-founder – Immudicon

Michael Huang – Co-founder and CEO – Glow

Brad Brooks – Co-founder – TigerText

Stan Karpenko – Co-founder and CEO – Give Vision

Oren Frank – CEO and Co-founder – Talkspace

Robert Labadie – Professor – Vanderbilt University

Mike Lee – CEO and Co-founder – MyFitnessPal

Let’s take a look at some of the topics that will be raised…


Fireside Featuring Oren Frank, Founder of Talkspace

Smartphones are becoming medical devices,  not only for physiological tracking but now for mental health solutions.


A fireside with Oren Frank, co-Founder of SMS-based therapy company, Talkspace, will explore if this approach to mental health can replace traditional therapy. Can we guarantee therapist messages aren’t “scripted”? How will success, consistency and quality be measured? How quickly can urgent needs be tended to?

UX for HealthTech, What Evidence Is There That Design Influences User Behaviour?

Design influences all our decisions, whether online or offline. HealthTech is not an exception to the rule. Pioneers in digital health services, Crowdmed’s Jessica Greenwalt and MediSafe’s Omri Shor will discuss how user interfaces impact user behaviour and patient outcome.

What’s Next in Augmented Reality?

Stan Karpenko will be at HeathTech Summit to give a demo of Give Vision‘s augmented reality glasses, first blind-friendly user interface for smart glasses. He’ll also be discussing the wider implications of the technology, as we ask: what’s next in augmented reality?

Want to hear the HealthTech trends and insights from those in the know? Get your Web Summit attendee ticket.

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